Why have the child in the back sore neck and how to deal with this problem

When children have a sore neck, parents do not know to what expert to address. The reasons can be many. When any pain and discomfort you must contact your pediatrician to determine the exact cause, then the pediatrician may send to the surgeon, the otolaryngologist, the neurologist, trauma surgeon or infectious disease.

It is important to determine the character of the pain:

  • appears only when driving, or kept continuously;
  • shooting, aching, or sharp;
  • appear when driving clicks;
  • do you feel the pain in the neck and the head.

For small children it is important to distinguish pain in the neck and throat, as children up to three years can hardly interpret the location of the pain.

Causes of pathology

Often children can hurt the neck because a long stay in the same position. This can happen if the child a long time reading, watching TV or sitting at the computer. In this case the child has a sore neck from behind.

Other causes of pathology:

  1. 1Incorrect posture. The problem can be faced by children whose spine is in the wrong position. It happens when the child refuses to sit properly and do not perform special exercises to regulate posture. Throbbing and aching pain may appear when the wrong selection of pillow for sleeping.
  2. 2Injury. Children are much more mobile adults, so they often fall and get hurt. Minor injuries are a common cause of pain in this body part.
  3. 3, the Load on the shoulders. Heavy bags, choosing the wrong backpack or certain loads in sports can greatly affect the tension in his shoulders, which in turn affects the health of the muscles this part of body.
  4. 4Spasms in the muscles. Spasms are often replaced by other words, you lose the neck. Long stay in the cold or getting hit by a draught can cause painful aching feeling in the neck. Pain spasms do not appear immediately, most often the child complains that the hurt was precisely after prolonged rest or sleep.
  5. 5inflammation of the lymph nodes. To distinguish this condition from other possible the protrusion of the inflamed lymph nodes, presence of pain in the spine and chest, irritation and unpleasant sensations in the throat. Inflammation of the nodes can increase the body temperature.
  6. 6Meningitis. This disease is a dangerous inflammation of the cerebral cortex of an infectious nature. Meningitis is especially dangerous for young children. It is accompanied by severe vomiting, fever, seizures and loss of consciousness. Any slowdown in the treatment of meningitis may not only affect the future health of the child, but also to lead to death.
  7. 7Torticollis. It is a pathological condition in which the neck of the child is in the wrong position. Torticollis appears not only pain, but also a strong tension of the muscles of the neck and face. If time does not cure this disease, the child can be further distorted facial features.

In rare cases, the cause of pathology may be taking certain drugs, stress and complications of infectious diseases of the throat.

Medical therapy

The first thing to do to parents when the child complained of a pain in the neck, is to know the reason and the circumstances under which it appeared. If discomfort appeared after a fall or blow, should immediately contact the hospital to the traumatologist, to avoid injury.


In the first few minutes to relieve pain by using cold compress. It will not allow the spread of inflammation and a little dull pain. After that you should warm up the place spasms. For this you can water neck hot water or make warming compresses.

If the child has a weak neck muscle, and he is often hurt, you must buy a special foam compress that will relieve the muscles unnecessary strain.

If the child was lost, and he literally can’t turn because of the pain in the head, you can apply rubbing using a special warming ointment. But small children is not recommended due to high risk of Allergy. Then come to the aid of a simple olive oil.

When the first signs of infectious diseases or the increase of temperature with pain should seek medical help.

With a serious curvature of the spine or diagnosing torticollis the child needs to undergo a special course of massage or wear a certain time of the special corset.

To avoid neck pain have a baby, you need to tell him about correct posture and make sure that the child correctly sitting. It is important to prevent curvature of the spine are properly chosen, mattress and pillow. If the child shows the first signs of incorrect posture to avoid neck pain will help special exercises.

For a young student important a properly balanced portfolio. It needs to be back-friendly, not overloaded and have wide straps for the shoulders. Extra weight in the portfolio to overload the muscles of the shoulders and back and increase the risk of developing scoliosis. You must make sure that the child was wearing a briefcase on both shoulders, not hanging, for one.

Morning exercise helps to reduce the risk of painful spasms in the neck muscles. To avoid sharp pain, you need to get out of bed slowly, not sharply. In the diet of the child must be oily fish. It contains many healthy fats, which serve as a preventive against inflammation and pain in the neck.

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