The main reasons for back pain above the waist, left and right

Many people, regardless of age, pain in back above waist. It can occur suddenly, and can grow gradually, is constant and can not disappear by itself. To identify the source, it is necessary to know the nature of the pain arising from the diseases of an organ, as well as to draw attention to the concomitant symptoms.

Problems with the spine

The spine carries a heavy load. The bulk of the population leads a lifestyle that trigger various diseases.

Back pain on the left above the belt may be caused by degenerative changes of the spine. For example, the loss of the intervertebral disc on the left side, hernia, scoliosis. This includes scoliosis of the thoracic and low back pain, infections and tumors of the spine.

Almost always the root cause of these diseases is incorrect posture. Then, one after another appear to infringe the muscles, nerves, vertebrae. The above problems can cause back pain on the right.

In injuries of the spine pain in the back above the waist may have a different character. Aching (background), chronic pain of low intensity is characteristic for scoliosis first and second degree, various injuries, cancer processes at the initial stage. The appearance of sharp, cutting pain indicates progression of the pathology, the compression of the nerve endings.

Back pain above the waist in the destructions of the spine are United by one property-strengthening movement.

Of muscle pain often occurs myositis, which means inflammation of any skeletal muscle. Moreover, the pain may be felt as on the right side of the back and left. Permanent pain pulling character are exacerbated when certain types of movement or pressure on the inflamed area.

Myositis, contrary to popular belief, provoked not only drafts, but also the flu, SARS, even tonsillitis. The reason can be a constant presence in a fixed position. Most at risk office workers, spend most of the time, transfixed in front of a computer monitor.

Less, but still there are cases of myositis in the penetration of the muscle tissue of parasites in echinococcosis and trichinosis.

Once in the hospital, it is possible to myositis because of poorly made injections, into the muscle of the infection.

Back pain above the waist is due to simple muscle strain during sports, during sudden movements or lifting weights. It happens that a person wakes up with a slight sprain due to awkward postures of sleep. Pain is not acute, but constant. In response to the movement of the spasm. If it persists, there is a tear of muscle fibers. The radius sick with a serious injury can be felt swelling and even bruising.

Sharp pain above the lumbar region may occur due to infringement of the nerves located in the thoracic spine. This disease is called intercostal neuralgia. To provoke a denial of able as degenerative processes in the spinal column (offset discs, hernias), and spasms in the intercostal muscles. In this situation suffer and blood vessels, disrupting food tissues. Less infringement provoke tumor formation, scarring.

Pain in this disease are intense, increasing with every movement or coughing.

Diseases of internal organs

Back pain above the waist and in lesions of various organs. These pains General in nature – they are often reflected. This means that the feeling arises in the hearth of the disease, and radiates (reflects) in a completely different area that sometimes is misleading when searching for the cause of the pain.

To root on the left due to heart problems:

  1. 1Angina. The pain suddenly occurs initially in the chest, then hands under the left shoulder blade.
  2. 2myocardial Infarction. Strong painful spasm, lasting from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours, irradiiruet, causes pain in the back left above the waist.
  3. 3Aching and spasms in the back can provoke respiratory diseases: pneumonia, influenza, pleurisy, bronchitis.

If the pain is accompanied by discomfort from the digestive system, it is possible to prevent the following reasons:

  1. 1Pancreatitis. Characterized encircling pain, passing under the sternum in the back above the lumbar.
  2. 2gastric Ulcer. Acute pain, except back, is felt in the abdomen and sternum.
  3. 3Cholecystitis. Localized pain under the breastbone on the right and given in the back above the waist and marked in the right side.

Kidney disease (pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis) in the chronic stage, felt pulling, dull pain in the lower back and above her. Kidney stones cause sharp, unbearable pain.

Back pain right radiates from under the right hypochondrium in various lesions of the liver: hepatitis, liver failure or due to overload of the liver by the administration of toxic drugs.

Mental state

The strain on the nervous system can lead to pain in the area from the shoulder blades to the waist. This is the so-called “psychogenic factor.” If a person is under stress, then, without noticing, intuitively raises the shoulders. This is a normal reflex for a similar situation. But if nervous strain is taking a permanent character, then the shoulder girdle gradually fixed in an atypical position. For example, on the part of people who are depressed or are regularly exposed to stress, you can often hear complaints of back pain above the waist.

Stress sends a signal via the autonomic nervous system and, as a result, there is slowing of blood supply to the organs and tissues. Gradually, the body loses the ability to recovery, and even the slightest lack of oxygen causes muscle spasms and pain.

Do not put off calling a doctor if pain deteriorated sharply, began stitching, cutting, and there is an increase in body temperature, nausea, vomiting.

Such symptoms are characteristic for abscess breakthrough and beginning peritonitis. Most often this leads to inflammatory diseases of the internal organs.

So, with acute appendicitis (when the Appendix is behind the caecum) sharp pain affecting the lumbar region, the back right above the waist, right upper quadrant. The temperature rises to 39°.

Intestinal obstruction mainly characterized by pain in the abdomen, but quite often give pain above the waist.

Failure to provide medical care can result in death.

Diagnosis and prevention

Most often, pain causes low back pain. In this case, you can conduct your own preliminary diagnosis: stand up straight, straighten your back, chin to try to touch the breast. If you have any pain above the waist, low back pain is present. Another option: from a prone position with straight arms and legs to try to sit down, not tearing his feet from the plane. The resulting pain is evidence of degenerative disc disease.

To identify the causes of back pain above the waist will help the following methods of diagnosis prescribed by a doctor:

  1. 1Myelography (CT or MRI). The procedure is a preliminary introduction under local anesthetic in the subarachnoid spinal canal of a contrast agent, after some time, a series of images on a computer or magnetic-resonant tomography. Well all vertebrae are visualized, cavities, nerves, and roots. This makes it possible to identify the cause of pain associated with stenosis, tumors, hernias, disorders of the structure of the vertebral vessels. The procedure is painless and harmless to the body.
  2. 2Scintigraphy. In other words – radionucleide scan. A more effective form of diagnostics of bone tissue compared to CT and MRI. The patient is injected intravenously, the radiotracer, which is then self leaves the body. Thanks to this substance revealed the slightest pathological changes in the spine that can cause pain over the lower back.
  3. 3CT. Detects problems in blood vessels, soft tissues and bones.
  4. 4ultrasound.
  5. 5the Electrocardiogram (to identify preinfarction angina).
  6. 6the Study of blood.

According to the results of the tests the doctor diagnosed and assigned the appropriate treatment based on physiotherapy, medication or surgery.

Hard to prevent all diseases related to internal organs. But to avoid back pain, the causes of which lie in the incorrect posture or muscle damage, it is possible, using certain preventive measures:

  1. 1Moderate physical activity. There is nothing more dangerous to the health of the spine than a sedentary lifestyle. A little warm-up while working at the computer, charging in the mornings, playing sports in his free time, swimming pool and active walking in the air – all this can keep the spine healthy and mobile.
  2. 2the Maintenance of normal weight. Extra weight creates additional stress on the skeletal system and slows down your metabolism.
  3. 3Time to end to treat infectious diseases. Complications can be dangerous.
  4. 4to Avoid hypothermia and drafts.

These simple measures will help to avoid discomfort in the back, but if they occur, do not delay diagnosis and treatment.

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