Treatment of sciatica folk remedies at home

Sciatica is an extremely unpleasant disease which is manifested by acute pain in the back and waist appearing careless movement during sharp bending of the body or lifting heavy objects. Insidious this disease is that even if there comes a relief, the pain returning whenever any movement or coughing.


Re-occurring pain on the background of the fact that the intervertebral disc shifts slightly and thereby contributes to the fact that nerves are pressed close to the spine. Very often the occurrence of sciatica caused by an excessive load exerted on the ligaments, prolonged muscle tension, incorrect body position.

And when a person feels discomfort, it is difficult for him to continue his routine and lead an active lifestyle. In this situation, the treatment of sciatica folk remedies in the home will help to quickly solve the problem and forget about all the pain and about the disease.

Withdrawal sudden and sharp pain

Treatment of sciatica at home becomes particularly relevant when it comes to sharp and sudden pain faced by people. It appears due to hypothermia, false motion, or by extreme stress.

And there are many available methods that help to effectively block pain and improve overall health:

  1. To prepare the tincture, which affects inflammatory processes must take formic alcohol, Menovazin and tincture bitter pepper. Mix all ingredients in equal proportions. Then any stick need to cheat a cotton ball and moisten it in the solution. Therapeutic composition to lubricate a sore spot that you want to hide a warm scarf or blanket. Using this remedy for quickly get rid of severe pain in the lumbar region, should prepare for the fact that it will burn and cause discomfort. But the efficiency of this method is very high.
  2. You can also prepare a tincture potent against sciatica, which can compete on an equal basis with analgesia when making injections. You need to take two small bottle eau de Cologne, two cans Menovazin, packaging Validol and Dipyrone and Drotaverine. All pills should be crushed with a knife. The resulting mixture is mixed with the Cologne and Menovazin. Medicines must completely dissolve in liquid, after which it is poured into any container of glass, closed and placed in a dark place for five days. Through this period, the tincture can be used. It wetted cotton pad, and rubbed the sore spot. The therapeutic composition not only helps to treat sciatica, but all of the diseases associated with joints.

Treatment of sciatica lumbar

Therapy of lumbar sciatica can also be based on the recipes of folk medicine. Most often it is the compresses, bathing with medicinal herbs and plants, making homemade ointments.

The most common methods of eliminating inflammation and block pain spasms with sciatica lumbar are:

  • In lower back thin layer must be applied to honey (flower or buckwheat), and the top put in the usual mustard, previously soaked in water. Top gently spread out paper towels and the waist area is wrapped in cling film. In conclusion lower back, you should wrap a woolen scarf. This compress will need to withstand about one hour and better half.
  • Treatment of sciatica lumbar you can organize by burning red pepper. Several pods of pepper, pour 300 ml of liquid ammonia. The very capacity we need for two weeks to put in some dark place. In this case the infusion must be constantly stirred. After 14 days this infusion to lubricate the region of the back, making a massaging, circular motion.
  • Lumbar sciatica symptoms and treatment which is associated with the sacral division is also suppressed folk remedies. For this you need to collect about one kilogram of pine shoots. They should then be boiled in three pints of water for ten minutes. Then leave the infusion for four hours to infuse and then strain. The resulting broth is subsequently added to the bath, which should take a person suffering from sciatica. On 13 liters of water is necessary to take 1 litre of pine of infusion. In such a bath the sore spot fir oil lubricated rubbing movements.

To treat sciatica, symptoms of which are of different intensity and activity manifestations, is required in accordance with the rate of occurrence of such illness.

Therapy depending on the type of sciatica

Treatment of sciatica folk remedies should be based on its nature of manifestation. Based on this, you can use the following recipes:

  1. Acute sciatica can be treated with infusions prepared from the usual bottle of Cologne, two vials of iodine, two bottles of Valerian. All liquid components are mixed together, after which they added two pods of red hot pepper, pre-shredded. All poured into a container that can be closed with a lid. It is put in a dark place for one day. Ready infusion should be regularly lubricate the sore spot, then wrapping it with a warm towel. Such a procedure is required to do before going to sleep to the night time useful composition of infusion had a therapeutic effect.
  2. Chronic sciatica you can try to cure by using concoctions (1 tbsp of powder) and olive oil (30 ml). The components mix together and the resulting mixture is applied to the affected area. Inflamed area warm to wrap up and leave this compress on for 40 minutes.
  3. Another good recipe for the treatment radiculitis chronic diseases. For this two-liter jar need to be filled with wild Garlic and pour the alcohol. To give this composition to stand for one month. Then strain the infusion and store in the fridge. Use this solution daily rubbing of the patient area.

During exacerbation, the treatment at home sciatica should be organized quickly, as the pain can become unbearable. You can try to take radish and grate it finely. The garlic should be crushed and mix this paste with the radish. The resulting mixture is applied to the gauze, and it is in the form of a bandage applied to the site of inflammation for ten minutes.

And you can try to prepare a warm decoction of Chamomile flowers, Elderberry, Thyme and St. John’s Wort. In the finished infusion moistened piece of gauze for several minutes is applied to the sore area with sciatica.

Therapeutic actions depending on the localization of the disease

Sciatica can occur anywhere on the body. And depending on the place of its localization are different recipes of traditional medicine. If we are talking about the cervical, then you can try to apply fresh Burdock leaf. It should be dipped in water, after which the inner side to attach to the neck and wrap the scarf. And you can use Sage in a dry form. It must first be ground to powder. And on the fire to put 500 ml of vegetable oil, and once it starts to boil, add seven tablespoons of dried Sage. The mixture is removed from heat and stirred, then another 30 minutes placed in water bath. Then the capacity with a therapeutic composition need to wrap a blanket and leave for three hours. After this, the solution is filtered and during the day regularly applied to the neck.

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.

With thoracic radiculitis effectively apply Horseradish leaves. They need to pre-rinse with boiling water, after which they are placed on the chest or shoulder blades in a thick layer. Fixed the leaves with cling film, after which the case body is wrapped in a warm scarf. Instead of horseradish, you can use birch leaves.

Other people’s recipes

Sciatica can back down if the therapies are organized on time. The most effective recipes are:

Tincture of Wormwood. Helps to quickly relieve pain, has antibacterial properties. For a healthy broth you need to take a spoonful of Sage leaves, which should be carefully grind. They pour 100 ml of alcohol, and for twenty days infused in a dark place. After this infusion is filtered and taken twice a day 12 drops before meals. Those who find it difficult to drink this decoction in its pure form, can be slightly diluted with water.

A decoction of Nettle against sciatica. Quickly relieves all inflammation processes, especially if they occur in the spine and lower back. In the end, the symptoms of sciatica is reduced, and the illness gradually passes. To do this, take a large spoon of dry Nettle leaves and pour a Cup of hot water. Can this broth a little boil on a slow fire. Then remove from the heat, let it cool, strain and take one tablespoon five times a day.

Broth Hips. Prepared from 60 g of rose Hips. They need to chop with a knife or blender, then place in a thermos and pour two cups of boiled water. Leave the broth on all night and drain in the morning, and the resulting infusion drink during the day in three reception. Rose hips also inhibits the development of inflammatory processes, affecting the source of sciatica from the inside of the body.

Therapeutic poultices and home-made ointments

Faced with sciatica, the person usually begins to treat him medically. However, the majority of drugs only relieve the symptoms of the disease without eliminating the root cause.

And here are some recipes of traditional medicine are perfectly cope with this task:

  1. Common salt, coarse is better, it is necessary to heat in the pan. To put it in a cloth bag and attach to the sore spot. Hold until, until the salt is completely cool.
  2. Mix a packet of salt and two tablespoons of mustard in a dry form, after which the mixture is dissolved in 30 ml of hot water. The mass has become thick, you can add crushed crackers. Received warm mixture to lubricate the inflamed area, then covering it with cling film and a warm blanket. After cooling the composition just washed off in the shower.
  3. Treatment of sciatica can give more effective if to use garlic. To do this, three garlic heads need to be boiled in 500 ml of water and grind in a blender. The resulting slurry is spread on a gauze and place it on the affected area, wrapped it with cellophane and a scarf. Better this compress do at night.
  4. Grate the radish and take a piece of linen cloth, which is pre-impregnated with olive or any other vegetable oil. This matter need to spread a paste of radish and a poultice for a few hours to put on the sore area.
  5. Another recipe with radish, which you can use at home. To do this, the radish need to make a small indentation and put there honey. Leave the vegetable in this state for three hours. Then honey, which is soaked with juice of radish, it will be necessary to RUB the places where the pain appear.

Unusual methods of treatment

To forget about sciatica and its symptoms will help bees. The process of therapy by means of bee venom is called apitherapy, and it can give amazing results, as if we were talking about the use of strong injection. The reason is that bee venom stimulates the production in the body has protective properties activating the whole internal system. However, this method of therapy is not suitable for people with allergic reactions to bees.

And you can try for therapeutic purposes, the use of kerosene and red beets against the sciatica. The roots need a good wash and finely grate. Then to the resulting pulp add a spoonful of kerosene. Components of the mix and ready to spread on a cheesecloth for several hours is applied to the desired portion. In this way it is possible to treat sciatica when sciatica is pinched nerve.

Another interesting recipe using the leaves of Aloe that help in the fight against sciatica. To do this, take 300 g of Aloe pass through a meat grinder. To the treatment mixture, add 500 g of any honey and 500 ml of red wine. The ingredients are mixed together and within five days infused in a dark place. With sciatica the membership shall be taken one tablespoon three times a day before meals.

The best available recipes of traditional medicine against sciatica

Before buying expensive medicines and ointments that promise to overcome the disease and alleviate the condition caused by the radiculopathy, you can try to use the available funds:

Red clay. You need to take one kilogram of clay and dissolve it in warm water to make a viscous slurry. It is necessary to add a spoonful of kerosene and the entire composition thoroughly mixed. To the area where systematically there pain, need to put the glossy paper on top of which laid a therapeutic mixture. Do this procedure is recommended twice a day.

Fuck. From the root to squeeze the juice in the same volume, it is necessary to take normal water. Liquids are joined together and to RUB massage movements in the back or the lower back. After that, it is better to lie under a warm blanket and to spend 30 minutes.

Potatoes. Uncooked potatoes must be finely grate and add a little gasoline. All mix and ready to spread the paste on the affected area for 15 minutes. But you can use boiled potatoes, which softens and mixes with the soda. Such a mixture in the form of heat is used as the application.

Turpentine and egg. For making homemade ointments you need to take egg white and mix it with a spoonful of turpentine. With the mixture it will be necessary to lubricate sore back, and after 30 minutes, the composition is simply washed off with water.

Aspen. You will need a spoon or a leaf buds. They pour a glass of boiling water and left for one hour under a lid or saucer. The resulting broth should strain and drink in small SIPS throughout the day (should be about 6 servings).

The willow bark. Useful for cooking broth to take two tablespoons of powdered bark. It is poured into 500 ml of boiling water and boil on medium heat for about ten minutes. The resulting broth infused for 3 hours. He has to take it in chilled 100 ml three times a day.

Auxiliary methods of treatment of sciatica

To speed up the process of getting rid of sciatica and stop the development of inflammation, so you do not have to do powerful shots, will help useful procedure. They can also be carried out in the usual conditions and without the use of special tools and preparations.

Very effective for back pain and lower back pain can be a bath to which is added fir oil, mustard and decoctions of medicinal plants. Many experts recommend a period of acute sciatica to go to the bath. Under the action of hot vapors in a relaxed position come the nerve endings and muscles, thereby improving the overall health of the person with sciatica.

Another good way to quickly get rid of severe pain with sciatica is to RUB the affected area with grated black soap. And if in this condition you go to sleep, in the morning from the pain will be over. But you can try the hot salt solution to soak woolen items, which are then put on as a compress on the body. Things can be both dry and wet. Very useful a few minutes a day to lie on the hard surface, straining his body and pulling socks. And if a person pierces a sharp pain, then come to the aid of hot banks.

To the very unusual method of getting rid of sciatica is the friction back against the oak, birch, Apple and pear. This method was used by the ancestors, considering that these trees focus incredible healing power.


With sciatica and its unpleasant symptoms a person can face suddenly. The phenomenon which permanently knocks it out of the normal rhythm of life, as appears pains are acute and unbearable character. Impossible to bend and straighten, and every move brings significant discomfort. Treatment of such illness should be started immediately. In the recipes of traditional medicine, proven over the years.

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