The consequences and complications of inguinal hernia in men

Indigestion or necrotic process in the tissue – all these are possible complications of an inguinal hernia in men. The consequences threaten to improper treatment, lack of treatment and the individual characteristics of patients.

Patients with hernia are at a great danger. In violation of the integrity of the inguinal region, the testis, ovary, intestine, half of the seal can be caught in the hernial SAC, which could lead to discomfort and complications.

First we need to examine the surgeon. The doctor gives a visual assessment of the inguinal region, consider the symptoms, gropes inguinal ring child or men through the scrotum.When the hernia of small size there is protrusion of the greater omentum, in complex cases, bulge of the omentum, loops of intestine and sometimes the small intestine.

More accurate diagnosis could deliver if to examine the state of areas of concern in the provisions of lying, standing, straining and after exercise.


Hernia in groin dangerous risk of injury. Among other potential problems – inflammation, development of intestinal obstruction, koprostaz, fertility, malignancy. Similar effects can occur at any time, so to postpone the treatment of hernia is not worth it. In rare cases a hernia can become malignant. Degeneration of cells in organs that were in Grajewo cavity and surrounding tissues.

InflammationIf you experience a hernia in the groin in women, there are consequences. They manifest themselves to the extent that it increases the weight of the patient, including during pregnancy. In the process of childbearing, women may be difficult.

Herniated section of the cavity increases along with the increase in the abdomen. If there are unpleasant sensations, discomfort during movement, constipation, problems with urination, urgent need help.

The inflammatory process can develop for a number of reasons:

  • in Grajewo the cavity infiltrated by infection from the outside – by external damage, scratches and injuries;
  • the cavity became infected from the inside – with the kalovymi masses.

If a man happened infection in the hernia, then the tumor becomes red, causing pain when pressure is applied. Temperature rises on the site of protrusion.


The most frequent complication. Occurs suddenly, is characterized by unpredictable currents. Requires emergency medical intervention. If time does not address to the surgeon, there is a risk of necrosis of the loops of intestine caught in the hernia SAC. Necrosis is the cause of part of the omentum, ovary, fallopian tube, caught in the hernia SAC.

When long-term concern the infringement of the patient may develop peritonitis. Is an inflammatory process that flows throughout the abdominal cavity.

DamageInflammation can occur in the Appendix. Then the diagnosis is acute appendicitis. Pathology develops when the compression of vessels in pahovom ring.

Hernias can be traumatic if you try to straighten it yourself or under the action of external causes.

A man can fail to fall, hit in the groin, it is wrong to put a bandage on it.

Damage tumors dangerous because there is a risk of violation of integrity of tissues, injury to internal organs.

The main signs of injury – pain, the occurrence of hematoma in the region of the hernia SAC.


If nevprawima hernia fails to reduce the contents, the patient has no symptoms of the infringement or inflammation. Developing this complication due to adhesions between the organs in the hernial SAC and its walls. Often adhesions divide the cavity of the hernia SAC at the camera, which grow towards each other the internal organs.

Bowel obstructionPatients with irreducible hernias suffer shortness of urination. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms carry out excision of the hernia.

If grievou cavity gets a portion of intestine, this can lead to the development of intestinal obstruction. Then the patient plagued by pain in the abdomen, problems with bowel movements, flatulence. In intestinal obstruction it is crucial to provide patient care. Otherwise, start breaking, fermentation of feces. It is manifested headache, vomiting occurs. This condition often threatens coprostanol.


Koprostaz is a phenomenon in which in the body there is stagnation of feces. Patient the intestinal lumen is sealed, leading to symptoms of intestinal obstruction. The basic cause of this violation becomes a violation of the regulations on nutrition.

A man loses his appetite, suffers from pain in the head and stomach. Flatulence increased, temperature above normal, a person refuses to eat, suffers from nausea and vomiting.

In patients with oblique hernia in the groin, can cause hypogonadism. A pathological condition characterized by impaired reproductive function.Hypogonadism
Postoperative complications

Surgery for inguinal hernia repair is characterized by relative ease, but at the same time, it can lead to adverse consequences.

Damage to spermatic cord

The spermatic cord can be damaged when removing the hernia SAC. This complication is the result of careless surgery. To prevent the problem, it is important first to separate the cord from the other tissues.

If the damage of spermatic cord can disrupt the concentration of hormones. There is a risk of problems with the production of seminal fluid. The consequences of this – male infertility, testicular atrophy.

When you remove the hernia SAC, if the surgeon not careful, can damage the intestine. Violation of the integrity of the bladder occurs in plasty of tissue, too high ligation of the SAC.Damage to the intestine
The formation of blood clots

In the deep venous vessels of the lower leg can form clots. This complication occurs in old age. To pathology does not arise, the surgeon prescribes anticoagulants. Drugs help to affect that did not develop postoperative thrombosis.


The risk of bleeding increases with the damage the surgeon of the vessel at the time of suturing. To improve the situation it is important to correct the compression of a broken vessel.

Damage to the hip joint

If the doctor puts rough seams, it can cause damage to the hip joint. To prevent danger, it is important to probe the tissue near the incision area.

Inguinal hernia: causes, types, symptoms, consequences. Strangulation of an inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernia, what is dangerous?

Inguinal hernia. What are the reasons? What are the symptoms? How to treat?


Hydrocele (hydrocele) may occur with left, right or both sides at once. In this complication, the doctor will suggest 1 surgery. A two-way process is dangerous because the pathology develops rapidly and leads to even greater consequences for men’s health.

Recurrence of the hernia

The reappearance of the protrusions may occur unless the patient follows post-operative rehabilitation. You must comply with the instructions of the doctor to maintain health.

Infectious complication

In place of surgery can develop infection. It requires long-term treatment, additional antibiotic use, appointed in accordance with the individual characteristics.


It is important to make a differential diagnosis. Doctors distinguish a hernia from a hydrocele, inguinal lymphadenitis. In this state men may not be severe pain. There are no signs of inflammation. But in the groin area enlarged lymph node. The tumor should be distinguished from hernia, as a node has a more dense consistency.

TreatmentFor accurate diagnosis can appoint ultrasound and scrotal region. It helps to identify what’s inside of the scrotum: an intestinal loop or liquid. Another method – diaphanoscopy.

Treatment of hernial protrusion can pursue conservative or surgical methods.

Before resorting to surgical care, doctors prescribe:

  • General analyses of urine and blood;
  • a test of blood clotting.

If the pathology is not running much, the doctor gives recommendations that help to avoid surgery:

  • wearing bandage;
  • to make compresses on the basis of oak bark or brine cabbage;
  • to comply with the prescribed diet;
  • regularly to strengthen abdominal muscles;
  • to use analgesics and other drugs that can eliminate the pain and inflammation.

The conservative methodology it is indicated:

  • a large postoperative inguinal hernia in which it is impossible to do a second surgical procedures;
  • the suppuration therefore impossible to make a new operation;
  • a relapse of a pathology after surgery;
  • inguinal hernia is accompanied by old age, disease of the arteries of the heart, problems with blood clotting.

In children, a surgical procedure may be reversed, causing the boy needs to wear a bandage.

Bandage for the patient is the right choice, as it has positive characteristics:

  • while wearing man not worried about the hernial protrusion;
  • ability to work in a short time returns to normal;
  • bandage securely holds the internal organs in the abdomen.

Surgery is performed open or laparoscopically. Laparoscopy involves the penetration of abnormal tissue through a small hole.

Laparoscopic manipulation is performed under endoscopic control. The main tool – a tube with a magnifying glass attached to the camcorder. In the course of the intervention in the abdominal cavity men carbon dioxide flows, the skin is inflated, whereby the physician may conduct a hernia.

Advantages of laparoscopic surgery:To eliminate tumors, the surgeon uses microscopic instruments.

  • small punctures, making wounds heal quickly, and body scarring remains;
  • minimal injury mild abdominal tissues;
  • the rarity of the occurrence of adhesions in the postoperative period;
  • painless intervention;
  • speedy recovery of bowel function, digestive system;
  • faster recovery compared to open surgery.

Method endosurgery choose if:

  • a small hernial protrusion;
  • no pathology of the internal organs;
  • patient want to avoid scars;
  • the operation is performed in childhood;
  • the procedure must be done as soon as possible.

Hernia repair by open method is performed as follows:

  • doing local anesthesia for which the patient receives anesthesia, the spinal cord;
  • reveal soft tissue of the anterior abdominal wall to gain access to the pathological tissues;
  • allocate the hernia SAC, dissect it;
  • right bag contents back into the peritoneal cavity;
  • cut off the excess peritoneum – the area that went beyond the abdominal cavity;
  • remove gryzenia the gate, strengthen the abdominal wall.
To prevent complications of inguinal hernia repair is possible, if time to consult a doctor for medical care.How to avoid complications?

It should follow all guidelines to the recovery process done as soon as possible, without complications and recurrences.


The main goal of the diet is the need to avoid constipation, flatulence. Proper nutrition helps to saturate the body of the patient minerals. Diet helps to lose weight gradually.

You should eat small frequent meals to eliminate bloating.

Need to exclude:

  • salty, fried, spicy, fatty meals;
  • baking;
  • sweets;
  • alcohol;
  • strong coffee and tea;
  • peas, cabbage, cucumbers and other foods that can cause constipation.

The diet should include:

  • juices from natural fruits;
  • cereals;
  • omelet;
  • soups;
  • vegetables, fruits;
  • fish and lean meat varieties;
  • jelly, jelly;
  • decoctions useful fruit.

Implications for inguinal hernia occur at the fault of the doctor or the patient. You should follow the doctor’s advice in order to protect their own health. For 2-3 days to observe strict bed rest, to abandon the heavy physical labor and exertion.

In the early days of the rehabilitation period the person should not get out of bed that did not provoke an increase in pressure in the abdominal cavity.

To prevent development of a hernia, doctors recommend:

  • to strengthen the abdominal muscles, get rid of the belly, to do more exercises;
  • to stop Smoking;
  • eliminate back-breaking exercise, not lifting weights;
  • to wear the bandage after operations on the abdominal organs;
  • to lift the big stuff 2 hands to redistribute the load;
  • eat right to avoid obesity, which exacerbate the health problems of the patient;
  • to lose weight gradually – you should avoid weight loss.

To eliminate the risk of recurrence will help regular exercise. You need to go swimming, more walking and running.

Inguinal hernia can bring a lot of inconvenience from a cosmetic defect to complex health problems. If there is suspicion of tumor, it can be written to the doctor to start treatment until condition has not led to serious consequences.

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