Yoga, 7 healthy asanas for mom and baby

Yoga is probably the most useful thing that has happened to all of us in this life. And this is the best thing you can teach your baby from the cradle. How to do this and which asanas can be performed even by the smallest ones (with the support of a loving mother, of course) – read in this article.

If you decide to fall in love with your little son or daughter in yoga, start with these 7 asanas, which will be useful and comfortable for both mother and child. And also interesting and funny to interest the baby – this is exactly the factor that will motivate him or her to spread the rug each time.

I remember how several years ago during the winter holidays I decided to break the tradition of doing nothing and continue yoga classes in parallel with family feasts. On one of such productive evenings during practice, a 3-year-old niece approached me and began to carefully repeat after me even the most complex body movements. It seems that the baby novice some asanas turned out even better than mine. And, most importantly, everything came out so easily, fun and playfully that even the most serious and strict yoga teacher could not resist a smile.

At that moment I realized that children, as well as adults, can love yoga, practice and become stronger and healthier from such a young age. The main thing is to properly present them with all the exercises, let them indulge a little and not approach these little yoga practices too strictly.

Yoga with children: Flamingo pose

Yoga with a child: Dog face down

Yoga Pose with Kids: Butterfly

Yoga with children: Tree Pose

Yoga with children: Bridge

Yoga Poses with Baby: Sphinx Pose

Yoga Poses with Kids: Cow Pose

Teach children to sport from an early age and be inspired by their victories.

Put in twine, put on the bridge: 5 super applications for stretching

You probably heard about the benefits of stretching. And no, we are not talking about hitting a boyfriend with longitudinal splits. And about the incredible benefits to the body. Without stretching, your muscles become stiff, your joints become fragile, and you yourself feel uncomfortable with any unusual movement. But we know how to prevent this!

Just add a small stretching complex after every strength or cardio workout. A few slopes in different directions, folds and bends in the bridge, morning Surya Namaskar – better than nothing. But if you can, try to spend a little more time and properly stretch all parts of the body – it will say “thank you”.

We know how to motivate you even more – we discover a super secret: it is stretching that helps the body acquire seductive bends, and not just hard muscles. And thanks to her, you can find ass-dreams without pumping legs. And now that you know everything, urgently download these five applications for stretching (they are the best!) And run to the mat. Time to stretch well!

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The application contains a super set of workouts for every taste – from the “gentle” stretch for beginners and classes with yoga elements to the same power, where the cat alternates with the bar. Intensive and very effective!

Feature of the application – you first set how much time you can spend on training, and then I select a set of exercises for you to “invest” in this period. In addition to stretching the whole body, there is a complex that combines stretching and Pilates. Double good!

From the name itself it is already clear that there will be a lot of yoga asanas. But do not doubt: this will only make the lesson more efficient: the fact that holding certain postures is the best method of stretching is a long-proven fact. Therefore, yoga is one of the most effective ways to stretch from the heels of the legs to the head.

It’s cool that the application immediately sets you up for achieving goals. Reduce stress, improve sleep, lose weight or improve stretching – you decide what should be the focus in your classes. Workouts are personalized, take into account your weight, height, age and all other indicators that you will report about yourself. The only negative is the application is paid. But there is a 7-day test period.

Plus this application – detailed and thoughtful instructions and training, sorted by complexity. Beginner or long ago you sit down on a longitudinal twine – here you will find a complex for any level. Very comfortably! Important: the application is also paid, but you can significantly save by purchasing it for a year, and not for 3 months.

What training apps do you use?

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