How to deal with postpartum depression

Aggressiveness, lack of energy, the feeling that nobody needs you – about such feelings are provoked in young mothers by the restructuring of the hormonal background after childbirth. During this period, it is important that loved ones do not shrug off the objectively existing problem, but help to solve it by joint efforts. Read more about effective ways to get rid of this material.

Motherhood is not an easy job

Go through a difficult period using the advice of psychologists

Do not write off

It’s a shame when friends do not call you to visit or to the cinema, because you recently gave birth to a child. Do not decide for a loved one whether it is convenient for him to join the company or if he wants to spend time with his family. Just offer to come or visit yourself more often come for tea – there is always something to discuss with a friend.

More than ever, a young mother needs your attention and a friendly shoulder – provide support that she, believe me, will never forget.

Give the babysitter a radio

It is clear that you will not be able to often sit with the baby and help this loved one. But it’s quite possible to make a useful gift – to buy a radio nanny, which will give young parents the opportunity to sleep peacefully.

Sleep is important for maintaining a supply of energy, a stable psyche and hormonal levels. Remind your recently born friend that she needs to relax more and not forget about herself in her passion for motherhood.

Get to the psychologist

It is sometimes difficult to determine how deeply a problem sits in a person. Specialists just come to the rescue in such situations – the psychologist during the initial session will understand the state of mental health of your loved one.

Classes with a psychologist will help a young mother to understand what exactly worries her. Realizing the problem and understanding its scale, it will be easier to choose the method of “treatment” – painting, music or spiritual conversations will be treated better than antidepressants.

Ask for others

Close people do not always understand that motherhood is the same job as 8 by 5 in the office. Help your friend whenever possible – play with your child at a party, offer to ride a stroller in the nearest park or take him to the water park.

Explain to the relatives of the young parents that even 15 minutes of classes with the child will total hours of free time. They themselves can spend on vacation with friends, going to the beautician or self-development – reading books, taking courses or mastering driving.

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