The main secrets of cooking your favorite baby soup

Each mistress, of course, has her own tricks for cooking this dish. We want to share secrets that will help absolutely everyone to bring the taste of borsch to perfection.

This healthy vegetable soup is loved by both adults and children. It has a bright color, rich rich taste and aroma. So, we tell you how to cook the perfect borsch.

Secret # 1: Meat Broth

If you are a vegetarian, then this secret will not come in handy. But nevertheless, it is customary to cook classic borsch on concentrated meat broth. Choose meat to taste – pork or beef, and you can take both meat in a ratio of 1: 1.

To make the meat more flavorful, cut it into pieces and pre-fry. Then boil the broth as usual. Do not forget to remove the foam, salt, add allspice and bay leaf.

Secret No. 2: Stew vegetables separately

To make the color and taste of borscht more saturated, simmer the vegetables in a separate pan or saucepan. First onions, then carrots, beets, tomatoes or tomato paste, bell peppers, garlic.

Let the vegetables almost reach readiness, add them to the pot with cabbage and potatoes at the very end.

Secret # 3: Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes in borsch can not be cut, but put in their entirety, and when it is cooked, remove, crush and add it back to the pan. So the soup will be more thick and rich.

Secret number 4: Salo

Fans of proper and dietary nutrition are unlikely to appreciate this secret, but, nevertheless, it is fried lard that gives borshch a special taste. After the soup has cooked, cut the lard into small pieces, fry in a pan (you can add finely chopped garlic to the same place), add to the pan and let it brew.

Secret No. 5: Beans

You can cook borsch with beans – it is also very tasty. It can easily replace meat, and you can add beans just like that without removing any ingredients. If you use raw, not canned beans, do not forget to soak it in advance for several hours, and preferably at night.

Secret No. 6: Greens

For the aroma, you can add a variety of greens to the borscht – it all depends on your taste preferences: cilantro, celery, parsley, dill, basil are suitable. But not everyone likes spicy herbs, so this advice is not for everyone.

Secret number 7: Sour cream

Serve borsch on the table without fail with sour cream! This is what is called a classic of the genre. It can be added directly to the plate, served in a bowl or spread on a piece of bread.

Secret number 8: brown bread

Even if you follow a diet, a slice of whole grain brown bread will only benefit. This ingredient is perhaps the same must-have for borscht as sour cream. Fresh, slightly crispy crust, previously grated with garlic – only shades the unique taste of borsch.

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