Osteoporosis how to avoid it

Osteoporosis is one of the frequently diagnosed diseases of the skeletal system that is most often detected in women after the age of 40, that is, in premenopause and menopause. It is based on the loss of bone mass and density, which in a year can reach 6%.

A peculiarity of this disease is that it is a long time unnoticed, and to the doctor the patient comes when the pathological process is almost impossible to slow down.

Why every woman approaching the menopause need to know what preventive actions she should be taken to ensure that this terrible disease would not touch her, the more so today to avoid osteoporosis has become much easier.

Basic rules

Prevention of this disease will be really effective only if it has not yet come, therefore, to avoid further complications, before you make any action, you should see a doctor, because prevention and treatment are two different things.

The first thing you need to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. Should change the harmful place of work, to give up coffee and tea, bad habits, take daily walks in the fresh air and Hiking – that’s the basis that will avoid pathology even if a woman is at risk.

The second important preventive measure is food. You must not only eat correctly but also to include in the diet foods that contain substances such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, and a very important vitamin D. All of this can be found in foods of dairy origin, but only if they are natural, without additives of all kinds.

Another feature of nutrition in the preventive purposes – the use of full fat, which is important for vitamin D just won’t digest. Therefore, women with a strict diet are also at risk for osteoporosis.

And finally, do not neglect physical exercise. And it’s not necessarily physical exercise or visit the gym. This, for example, fitness, aerobics, dancing, and much more, including the pool and Cycling. And the exercise needs to be regularly is the only way to get a positive result.


How else can you prevent osteoporosis during menopause? To do this, each female after the onset of this physiological period should take calcium supplements, which will prescribe the doctor. And it can be as full of vitamin and mineral supplements and vitamin supplements, which includes calcium.

Such modern drugs include:

  1. Bivalos.
  2. Forsteo.
  3. Teriparatide.
  4. Prolia.
  5. Excive.
  6. Denosumab.
  7. Calapan.
  8. Vitrum calcium D3.
  9. Calcium Sandoz Forte.
  10. Complivit Calcium D3.

However, before you start to take calcium supplements should consult with a specialist, as any drug, and it also has contraindications and limitations, and side effects. All of this identify can only be experienced specialist.

Medical control

Every year all the women of the area at risk for degenerative disc disease should undergo a comprehensive medical examination, which should include not only the General analysis of blood and urine. For example, one of the best methods now is densitometry to measure bone density on a particular area of the human body. This technique will allow to detect even a minimal reduction of bone density that will allow the doctor to take the necessary measures when the disease is just beginning to develop.

To detect early manifestations of the disease can be used and other methods such as quantitative computed tomography, ultrasound densitometry, single – and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry.

However, all these indicators should be considered in conjunction with biochemical analyses of the blood, and this is definitely the definition of indicators such as total alkaline phosphatase, bone isoenzyme alkaline phosphatase, osteocalcin and propeptide of collagen of the first type.

In order to understand whether the body’s destruction of bone tissue and how much it is leaking, and should pass such tests as hydroxyproline, urine hydroxyproline, the N-terminal telopeptide in urine and C-terminal telopeptide type I collagen in the blood. All these tests every woman should undergo once a year, although this list may be adjusted by the doctor.

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