Worms in pregnant

What if the expectant mother has worms? The answer is to run to the hospital. But not always, a woman will be able to identify the bot.

Helminthiasis is often confused with toxemia, because they are characterized by the same symptoms:

  • continuous or periodic nausea, vomiting;
  • a feeling of weakness and slight indisposition;
  • reduced work capacity, fatigue;
  • emotional imbalance, constant mood swings;
  • dizziness;
  • reluctance to eat;
  • weight loss;
  • the sleep disturbance.

Pregnant these symptoms are not alarming. She could not guess that the reason lies in worms, which settled in her body.

In addition to these ailments of the worried woman:

  • constant itching in the anus, the vagina (it becomes more intense at night);
  • common bowel disorders;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • pain in the abdomen.

If a woman observes these symptoms, she should see a doctor and all details. The doctor will prescribe the necessary examination and on the basis of the test results to start treatment. Pregnant women confuse the bot with toxemia, while not in a hurry to go to the doctor. This leads to a deterioration of their condition and can result in dangerous complications.

Diagnosis includes:

  • blood test;
  • examination of the stool;
  • a scraping from perianal folds.

The test results will help confirm or disprove suspected helminthiasis. Parasites cause high levels of eosinophils in the blood, Ig E, a decrease in hemoglobin. In Calais reveal helminth eggs or themselves. Sometimes the woman herself finds herself worms. They can be seen in the stool, underwear.

Drug therapy

To get rid of worms during pregnancy is much more complicated, because in the period of carrying a child are very hard to find a pill that did not cause harm to future baby. Most drugs helminth infections cross the placental barrier.

Treatment with medication requires an individual hike.

Therapy depends on:

  • the type of worms that were discovered;
  • the General health of the woman;
  • the severity of symptoms.

Make a tablet from worms in the first trimester is impossible. During this period laid all the vital organs in the fetus. Any negative impact can cause pathologies. In some cases pills provoke the miscarriage.

Starting with the II trimester, the doctor will begin to treat the disease, issuing necessary medications. He will select the dosage and spread out the regimen, will tell you how and what to do. It is important to follow all of its recommendations so as not to harm the child. If a pregnant will experience deterioration, it should immediately contact the doctor. He will recommend to change the tool from worms to something more appropriate. The main thing to pass the entire course to completely cure the disease.

What will help traditional medicine?

To get rid of worms, you can use traditional medicine. All of these methods have undergone many years of tested and proven, and collected many positive reviews. In the first trimester, when you can’t take the pill, your doctor may recommend one of these recipes:

1. Pomegranate juice. This tool is not only expels the parasites, but also increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood. It can be done this way:

  • to get from 3 pomegranates, all grains;
  • placed in the juicer;
  • the resulting juice pour into a clean bowl and allow 10 minutes to stand up.

The course of treatment is 7 days. During this time, every day should drink half a Cup of pomegranate juice a day.

2. The juice from the beets. To make a medicinal drink, you need 1 medium beets boiled until tender, peel after cooling. Cut into small pieces and squeeze the juice. The resulting product was placed in a clean jar and store in the fridge. Take 1 tbsp every day. The treatment lasts 10 days.

3. Chamomile decoction. In a thermos, pour 1 tablespoon of chamomile and add a Cup of boiling water. Give the broth to infuse for one hour, then strain. Take a tablespoon 2 times a day for 10 days.

In addition to these recipes, you can use the following guidelines:

  • every day to eat 2 slices of watermelon (but don’t need to do it out of season, otherwise, the watermelons can cause serious poisoning);
  • daily use of pumpkin seeds;
  • to include in the diet walnuts, onion, garlic, citrus.

There are people who “do not recognize” tablets. They believe that such means harm the body, especially in the period of carrying a child. But what can a pregnant take and in what dosage, should be solved the attending physician, even if we are talking about people’s methods of treatment.

What is the risk of helminth infections during pregnancy?

Worms can seriously complicate pregnancy. The increasing toxicity leads to a depletion of the body, loss of nutrients. Some of the worms are able to penetrate into sexual bondage, thereby causing irritation that leads to infection and constant itching. The woman becomes restless, she has disturbed sleep, the nervous system suffers. Anemia affects not only the condition of the expectant mother, but also the health of the baby.

What is the danger for the unborn child? Helminth larvae can penetrate through a placenta, getting into the body of the baby. They settle in his brain and lungs. This is displayed on the development of the baby, the future health. Sometimes worms cause the death of the fetus in the womb or at birth.

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