Ascariasis in children treatment

Helminthic infestations are the most common among the population. Despite the fact that could get people of any age, they most often affect children. This is due to many factors, among which are contact with sand and soil, eating unwashed fruits and vegetables.

What is ascariasis?

When getting worms in the child’s body is a series of pathological processes which can often be confused with other diseases. Ascariasis in children develops when a successful invasion of Mature eggs from adult worms. When entering the body they need some time to evolve to the state of larvae and the bloodstream to spread. Symptoms children ascariasis first is nonspecific and because the primary symptoms are often confused with other diseases, thereby losing the opportunity to prevent the development of pathology.

Infection is from ingestion of eggs in the digestive tract of the child, which may occur for the following reasons:

  • the lack of hand hygiene;
  • eating unwashed foods;
  • insufficient heat treatment of food products.

Young parents often do not know where the child is taken roundworm, and therefore try to create the most sterile conditions. The life cycle of the worms is due to this broad spread of parasites – once in the feces of the sick person to the soil, the eggs are able to be in it for a very long time, keeping the invasiveness. And because carriers may be stray animals, contact with the sand you also need to limit. Please make sure that the child was not hers in her mouth, and to control the use of only thoroughly washed vegetables and fruits.

Remember that roundworms are endoparasites, and therefore their life cycle almost entirely takes place in the host’s body. This leads to violations homeostasis, can cause anemia and severe intoxication by vital activity products. Therefore ascariasis in children should be possible to prevent or to perform periodic maintenance. Treatment of ascarids should be performed when the diagnosis is confirmed to avoid complications.

Symptoms in children

There are several major stages of development, the worm takes place from the moment of invasion until puberty.

1. Migration. The larvae move with the flow of blood from the intestines through the body. When injected into the lungs of the child begin to appear dry cough and wheezing. Symptoms of roundworm can be confused with other diseases. This period is often erroneously carried out the treatment of respiratory infections, which, as a rule, to no avail. In the sputum are absent and blood impurities, and therefore to suspect the parasite is extremely difficult. The penetration of larvae in the liver begins its damage, which is manifested by a sharp aggravation of allergies. Causeless urticaria, the rash can be a sign of worm infestation.

Moving with the flow of blood, the larvae cause damage and composition, damaging the red blood cells. During this period, you may experience anemia, which is caused by low levels of hemoglobin due to the large number of affected cells. In the analysis of blood the number of eosinophilic white blood cells increased, indicating invasion. External symptoms are General weakness, moodiness.

2. Intestinal. After maturation of larvae, the adults move into the small intestine, where neutral pH and availability of nutrients provide ideal conditions for breeding. Here is the oviposition and exit with the stool from the body. Symptoms in children the most visible and most often it was at this point diagnosed infestation.

Intestinal stage manifest such characteristics:

  • constipation;
  • diarrhea;
  • flatulence;
  • bloating;
  • belching;
  • abdominal pain;
  • anxiety;
  • night cramps;
  • fatigue.

Also during this period in the child’s body fall to the waste products that are highly toxic to humans. This raises a number of specific symptoms: vomiting, fever, nausea, weakness, dizziness.

In the absence of timely diagnosis and treatment of infestation gives complications. Excessive accumulation of ascarids in children bowel becomes a cause of obstruction, which is accompanied by painful sensations, and can cause peritonitis in case of rupture of the intestinal wall. When injected into the bile ducts possible further blockage, which causes jaundice. Inflammation of the blind gut (appendectomy) may occur when worm infestations.

Diagnosis and treatment

If the child came Ascaris, do not panic. First, you need to consult a doctor to give a direction on analyses that establish the exact type of worms. The symptoms and treatment of different parasites differ, and therefore it is not recommended to start therapy.

For the diagnosis of Ascaris in children is a stool sample, which are detected helminth eggs. In the event of violations of the digestive system in a child does not have explainable reasons, it is necessary to consult a doctor for analysis. Upon detection of eggs is assigned medication. It is chosen individually, depending on age, body condition, stage of infection, the tolerability of the medicinal components.

Diagnosis can be carried out on the basis of the blood test – it assesses the level of eosinophils and the presence of larvae of Ascaris in children in plasma.

Possible x-ray examination of the lungs and conducting sputum smear to detect immature worms.

1. Drug therapy.

The most popular is Dekaris – it shows high efficiency when infected with Ascaris. The principle of its action is paralyzed muscle fibers, which promotes the natural removal of parasites from the body with feces. During the invasion in lung stages, additional intake is not required. In the case of severe condition of the patient assigned laxative means that remove worms from the intestines. Ascaris in the stool the child may appear a few hours after the first dose.

With Decaris treat infestations rather simply because it is the new generation product, which in some cases is enough to accept once. The active ingredient is Levamisole, which requires a single application in accurate dosage. Because it is excreted by the kidneys, abuse they should not, to reduce the impact on the excretory system of the child.

Piperazine is highly effective and also has a paralyzing effect, thereby contributing to the elimination of the Ascaris from the intestine. Used course, depending on the condition of the patient. To treat worms with Piperazine can be in early childhood and it is the only drug that is allowed to receive during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Anthelmintic therapy is necessary with observance of terms of treatment, ignoring them may cause relapse. Further prescribers with the adsorbent action, which help to neutralize the toxic metabolic products of Ascaris in children. Recommended treatment for all family members and a control examination after 21 days.

2. The use of folk remedies.

Alternative medicine for worm infestations offers a variety of options for the treatment of Ascaris, which, according to representations, is able to completely heal the body from parasites. However, it should be understood that such recipes are not backed by clinical studies, and therefore their effectiveness is not proven. To treat worms folk remedies better as concomitant therapy and only after consultation with a doctor to avoid unwanted suppression of the action of the active components.

The most popular method of national treatment of Ascaris is intake pumpkin. Toasted seeds need to scroll through a meat grinder and then mix in equal proportions with honey. The mixture should add the baking soda from the calculation of teaspoon in a Cup of honey. The resulting slurry was infused for 10 days in a sealed container, which would be protected from the light. Admission is on an empty stomach three hours before eating daily. The treatment is carried out until complete cleansing the body of worms.

There is a recipe with the use of medical jelly. In a jar with a solution of starch, pour in two tablespoons of 5% iodine. When mixed the fluid should be cooled down below the active substances are not lost properties. This pudding should be taken on an empty stomach, one-third Cup once. Prolonged medication from ascarids can cause a rise in the amount of iodine in the body.

Onion is rich in its antibacterial components, traditional medicine is also not spared. Chopped onion need to pour a glass of water and left to stand for one night. Liquid drunk on an empty stomach, and then should occur the removal of ascarids.

Prevention of Ascaris

Prevention is possible with an integrated approach that includes the control of hygiene of the child, instilling notions about the purity of food and the need for hand washing. In the event of dispute symptoms not responding to treatment, you must consult a local doctor for examination and assessment of the state of the body. The important point is the formation of hygienic habits in the administration in kindergarten, where the control over the cleanliness of hands each kid it is difficult to exercise.

Important preventive measure is thorough washing of the products with soap and a special sponge that helps to mechanically remove deposited on the peel of pollution. Thermal processing of meat and fish promotes the killing of parasite eggs, which may be unavailable to the eye. Eggs should be washed with soap and water before breaking.

Compliance with prevention standards and timely treatment to the doctor help to reduce the negative impact of parasites on the body of a child and is able to maintain the health of the baby.

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