Signs of parasites in the human body

The lack of incoming vitamins and minerals affects the immune system, the occurrence of diseases and disorders in the functioning of the whole organism. Worms poison the organs of the products of its own activity, and in some cases often involved eating healthy tissues, causing serious health problems from his master-carrier.

How dangerous worms and how to determine their presence?

In the body of any person may simultaneously exist more than 100 types of worms. Parasitic worms can easily hit any organs and systems. None of the body parts are not immune from invasion and its penetration into various tissues.

Only timely diagnosis and treatment ensures the final recovery and restoration of protective forces. Urgent consultation of a General practitioner and a specialist in the field of Parasitology may be required if significant changes in health status are noticeable even to others.

The worms attach to the walls of the internal organs by chitin plates, hairs, hooks, tentacles and other natural adaptations. His introduction they cause inflammatory processes. Any parasite that lives inside the body, can be called a “thief”: all of the nutrients that fall to the host with the food inside, these creatures steal for themselves.

Bacteria, viruses and fungi play a huge role in the normal functioning of each, but some members of the smallest biological systems may pose danger and threat of life. Along with pathogenic microorganisms in the body often penetrate other parasitic forms. To recognize their presence will help some signs, so if you have one of the following symptoms should immediately seek medical help.

The symptoms of infestation

Signs of infection occur soon. The incubation period of the bot often up to several years. Under favorable conditions (in the absence of hypothermia, stress and prolonged starvation of the host) worms often do not announce themselves.

With the simultaneous confirmation of at least a few traits worth more seriously by necessary laboratory investigations:

  • General weakness of the body and the constant feeling of weakness, fatigue;
  • constant “racing” weight and a sharp set of rapid or loss;
  • not pass, even after a heavy meal, the feeling of hunger;
  • dyspepsia;
  • migraine and frequent headaches;
  • unpleasant sensations in the body muscles, joints and tendons;
  • neurological manifestations;
  • sleep problems;
  • skin rash in form of pimples or spots;
  • the deterioration of health in General.

Specific manifestations of infection with worms

Signs of parasites in the human body depend not only on their type, but also largely on how deeply they settled in the tissues. Some species prefer to invade the liver, slowly killing the body, interfering with its proper functioning. Symptom in this case may be liver failure. When worms strike the respiratory system and lungs, frequent signs of their stay in the body can become asthma and chronic unexplained cough. Start treatment immediately after diagnosis, otherwise the consequences are dire.

Especially dangerous symptoms – cramps and seizures. This shows the lose of brain cells that is a sign of a parasites stay in the body and the onset of irreversible complications.

In addition to General, which can be seen on the bot, there are pronounced specific manifestation of the disease. The complexity of their recognition is the fact that in most cases they are common to many other diseases.

Intestinal disorders as symptoms of helminthiasis

The main features should be considered:

1. Constipation. Large parasites, such as tapeworms, penetrating inside, even able to block with his body the space of the colon, that often causes inhibition of peristalsis and partial (in advanced cases) obstruction. To call this symptom can and roundworm. With complete obstruction often patients cannot help.

2. Diarrhea. The defeat of the protozoal types of worms contributes to the fact that the reserves of sodium and chloride in the body is rapidly depleted, which leads to a liquefaction of the stool.

3. Flatulence and bloating. People often aggravate the situation unhealthy lifestyle and eating hard to digest foods. Gases and bloating of the abdomen are a direct consequence of heavy food and waste products of parasites.

Other signs of worms

Most types of worms about his presence in the body can not be stated enough long term. They often migrate from one organ to another, and only conduct high-quality diagnostics is able to dispel all doubts about their presence. These creatures multiply quite fast, thus the pain, which feels infected in the process of moving parasites on your own body, is quite understandable. They cause stupor immune system, which requires immediate treatment and resulting in patients actively developing diseases of the joints and muscles.

Common sign of worms can be called an allergic reaction, because they are the primary cause of the destruction of the walls of the internal organs of digestion and the digestive tract. When penetrating into the bloodstream of undigested food particles, is increased production of eosinophils. Arising in the tissues of inflammation are the main factors that provoke an allergic response.

  • Neurological disorders.

Especially dangerous symptoms include neurological symptoms. Anxiety, irritability and short temper, it would seem, at first glance have nothing to do with worms. Toxicity caused by poisoning of the organism by waste products of the parasites, negatively affects the Central nervous system. Uncommon phenomena believe sleep disturbances, and anxiety.

Most acute are the signs of worms declare themselves in the first few hours after midnight. This time is considered optimal for the revitalization of the liver. Being a natural filter of the human body, it is trying to detoxify. From the rectum at night are helminth eggs, which can deliver significant discomfort and hinder proper rest and sleep.

If the above signs appear in a child, it is advisable to conduct a series of laboratory tests to determine the presence of parasites. You should pay attention to the bruxism. If the baby grinds her teeth in sleep is a symptom of the presence of worms. This phenomenon is a natural response of the nervous system to defeat the worms.

  • Factor in the development of cancer.

Non – malignant and malignant processes in any of the internal organs are the result of the presence and activity of worms. Upon confirmation of such pathologies it is desirable to be diagnosed. If cancer treatment is to begin with the cleaning procedures first and foremost, to rid the body of parasites, the chances of a full recovery are automatically enlarged several times.

Features the treatment and prevention of helminthiasis

The most effective method of treatment of helminthiasis of any type is receiving potent anthelmintic drugs, among which are especially popular meds with such active substances, comprising:

  • levamisole;
  • albendazole;
  • mebendazole;
  • Pyrantel.

These chemicals can be effective to multiple types of parasites, so they are prescribed even when combined infected by worms. Uncontrolled intake without medical advice can be dangerous to the health of patients. Compliance with dosage and appropriate dosage of drugs – the key to successful treatment without side effects.

These medications are often prescribed as preventive measures to prevent intrusion.

To prevent the penetration of worms (they remain in the body permanently, so prevention of helminthiasis – a vital condition of normal human existence), all people should follow simple rules:

  • At least once a year to be screened to identify worms.
  • Not to neglect personal hygiene.
  • Conduct quality processing of the products before cooking.
  • Attentive to the animal’s health.

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