Parasites in the human intestine

Infection helminthic infestations lead to malfunction of the digestive tract, nervous system. People have lost appetite, or, on the contrary, there is a constant desire to eat, with a decrease in body mass. Parasites in the human intestine eat nutrients that come in the digestive tract along with food, so the body is experiencing an acute shortage of vitamins and minerals. To treat the disease after determining the type of worms.

To intestinal helminthiasis include:

1. Ascariasis. Develops when infected by round worms, reaching a length of from 15 to 40 cm of Ascaris Eggs enter the body through dirty fruits and vegetables after household contact with an infected person. Parasites live in the small intestine.

2. Enterobiasis. Develops after ingestion of larvae of the pinworm. It is a small white worms. The disease most often diagnosed in children. A characteristic symptom of the disease is itching of the skin in the anal area. When combing these eggs remain under nails and can get back to the digestive tract, if dirty hands to put it in my mouth.

3. Teniasis is called the pork tapeworm infection. Is the tapeworm, which has a flat body with a plurality of hooks and suckers. These parasites live in the intestines for many years, sometimes almost asymptomatic. Human infection occurs during eating roasted meat products that contain larvae of worms. Illness may be complicated by cysticercosis, if the eggs of worms enter the stomach. This pathology is very difficult to treat, often becomes the cause of complications.

4. Trihozefalez develops as a result of infection with whipworm. These parasites live in the human intestine, Appendix, cecum. The characteristic symptoms of the disease are constipation, nausea, vomiting, distention and wandering pain in the abdomen. Infection occurs by eating dirty fruits and vegetables.

5. Beef tapeworm infection – the infection of the intestine by the tapeworm bullish. It is a large ribbon-like worm, in appearance similar to the pork tapeworm. Infection of larvae occurs when the use of cattle meat which has not passed sufficient heat treatment. The main symptoms – abdominal pain, violation of the chair, withdrawal syndrome.

6. Trichinosis is called invasion of the intestine by Trichinella. These worms come to man from domestic animals, rodents. Disease causes symptoms of muscle pain, facial swelling, conjunctivitis, fever. Pathology can occur in severe form, lead to the defeat of the internal organs and even cause death. Treatment should be under medical supervision.

7. Difillobotrioz – wide infestation dentecom. It is the parasites enter the gut with the flesh of infected fish. The worm has a flat, long body (up to 10 meters), its intermediate hosts are freshwater inhabitants of the waters. Pathology virtually asymptomatic, perhaps, indigestion.

8. Flukes cause metagonimus. These worms are parasitic in the intestines of cats, dogs, and humans. Infection occurs by eating raw or undercooked fish. The disease provokes inflammation of the small intestine, disorder of stool, weakness and malaise, abdominal pain.

Signs of parasites

The symptoms of helminth infection include disruption of the digestive system. Parasites attach to the intestinal walls than cause irritation and inflammation of the tissues. A person feels abdominal pain that have no clear localization. It is a violation of the chair.

Parasites in the gut feed on the vitamins, minerals, proteins, which fall into the digestive tract along with food. As a result, the body lacks nutrients, it develops vitamin deficiency, anemia. The person loses weight despite a good appetite, the skin becomes pale and dry, appear acne, papillomas, worsening the condition of the hair and nails.

Vitamin deficiency contributes to decreased immunity, the infected person may often suffer from catarrhal or viral diseases. Observed exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs, General weakness. It is proved that during helminthic infection of the intestine increases susceptibility to TB Bacillus, reduced effectiveness of vaccinations.

In the process of life, the parasites produce toxins that cause intoxication of the human body. Withdrawal symptoms are characterized by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever. Produced by helminths breakdown products disrupt the intestinal flora that trigger dysbiosis.

Toxic substances adversely affect the nervous system, the patient becomes irritable, may develop insomnia. Toxins provoke the appearance of allergic rashes on the surface of the skin (hives, dermatitis, eczema), swelling of the face, swollen lymph nodes.

Diagnosis of worm infestation

1. To identify in the small intestines of parasites by using fecal analysis. In the laboratory study material for the presence of eggs of worms, determine the species of parasites, to properly treat the infestation.

2. Pinworms helps to detect scraping of the perianal area. To diagnostic methods include patient interviews and finding out the characteristic symptoms of infestation.

The results of the tests, the treating doctor selects a vermifuge for the treatment of infestation, given the type of worms that were found in the intestine.

How to get rid of parasites?

The purgation from an infected person is carried out with drugs that cause the death of the parasite and eliminate it from the body.

To carry out cleaning and treatment of helminth infections using the following drugs:

  1. 1. Vermoxum – this medication is broad-spectrum, active against Ascaris, pinworm, whipworm, and mixed types of infestations. Tablets violate the nutritional chain of the parasite, leading to his death and the cleansing of the bowel. Of drugs is practically not absorbed in the digestive tract, acts locally on worms. Sufficient single reception Vermoxe.
  2. 2. Dekaris helps to purify the body from whipworm, pinworm, hookworm, tapeworms and flukes. The drug causes paralysis of the muscles and the death of the parasite. Tablets are one-time.
  3. 3. Piperazine is a cure for enterobiasis and ascariasis, its efficiency is 90%. Parasites become paralyzed and eliminated from the intestine along with feces. Treatment and cleaning is carried out for 2 days.
  4. 4. Helmintox appointed in ascariasis, enterobiasis, ankylomon. The pill works on the nervous system of parasite, causing paralysis in various stages of growth. Therapy is done only once.
  5. 5. Treatment Madamina helps to cleanse the intestines of Ascaris, pinworm, hookworm, whipworm. It causes permanent paralysis of helminthes, acts locally, not soaked in the blood system. Worms come out within 24 hours unchanged.

All anthelmintic preparations for bowel cleansing have contraindications, so before the beginning of therapy should be carefully read the user manual. You find a cure you need after having consulted the treating doctor and given to a species of parasitic worms, or the treatment may be ineffective. The pill, if necessary, perform a second course after 2 weeks.

The purging of folk remedies

To cure worm infestation can folk recipes that allowed even small children and pregnant women. One of widely known ways of cleansing the body of parasites is pumpkin seeds. Under their skin is a thin film, which has antiparasitic properties.

For the treatment of pinworms and ascarids prepare this remedy: 1 Cup of fresh crushed seeds together with the skin, add a tablespoon of honey and ½ teaspoon cinnamon meleney. The ingredients are mixed and infused for 12 hours. To treat bowel this medicine should every morning, single dose, 1 teaspoon for adults. For children enough teaspoon. To get rid of the symptoms and signs of intestinal helminthiasis will be out for 3-7 days.

Cleansing the body of parasites can be performed using garlic. This plant contains valuable essential oil, which is detrimental effect on the worms and allows you to quickly carry out the treatment at home. Five Zubkov ground and insist in 250 ml of fresh milk in 8-12 hours. Then the cure strain and divide liquid into two doses. Vermifuge for cleaning infusion drink on an empty stomach morning and evening. To treat helminthiasis need 3-5 days.

Parasites that live in various sections of the intestine of an infected person, cause a violation of the digestive system. Body cleansing anthelmintic and folk remedies helps to get rid of the signs of pathology. To treat the disease should, after consultation of the attending physician and delivery of laboratory tests.

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