The infection of enterobiasis symptoms

Enterobiasis in children and adults occurs on the background of infection with pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis). The worms resemble white thread, the females reach a length of 12 mm, male 5 mm.

These parasites belong to pin worms, so when infected by one person all the signs of infestation will soon appear all family members. Pinworms – intestinal worms, inhabit the thick, thin and the caecum. Sometimes females to penetrate the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes.

Parasites enter the human organism through dirty hands and food, by shaking hands, sharing household items. When infected begins intense itching near the anus – larvae fall under nail, posted on all subjects around. Pinworm eggs can remain viable in the external environment, so the enterobiasis is often characterized by repeated samsarajade. If a person’s immune system is working normally, in adults the symptoms of enterobiasis can long time does not appear.

Vector control pinworm eggs often become flour and cockroaches, homeless animals.

Pinworms in adults are found less commonly than in children. Most often, the enterobiasis is diagnosed for people who work in institutions. When infected you have problems with the digestive system, allergic reactions. What are the current therapies used for the treatment of enterobiasis?

The main symptoms of the disease

Pinworms in adults – benign view of helminth infections, with proper treatment does not cause the development of serious pathologies. The main symptom – severe itching in the anus, which becomes especially strong at night.

Symptoms in adults:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome, restless sleep, nervousness;
  • migraines and dizziness;
  • poor appetite;
  • intestinal problems – bloating, stomach pain, loose stools appear of mucus;
  • malfunctions of the immune system, increased susceptibility to infectious and catarrhal diseases, allergies.

Pinworms can cause bedwetting, for women there are inflammatory processes in organs of small pelvis.

Diagnostic methods

Treatment for adults should start with a careful and thorough examination at the first signs of enterobiasis. The basis of diagnosis in the enterobiasis is the General analysis of blood and scraping on the eggs of the worm. Stool ineffective with this type of infection because the eggs of pinworms is not always possible to detect in the stool. But sometimes in the feces you can see adult specimens of the parasite.

Perianal rectal diagnostics – available method of diagnosis of enterobiasis. A small piece of cotton dipped in an aqueous 50% glycerin solution, wound on a match or spatula, make a scraping from the skin in the anus. After doing the flush, which is examined under a microscope. Analysis you need to pass 3 consecutive days, repeat examination in 2 weeks female pinworms not every day lay eggs, so the possible false-negative result.

Additionally, conduct a clinical study of blood. In General, the analysis on the presence of enterobiasis will indicate the level of eosinophils more than 5%, hemoglobin below 120 g/l, the decrease in concentration of red blood cells.


If you have symptoms of prescribed therapy, which includes a powerful antiparasitic – Worm, Pyrantel, Medamin, Vermoxum.

1. Piperazine – least effective drug for the treatment of adults enterobiasis, but he has virtually no adverse reactions, it can be used by pregnant and lactating women.

2. Dekaris – contains levamisole, which paralyzes the motor activity of the parasites, the worms can’t hold on to the walls of the internal organs out of the body naturally in 1-3 days. The therapeutic effect of Decaris starts in a few hours. Dekaris when enterobioze enough to take 1 tablet with a dosage 150 mg you need to drink after dinner, drink water. The drug has no effect on the larvae of parasites, so doctors recommend taking the medication again after 1-2 weeks.

3. Neosol is one of the most effective antiparasitic drugs, which helps to eliminate all the symptoms of the disease in adults. Contains albendazole, it is recommended to use in combination with Decaris.

The day before the start of treatment should be deleted reception preparations and products, which have a bonding effect, the last meal should be light. 12 hours after ingestion but need to drink laxative to quickly cleanse the body of pinworms, eliminate all of the symptoms of infestation.

To treat antiparasitic drugs must at the same time of all family members, to carry out prevention against worms in domestic animals. With strong itching is taking an antihistamine is Effective, side effects of the drug.

To fully cure enterobiasis, avoid samsarajade, adults must strictly observe sanitary-hygienic norms:

  • nails should be cut short, it is impossible to comb itchy place;
  • hands should be washed as often as possible antibacterial or soap;
  • take a shower 2 times a day, every day do wet cleaning in the room;
  • underwear should be made of natural materials, fit snugly to the body;
  • linen is changed daily, pre-paving with a hot iron.

At observance of hygienic norms at the initial stage pinworms can be cured without the use of hard drugs. The life cycle of a pinworm is 2 to 4 weeks, and if the body will not receive new eggs all the parasites will soon die, the symptoms will disappear.

If pinworms left untreated – will develop severe intoxication, exhaustion, disturbances in the immune and nervous system, anaemia, proctitis. Often on the background of intoxication in adults can become inflamed vermiform Appendix – Appendix.

Unconventional methods of treatment and prevention

Pinworms treatment folk remedies involves the use of infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs, take them in or make solutions for enemas.

Completely eliminate all symptoms can be only when a judicious combination of medication and alternative medicine.

Enema is one of the most effective methods of treatment folk remedies. It helps to get rid of parasites in the intestines, eliminate itching. To treat adults and children enterobiasis can garlic enema. 250 ml of milk to cook a big, fresh head of garlic. Milk filter, fill the bag, carry out the procedure twice a day until the complete elimination of all signs of disease. With strong itching and scratching near the anus is better to make a soda enema – she doesn’t so much irritate. 200 ml of warm water dissolve 3 g of baking soda, to do just before bedtime.

Before sleep you can do an enema from a decoction of wormwood – grind fresh or dried herb, pour 220 ml of boiling water 1 tbsp. l. raw, leave in a covered container for 6 hours. For each procedure an adult will need to use all the broth completely. The duration of treatment is 7 days.

Wormwood can make the tincture that will help to get rid of pinworms.

How to prepare:

  • In a glass bowl folded 100 g of powdered wormwood.
  • Pour 200 ml of vodka.
  • Capacity is completely sealed, removed to a dark room for 7 days.

Strain, store in the fridge. In enterobioze take 15 ml of medicine 2-3 times a day.

Intolerance to alcohol can be prepared non-alcoholic decoction of wormwood to brew 10 g herb to 1 liter of boiling water, simmer on a water bath for 20 minutes. Take chilled and strained in a 30 ml 3 times a day. Sagebrush treatment can be continued until the complete disappearance of all symptoms of infestation.

Treat pinworms can using conventional products. Parasites can not tolerate onions, garlic, horseradish, sour berries. Raw pumpkin seeds you can prepare an effective remedy, get rid of parasites, to cleanse bowel from toxic degradation products. Mix 100 g of peeled and crushed pumpkin seeds 120 ml olive or flax oil. In the morning before Breakfast to eat the entire mixture, you can enjoy Breakfast in 3 hours.

Prevention of enterobiasis is in compliance with the elementary rules of hygiene – wash hands thoroughly, carefully trim nails, bathe daily and change linen, to maintain cleanliness in the house. To avoid contact with stray animals, promptly destroy MUK and cockroaches. All products of plant origin need to rinse with boiling water, soak for 15-20 minutes in warm water. Water drink boiled or purified.

Pinworms cure in adults easy. You need to observe the rules of hygiene to follow all recommendations of the doctor. Thorough hand-washing, timely antiparasitic prevention children and Pets helps to avoid infection with pinworms.

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