Worms in the liver and how to get rid of them

Once in the human body, harmful parasites located in different organs and systems. Especially comfortable is worms in humans in the liver.

This gland actively supplied with blood and nutrients, therefore its cells (hepatocytes) become a delicacy for parasitic worms and microorganisms.

At first do not manifest themselves, they begin to increase their population under stress or when the body is weakened. The human liver is destroyed quickly, and to cure it difficult: sometimes therapy is already late, and without the surgery, then do not.

Types of parasites in the liver

What specific pests were, in large measure, is determined by the region of residence. Sometimes a clue in the diagnosis is the profession which deals with people. In other cases, helps the analysis of contact with animals. Liver worm infestation can occur if people do not abide by the rules of hygiene, eating unwashed fruits and vegetables, do not stand up to the regimes of thermal treatment of products.

Especially often implemented these types:

1. Ascaris. Roundworms live across the globe on one of the stages live in the soil. Together with its eggs and particles enter the body – is bad to wash my hands. Risk group are children of preschool age, and also people whose activity is connected with agriculture, and vegetable garden. The consequences of ascariasis – clots, death of liver cells.

2. Alveolar and Echinococcus. Tiny parasites are more common in Asia, they tolerate dogs, as well as some herbivores. The risk increases if the person is a breeder, handler, veterinarian, busy primary processing wool or hides.

3. Opisthorchis (cat Fluke). In a certain period of development “housing” opisthorchis is the body of freshwater fish. Moreover, the larvae can remain alive not only not fried, but also dried and salted fish. According to the bile ducts, they can easily penetrate into the human liver, can cause cancer.

4. Fasciola (liver Fluke). Intermediate housing – clams, so when they are eating they can become infected. These parasites with their suckers much damage the body, contributing to secondary bacterial infection or degeneration of the liver tissue in the connective.

5. Shistosoma (liver Fluke). Belt types are common in tropical countries, the carrier is fish. When the penetration into the body of the worms enter the intestine, lungs, liver (eventually hitting capacity). Ill with schistosomiasis, a person sometimes becomes more and hepatitis.

6. Amoeba. Fecal-oral route and penetrate into the intestine, from there to the systemic circulation and then to the liver. It might cause a blood clot occurs necrotize tissue may develop purulent abscess. Symptoms of parasites in this case are almost invisible, sometimes reminiscent of the picture of hepatitis.

7. Giardia. Single-celled worms are transferred, if the person had contact with the sick, drinking unboiled water, eating unwashed fruit, meat or fish without heat treatment. Giardiasis depleted hepatocytes, affects not only the liver become inflamed ducts, the gallbladder.

Evidence for the presence of parasites and their diagnosis

While the worms are in the larval stage, the symptoms are felt, over time, the indirect signals.

On the probability of invasion is evidenced by such symptoms:

  • decreased body weight, there is a constant hunger.
  • skin has formed, the areas affected with acne, freckles, age spots, papillomas; in places the leather has coarsened and cracked;
  • worried about focal alopecia;
  • appeared early wrinkles;
  • nails break easily;
  • man complains of constant fatigue, increased nervousness parasites produce waste products that poison the nervous system;
  • night insomnia, especially 1 to 3 nights (the period when the liver is actively functioning); the night there is also the movement of worms in the anus;
  • the bitter taste and bad breath.

The body for each of the helminth species responds differently. It is advisable to know main specific symptoms, along with hardware diagnostics and test results confirming that a person has worms.

1. Giardiasis. For several days the temperature recorded from 37 to 37.5°C, while other symptoms of SARS are observed. Marked constipation or diarrhea, vomiting. The person feels weakness, irritability, pain in the right hypochondrium. Symptoms of the presence of Giardia in children are the same, but they are often accompanied with fits of suffocating cough. In the picture obtained during the ultrasound shows that the liver and spleen are much enlarged.

2. Amoebiasis. It is characterized by body temperature to 38°C, the liver is increased and compacted. If the parasites provoked the abscess, the temperature readings reach critical levels, the liver literally is inflated, the body is the bile.

3. Schistosomiasis. There are symptoms of infestation recurring cough with thick sputum that occurs from time to time, joint pain, blood in the stool, the liver is increased.

4. The tapeworm. People can get sick even 15 years after infection, so slowly developing a similar invasion. When the disease becomes in an explicit form, symptoms: obstructive jaundice, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting. As the disease is diagnosed in the later stages (using ultrasound and MRI), treatment sometimes comes down to surgical removal of the cysts.

5. Ascariasis. Its incubation period is very short. In 2-3 days after the body got parasites, the person feels unwell, the temperature rises above 37.5°C, worried about indigestion, sometimes cough. Signs running ascariasis – cramping pain in the abdomen, impaired appetite and sleep.

Symptoms and effective treatment of infections linked vital link diagnostics. It involves a careful survey, a thorough examination, laboratory examination of feces, bile, rectal mucus, lung mucus, blood. About the fact that there were parasites in the body, can testify the increased number eosinophills deciphering blood count. To schedule a treatment, clarify diagnosis, conducting immunological blood tests for antibodies or antigens. The liver and other organs checked using x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, bioresonance diagnostics.

Traditional treatment of worms

Often used complex therapy – a set of medicines and their dosage should be prescribed by the attending physician.

Drug treatment depends on the type of worms:

1. Amoeba. Parasites excreted through pills amoebae, tissue worms and universal means. The complex consists of Metronidazole, Tinidazole, Nifuratel, Delagila. To treat the infestation at home, making follow-up visits to the doctor.

2. Giardia. Treatment is carried out using Furazolidone, Tinidazole, Trichopolum, of Albendazole.

3. Shistosoma. Parasites in the human liver eliminates Praziquantel, dosage the doctor according to body weight. Successful treatment ends with the output of the Fluke during a bowel movement.

4. Roundworm. Cure ascariasis generic tablets – Levamisole, Mebendazole, Albendazole, Pyrantel. The body especially needs vitamins and iron preparations.

5. Opisthorchis. Destroy parasites with Praziquantel, Hloksilom.

Treatment for worms is always complemented by bacterial means for restoration of microflora, normalization of work of digestive tract. When in treatment, the parasites in the body are killed, he is poisoned by toxins, which affects not only digestion but also the cardiovascular, nervous system. Therefore, to treat the liver worming needs with powerful sorbents, antihistamines and immunomodulators.

Treatment of parasites folk remedies, prevention from worms

Popular recipes are in the early stages of the disease, and they are used as a Supplement to traditional methods, be sure to consult a doctor. Pests in the human body have a preference for milk, meat, sweets, pastries. Therefore, starting to treat helminthiasis, one should limit the use of these products. In the daily diet introduce greens and raw vegetables (carrots are especially useful): they are rich in vitamins, normalize the intestinal microflora, contribute to the rapid digestion of food.

If parasites are detected, they are output using the available tools:

  • pumpkin seeds – eat them on an empty stomach daily for 3 spoons, carefully chewing (treatment continues for 15 days);
  • wormwood – powdered grass eat a teaspoon twice a day during the week;
  • Luka – in the evening the head is finely cut, pour a glass of boiling water, stand until morning in a thermos, drink the infusion in the morning on an empty stomach;
  • garlic – 5 Zubkov crushed pour a glass of milk, boil 5 minutes, infuse, drink four times a day before eating (treatment continued for 7 days).

To the parasites did not get into the intestines and liver, you need to adhere to hygienic requirements in the home during cooking. The owners of cats and dogs are required to regularly treat worms in animals. People of prevention is worth regularly eat onions, garlic, walnuts, pumpkin seeds to make linseed oil.

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