Drugs for the prevention and treatment of parasites

Children’s products are made in the form of tablets or suspensions. They are divided by age categories: some can be given to children older than 2 years, the other is permitted from the age of three.

According to statistics of who, about 1.5 million people worldwide infected with various types of worm infestation.

Most of them came from children attending preschools. To prevent the spread of helminth infections need timely treatment and prevention of infestation.

List of drugs for the treatment and prevention of helminth infection in adults:

  • Backreport.
  • Intoxic.
  • Medamin.
  • Vermoxum.
  • Dekaris.
  • Levamisole.
  • Helmintox.

Pills affect different groups of parasites, causing their death, contribute to the elimination of helminths and larvae of the human body.

A list of preventive medications against parasites for children:

  • Worm.
  • Pyrantel.
  • Salmonel.
  • Nematol.
  • Person.

1. Intoxic.

Another effective drug for the prevention of infection by worms – Intoxic. This drug has no side effects, approved for use in adults and children. Made a medicine based on natural components.

Helps Intoxic from parasites (Intoxic) of different groups, used for the treatment, prevention, worm infestation, infected with fungi, viruses, mites. The drug normalizes the digestive tract, removes decay products, reduces the negative impact of toxic substances produced by worms. In the present Intoxic extracts of Echinacea, ginger, burdock, dandelion, licorice root, garlic and oregano. The drug has earned positive reviews among patients and physicians.

2. Drops Backreport.

One of the innovative tools from helminth infestation is to drop from parasites Backreport. The product is made from plant extracts, so little toxic, has a small number of contraindications, approved for use for adults and children, does not cause allergic reactions.

In the composition Bactefort contains extracts of peppermint, birch buds, leaves of a walnut, ginger root, and flowers of wormwood, tansy, cloves. The drop can be used both for treatment and for prevention of infection by worms, fungi or viruses. Also, the drug eliminates the effects of intoxication, caused by the activity of worms, restores intestinal peristalsis.

Bactofit has broad spectrum of action, capable of hitting different types of parasites. To prevent drops are diluted in water and drink the morning on an empty stomach. The dosage indicated in the instructions to the drug. To people to avoid infection with worms, means taking courses twice a year.

3. Vermoxum.

Vermoxum pills is an effective drug that helps to get rid of parasites in the human body. The drug has a wide range of actions, strikes worms of various kinds. To prevent Vermoxum take for 3 days. Dosage is calculated based on the age and body weight of the patient. Therapy is recommended for all family members at the same time. Children drug is permitted from the age of three. Cannot be used for the treatment of parasites, pregnant women, people suffering from peptic ulcer, it is prohibited to combine the intake Vermox with other drugs.

Tablets can have side-effects from the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary system. Can appear allergic skin rash.

4. Helmintox.

For the removal and prevention of parasites in humans the drug is used for Helmintox. This tool causes paralysis of worms, promotes their natural exit from the body. The drug has an effect not only on adults but also cleanses the intestines of larvae. The drug is most effective against Ascaris, pinworm, hookworm. Take Helmintox once. If the treatment of infestation, it is necessary to repeat the course in 21 days. The dosage is determined by calculating 1 kg of body weight × 12.5 g of active substance.

For the prevention of helminthiasis in children of Helmintox used in the form of a suspension. Drink the medicine once during the meal, additionally the child needs to take antihistamines. You may not use the syrup for babies under 6 months of age. Medication can have side effects, cause allergic reactions, so you must strictly adhere to the specified instructions dosage, when deterioration, you should seek medical attention.

Folk remedies for prevention of parasites

Effective prophylactic option from helminth infection is ginger root. This plant is able to kill the larvae and adults of Ascaris, pinworm. To prevent infection with parasites, you can use ginger in powder form. Root dried, ground and triturated. The resulting drug can be used as a seasoning, add it to various dishes, salads. Powder the drug for preventive purposes, drink ½ teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

A piece of ginger root is useful to add in tea instead of lemon. You can also prepare this composition against parasites: fresh crushed root placed in a glass jar ¾ full to the brim and pour natural honey. For the treatment and prevention of worms means use 1 dessert spoon in the morning on an empty stomach, thoroughly dissolving in the mouth.

To get rid of worms, to carry out preventative treatments using the peel, fibers and seeds of grapefruit. This fruit contains large amounts of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, increases the body’s resistance to viruses, infections, toxins and parasites from the intestines. Skins can be added to tea, infuse them in alcohol and drink 30 drops in the morning on an empty stomach for 7 days.

Bones and grapefruit fiber is dried, ground into a powder. 10 g dry means pour 30 ml of vodka, insist 7 days. Then the cure strain, take 30 drops diluted in ½ Cup water. To drink the drug you need in the morning and evening on an empty stomach within 14 days. It is impossible to treat grapefruit for people suffering from allergies to citrus.

To protect the human body from infection with Ascaris, you can use wormwood. For the removal and prevention of parasites dry plant is ground into a powder and take 1 teaspoon in the morning. To be treated with this herb only for adults, as it has toxic properties. Dry remedy mixed with honey to reduce the bitter taste. Therapeutic course is 10 days. From the aqueous infusion of wormwood make a cleansing enema. For decoction use 1 tablespoon of dry herb and 0.5 l of boiled water, cure under cover for 2 hours. Then filter and put enema. The procedure is performed once a day 7 days in a row.

During the treatment and prevention of hookworms pharmacy drugs and folk remedies you need to stick to a diet that excludes the consumption of fatty, fried foods. Such products reduce the effect of the active substances. It is recommended to add dairy products, vegetable soups, mashed potatoes, porridge.

Prevention of worm infestation

The prevention of parasites is in compliance with the following rules:

  • it is impossible to eat dirty fruit and vegetables, before eating them, wash under running water;
  • timely treatment of worms in Pets;
  • observance of rules of personal intimate hygiene;
  • washing your hands after visiting public places, places with large concentrations of people, after a walk, contact with animals and before eating;
  • the destruction of the blood-sucking insects (flies, mosquitoes), which are carriers of infection;
  • a ban on swimming in open water;
  • if infected by one of the members of the family, treatment is obligatory for all tenants;
  • prevention of drugs after contact with an infected person or animal.

During removal of parasites from the infected child must daily change underwear and bed linen, to wash things in hot water and be sure to iron before use. Toys must also be treated with boiling water, if it is difficult to do, it is impossible to give their baby for 5 days. During this time the eggs of the worms die.

Medication to prevent worm infestation is a reliable way to avoid infection. On the pharmacy shelves a wide selection of Anthelmintics, promoting rapid disposal of various types of parasites.

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