Can you get sick from worms

According to most experts, the presence of worms in the body causes pronounced changes. Symptoms of worm infestation are quite diverse, but can be rash, because the acne from of worms may be on the body and on the face have characteristic features.

How to distinguish acne from worms from other rashes? On this question the answer will be given in the material.

Worms are organisms-parasites that live in the internal organs and provoke the destruction of their walls. For worm infestations primarily affect the intestines, disturbed metabolism and the body’s “signals” about the health problems, highlighting the incredible number of eosinophils.

Like popping a pimple

Acne may occur because of the appearance in the organism of decay products, which are a result of the activity of worms. From similar lesions to get rid of is quite difficult, as almost never the cause of pimples immediately after their appearance.

Which worms are the most dangerous

You should know that most rashes on the face and body of adults and children appear when infection with Ascaris – this kind of worms provoke a considered response in the body. In addition to acne, ascariasis may manifest disorder of the digestive system, cough of unknown etiology and conjunctivitis.

But not only ascariasis can be suspected in the appearance of extensive lesions on the body and face! Acne on the body is “signal” the presence in the body and physical lamblia, pinworms, and paragoni, hookworm and Trichinella.

Skin rash at worms

The appearance of any rash person sees as an indicator of poor nutrition or insufficient hygiene. If the pimples do not disappear independently, then the person will have to undergo testing professionals first and foremost check the hormonal background of the patient and testing it for various diseases.

So early in the spread of the rash to determine what caused its appearance became worms, you need to know some signs of this phenomenon:

  1. Acne. Acne most often appear on the face, have the appearance of rather large dark spots. In some people acne can appear EN masse and on the body. Acne is a symptom of intoxication due to accumulation of degradation products from the presence of worms in the body.
  2. Eczematous eruptions. Such pimples can appear on the body and on the face, characterized by burning and itching, purulent blisters dark or light shade.
  3. Papilloma. This is a small growths on the skin having a benign nature. Papilloma – a sign of infection with human papillomavirus, and this is due to lower immunity due to the presence of worms.
  4. Urticaria. It is well known that in some people the body reacts to any disorder of allergies. Urticaria is an allergic reaction to the presence of worms.
  5. Festering boils. Since worms can significantly reduce the immune system, the skin loses its resistance to infections and viruses. As a result, can develop furunculosis – multiple formation of deep and wide ulcers.

Please note: if a rash any of these types you need to seek qualified medical help. Only a specialist can establish the true cause of acne and prescribe the effective complex treatment. If no measures are taken will not be possible development of serious complications. In some cases, a serious stage helminthic infestations lead to death.

What places develop a rash because of the presence in the body of the worms:

  1. First rashes affect the back and chin, because in these places the skin has the small layer of fat.
  2. Acne affects not only the person, it will be present on the feet, upper extremities, legs and in the space between the fingers and toes.
  3. Pimples often appear on the ears and in areas of the body where there is thin skin (e.g., upper eyelid).
  4. Boils with purulent content can be in the armpits, in the popliteal region and even in the scalp.
Stage of development of lesions in the helminthiasis

The rash of this condition can be very diverse, their degree of development will depend on the stage of a helminth infection.

Distinguish the following stages in the development of lesions:

  1. Latent. In this period, the infection process has just begun, the number of symptoms will be minimal, skin may appear isolated pimples.
  2. Sharp. At this stage the worms are already in the internal organs and lead an active life, most often affects the intestines, liver and lungs. Lesions at this stage will have the form of urticaria, which is associated with an allergic reaction to the worms. In some cases the skin papules formed large and highly inflamed pimples.
  3. Chronic. Worms begin to lay eggs for further propagation, thus in the human body occur pronounced changes. Acne at this stage will just appear in large quantities and of different kinds – from “innocent” hives to purulent boils.

Please note: chronic stage of worm infestation can take several years. Naturally, all measures taken to get rid of acne will not give any result.

What other symptoms point to the presence of worms in the body

It is believed that various spots on the body and face is a late symptom of worm infestation.

So you need to know and some additional symptoms of worms:

  • pain in the abdomen;
  • insomnia;
  • obsessive itching in the anus;
  • violation of the stool (maybe diarrhea, and constipation);
  • stratification of the nail plate;
  • periodically, with or without food, vomiting and nausea;
  • the skin becomes excessively dry;
  • body weight is steadily decreasing, the appetite is not diminished.

Amid all the above picture the appearance of a man whose body has worms, is changing dramatically and quickly: the hair is dull, the sclera can buy a barely noticeable yellow color, the skin have a pronounced groomed appearance.

What should I do?

First, you need to understand that to treat acne in any case it is impossible! The application of even the most expensive beauty and medical remedies for acne will not give positive results. At the time of the rash can disappear, but the reason for their appearance remains in the body, and then, after a short time the rash will come back and in greater volume.

Second, even if it was determined that the acne came from worms, you should not rely on funds from the category of “folk medicine” – they can only suspend the reproduction of the parasites, but complete cure will not work.

Thirdly, the appearance of lesions and symptoms associated with helminth infection must seek qualified help. The specialist will conduct a complete examination, but also make competent appointments. Treatment is complex – and the worms will be able to get rid of, and restore the normal condition of the skin happens.

Pimples, of worms not just happen, and cause enough serious harm to the body. And this despite the fact that, by itself, worms are dangerous for the human body parasites. Therefore, the treatment of different kinds of lesions should be performed only under medical supervision.

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