Cough at worms in children: causes and treatments

One of the signs of the presence of worms in the body is dry cough. This phenomenon is caused by active movement of the worms in the body and often the cough occurs in younger children.

Parents tend to take a cough for symptoms of colds and begin active treatment.

Despite the fact that taking cough medicines does not cause any harm to your child’s body, they do not solve the problem. Yes, under the influence of specific medication, the cough disappears, but worm infestation continues to progress in the body.

Why do I get a cough at worms?

Almost all parents know that the main symptoms of the presence of worms in the body of the child is itching of the anus, restless sleep of the baby and sudden weight loss. Why at worms cough? Everything is quite simple: the larvae of the worms that are in the region of the bronchi, block the air flow – this is the cause of the cough.

And, in the process of the cough from the body is just an incredible amount of larvae and eggs of worms. With the development of the underlying disease a dry cough is added, the inflammatory process that is localized in vascular tissues.

Some parasites cause coughing in children

Generally, there are several types of worms which can cause dry, compulsive cough in children. And only a doctor using laboratory studies will determine the specific form of the parasite, the degree of its prevalence in the body, which will help him to find effective treatment.

Giardia and roundworm

To migrating worms are roundworm and Giardia. Adult worms of these species live in the intestine, but they rapidly penetrate the area of the cardiovascular system and hence the migration of parasites in the respiratory system.

The worms, being in the child’s body, eat nutrients that are in the blood. Further there is an active selection in the internal organs of toxins, which leads to the development of inflammatory processes and allergic reactions. If the parasites have penetrated into the lungs, then the cough of the larvae comes out, the other part gets again into the intestine, where it begins to multiply. It often happens that a small part of the larval worms remains in the respiratory system (it will be the strongest representatives of the worms), which leads to disturbances in the lungs and their components.

Toxocara and the lung Fluke

The most dangerous type of worms flat worms are recognized, as they lead to serious dysfunctions of the respiratory system. These parasites are able to bind to lung cells, which is the reason for the development of such severe diseases like toxocariasis and paragonimus. These diseases are characterized by destruction of internal tissues of the respiratory system, its dysfunctional glory, and the result is a progression of difficult/prolonged inflammatory process.

As soon as the worms hit the area of the baby’s lungs, appear dry cough. If no therapeutic measures in this period will not be made, then starts the progression of the inflammatory process that is characterized by production of large amounts of mucus. Phlegm will come out when you cough, it may contain small inclusions of blood – this, by the way, should alert parents and be cause for referral to a specialist infectious disease.

Diseases caused by worms in a child

Children more often than adults, are exposed to parasitic invasion. Therefore, the appearance of dry cough on the background of General health must immediately use professional medical help immediately – this will help prevent the development of complications.


Noted that children often identify the ascariasis. Infection with Ascaris may occur through contact with animals (domestic or street), enters the mouth of the earth, eating unwashed vegetables/fruits. Doctors say that the prevalence of ascariasis among children is associated with poor personal hygiene and weak immune system.

If the worms affects the intestines, then:

  • violated the metabolic processes in the body of the child;
  • significantly reduced immunity;
  • occurs toxic poisoning;
  • depression is the nervous system;
  • larvae of the worms move into the lungs;
  • formed inflammatory process.

Ascariasis is not only a dry cough, and pallor, cyanosis of the lips. If no treatment for a helminth infection will begin to damage the blood vessels, there will be problems in the respiratory system.


So classified disease, which is caused by the penetration and development inside the lung Fluke parasite. This worm has the ability to cling to lung tissue, and actively develop infiltration. Around all of the affected areas begins to form a fibrous casing.

Fluke infection occurs through contact with crayfish and crabs. Most first worm enters the body indoor or outdoor animal, which swam in the pond, and then transferring worms to man.

Note: if the body is present in the worm, the Fluke, then the children cough necessarily be accompanied by a discharge of blood and pus.


Toxocara in the dog will definitely become the reason of worms in the lungs of the child. Especially dangerous is the disease for children under one year of age. Larvae of the worms are in the pulmonary tissues, which leads to the development of heavy, aggressive allergic reactions. If the treatment is absent in this case (referring to treatment of worm infestation), then soon a sick child can develop asthma.

Additional symptoms of toxocariasis include violations in the work of the organs of vision, the appearance of fever and pronounced shortness of breath.

What steps need to be taken

The appearance of dry cough, the child should be the occasion to visit the pediatrician. In addition to the standard examination of a child, be sure to ask for a referral for testing for worms. The fact that even the best symptomatic treatment for a helminth infection will not give any result, you will need to get rid of parasites is to stop the progression of cough.

Treatment for each child, the doctor needs to choose individually. It is necessary to take into account the type of parasites detected, the patient’s age, General state of health, particularly the immune system. Be sure the doctor has appointments to take into account the condition of the liver of the child, what level of hemoglobin in the blood of the patient if there is an allergic reaction to any stimulus in history, how the disturbed intestinal microflora.

Of the most commonly prescribed drugs for worm infestations Pyrantel stand out, Zentel, Pramoxine and Vermoxum. But it is worth considering that some parasites may be resistant to drugs, so it is advisable to treat simultaneously the two tools.

If treatment of helminth infection was scheduled and conducted properly, the symptoms, including dry cough will disappear by themselves.

Coughing is not always a sign of the development of colds. In many cases, this is the first symptom of parasitic defeat of the body, so that only a full examination will guarantee full recovery.

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