How do you get pinworms

Pinworms is round worms from the order of nematodes that are parasitic in the intestines of humans and cause the disease enterobiasis. Sick pathology, most children attending kindergartens and schools.

Worm infestation has characteristic symptoms and signs. Enterobiasis can be contracted from infected persons or failure to observe the rules of hygiene.

Human infection with pinworms often possible failure to comply with the rules of personal intimate hygiene. Pinworms lay eggs in the anus and secrete a special acid, which causes severe itching.

By scratching the anus of the larvae remain in the nail plate and can get back to the digestive tract, contributing to re-infestation, if you do not wash your hands. Spread of infection occurs even during a simple handshake. Therefore, when enterobiasis detected by one of the members of the family, most of all, pinworms are infected, all your family members.

How is infestation:
  • during contact with an infected with pinworm;
  • by eating unwashed vegetables and fruits;
  • through dirty hands after visiting the streets, public spaces, restroom;
  • infection can occur during bathing in open water;
  • blood-sucking insects are carriers of the infection.
Signs of enterobiasis

Immediately after infection there are no symptoms of infestation. They begin to appear in humans only after 2-3 weeks, when the parasites become sexually Mature and begin to reproduce. During this period, it is possible to detect larvae of the worms.

Often the main symptom of infection is itching around the anus, worse at night. Female pinworms to lay it’s eggs out of the intestines and leaves up to 10 thousand larvae in the perianal area. Then the parasite dies. The person feels severe itching, the children are constantly scratching their ass. Women and young girls can itch and vulva.

The characteristic symptom of infection pinworm – violation of the chair. Can often occur with diarrhea, in Calais appear clots of mucus. Often have abdominal pain, without definite localization, dysbacteriosis. A symptom of infestation with worms are loss of appetite, loss of body weight.

Parasites consume all the useful minerals that enter the gut with food. In this case the body lacks of necessary substances, resulting in the weakening of the immune system. The common cold virus, common colds. In some cases, the symptoms of enterobiasis are allergic skin rashes: eczema, hives, dermatitis. Such signs occur due to the toxic effects of pinworms on the human body.

Methods of diagnostics of enterobiasis

To detect the infection with helminths in patients taking a scraping of the perianal area. Doing analysis in the lab or on your own at home. The skin around the anus glued strip stationery tape, then fix it on the slide. During microscopic analysis find the eggs of pinworms. To properly study the material necessary to carry out in the morning before hygiene and bowel movement. Scraping make 3-7 times.

At home to take a scraping with a special sealed container with a long cotton swab. Soft surface moistened with saline or glycerin, then gently hold on perianal folds around the anus. Put the wand in the container and close the lid tightly. The material should be delivered to the laboratory no later than 2 hours after taking a scraping. Allowed to store vials in the refrigerator for 8 hours. In identifying larvae pinworms response analysis is positive, this means that you need to treat enterobiasis.

Therapy worm infestations

To treat symptoms of enterobiasis prescribe medication that is effective against roundworms or have a wide range of actions.

1. Elmodel-VM is anthelmintic broad-spectrum drug that inhibits the growth and multiplication of pinworms. Tablets are effective against adult fleas and their larvae. After oral administration the drug is poorly absorbed into the systemic circulation, works directly in the intestine. Before treatment, a special diet should not drink the pills once. Repeat in 2 weeks.

2. Pyrantel blocks neuromuscular impulse in muscle tissues pinworm. Valid only on adult parasites and has no effect on larvae in stage migration. In the gut the pills are absorbed poorly to therapy administered a single dose with a repeated course in 14 days.

3. Vermin is one of the most effective when enterobioze. The drug disrupts glucose utilization in the body of the parasite, leading to his death. The drug when injected into the intestine is not absorbed mucous membranes, and accumulates in the tissues of worms. Therapy is performed once, repeat after 14 days.

4. Dekaris causes paralysis pinworms, are exposed to intestinal peristalsis excreted along with feces for days after administration. Your pills once in the evening before bedtime with a small amount of water. If necessary, repeat the treatment after 2 weeks. Dekaris also vermifuge properties, has pronounced immunomodulatory effect.

5. Mebex is a broad – spectrum drug that acts on the parasite at the cellular level. Take tablets once daily with water.

6. Vanquin active against pinworms, assigned to eliminate pinworms. The drug causes a disturbance of metabolic processes in the body of the parasite, leading to his death. Adults take Vanquin once, children are encouraged to put the dosage split into 2 times. For young patients made suspension with a fruity taste.

7. Combantrin is an effective tool for the treatment of enterobiasis. Causes muscular blockade pinworms and supports natural excretion from the intestine. Take a single pill after a meal, capsules chew thoroughly.

The dose is calculated based on the age and body weight of the patient. Some medications banned for the treatment of children under 2 years. You should pay attention to the list of contraindications and side effects, as very often the treatment is causing unwanted complications.

During therapy pinworms modern means is not required following a special diet and taking laxatives. If after the use of the drug, happened vomiting or diarrhea, with the improvement of the state, you should use another medicine.

The main preventive measures are:
  • washing hands with soap after visiting the toilet, public places, transport, walking on the street and definitely before eating;
  • observance of rules of personal hygiene;
  • wash vegetables and fruits before eating;
  • a ban on swimming in open water;
  • the fight against blood-sucking insects.

If the family has identified infected with pinworm adult or a child, the treatment should take all living together relatives. Should regularly carry out damp cleaning of premises with the addition of detergents. Should I wash bedding and underwear at a high temperature and before using ironed with a hot iron.

Prevention of enterobiasis in children are cutting nails, prohibition to take hands and toys in their mouth. The child should be taught to wash their hands after playing outside and before eating.

Infection with Ascaris and pinworm has specific symptoms which you can easily identify the disease. Laboratory tests can confirm the presence of parasite eggs in the anal area. Drug therapy allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of the worms and adherence to the rules of prevention – preventing the development of re-infestation.

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