Pumpkin seeds from worms

The contents of fiber, unsaturated fatty acids contributes to the normalization of the digestive system, to gently cleanse the bowel to eliminate parasites, harmful toxins. Trace elements, proteins, amino acids restore the balance of nutrients that were previously absorbed by the worms. For the removal of worms you can use seeds and pumpkin seed oil, which has the same properties as grains.

In the seeds contains high amount of essential minerals and vitamins. Vegetable amino acid cucurbitae to possess powerful anthelmintic properties, thanks to what pumpkin effectively used for the treatment of parasites in adults and children. Useful substance is located between the peel and the seeds and core, looks like a thin green film. So taking pumpkin seeds need untreated.

Infection with worms occurs after contact with infected people and animals, eating unwashed vegetables, fruits, improperly prepared meat products, fresh fish. Treatment medical drugs can cause side effects and toxic effects on the human body. It is especially dangerous to take medication to young children and pregnant women. To get rid of worms using pumpkin seeds.

Contraindications to the use of pumpkin seed
  1. 1. As grains stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, the human condition may deteriorate significantly if there is an acute inflammatory process. Contraindicated treatment with pumpkin seed in peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, duodenitis, enterocolitis.
  2. 2. Some people have an individual intolerance of active components and allergic reactions as skin rash. In this case the seeds cannot be used.
  3. 3. Treatment pumpkin seeds can spoil the condition of the tooth enamel, if you do not rinse your mouth after taking. As this product is quite greasy, you may experience an uncomfortable sensation in the region of the liver: a feeling of heaviness, nausea, vomiting.
  4. 4. Grains are fairly high in calories, it is worth considering for people who want to lose weight or obese. 100 g of seeds has 550 calories.
  5. 5. Overdose seed can cause food poisoning, so treatment is necessary, strictly following the recommendations.

How to take seeds?

To save all useful components in the composition of the granules you must use them raw and fresh, since heat treatment reduces the healing properties of vitamins by 30-40 %.

1. Take pumpkin seeds (300 g) and 1 teaspoon of natural floral honey. The grain is ground and mixed with honey product. To be taken at one time. Treatment starts in the morning on an empty stomach. 2 hours after eating seeds drink a laxative or do an enema. Instead, you can drink a tablespoon of oil from the seeds of the pumpkin. After taking the medicine the worms detach from the intestinal walls, cleansing procedure to help remove them from the body.

2. Crushed in the meat grinder the seeds mixed with an equal amount of dry sage. Then, the ingredients pour vodka, so that they were completely covered. Infused for 2 weeks in a warm place, stirring constantly. The infusion of drink 30 drops 2 times a day the medicine can drip on a sugar or dilute in a glass of warm water. Wormwood has choleretic properties, so before taking the infusion should refrain from eating fatty, fried, salted, smoked food. Contraindicated treatment alcohol remedy people suffering from gallstone disease, acute cholecystitis, the course of treatment – 2 weeks.

3. To enhance the anthelmintic effect by crushed pumpkin seeds add grated garlic (5 Zubkov), honey and milk. The resulting slurry is infused over night in the fridge. Take 1 tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach. The course of treatment is 3-5 days depending on the degree of infestation. For children reduce the dosage by half.

4. Pumpkin seeds can be procured in powder form. To do this, they carefully purified from the outer hard shell, are dried in a natural way, and then pulverized. Apply this remedy in dry form or diluted with water. Drink the medicine 50 grams at one time, do it in the morning on an empty stomach. After 2 hours, take laxatives or put a cleansing enema.

5. The use of pumpkin seeds for worms and possibly raw. Adults need to eat 20-30 pieces, and children not more than 15. Half an hour after that should drink a teaspoon of pumpkin or castor oil to provide a laxative action.

How to take pumpkin seed oil?

Use pumpkin seed oil needed, 30 minutes before a meal. An adult needs to drink 1 dessert spoon, and the child – no more than 10 drops at a time. This treatment not only help to take the worms, but also to normalize the functioning of the entire digestive tract, will have a mild laxative effect. The whole treatment will take about 0.5 L.

To get rid of worms with pumpkin seeds or oil can pregnant women and young children. This natural remedy does not render toxic effects on the body, but rather helps to strengthen immune system, normalize digestion, eliminates toxicity.

Pumpkin seeds help to fight worms, clean the intestines, the liver from various species of worms, without causing harm to the health.

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