Enema with garlic to remove pinworms

Pinworms are called worms of the genus nematodes, which are parasitic in the intestines of man. During infection, according to the types of worms enterobiosis develops. Treat worm infestation drugs or safe folk remedies. Garlic enema for worms and pinworms is an effective method of therapy for child and adult.

Garlic enema in the fight against pinworms

1. Recipe from pinworms enema with a decoction of the flowers of tansy: this folk remedy is prepared from 2 tablespoons of dried herbs, 250 ml of water, 5-7 cloves of garlic.

Vermifuge, the plant is brewed and cooled, add ground garlic and insist at least 2 hours. Then the broth is filtered, warmed and put an enema with a volume of 0.5 liters (for adults). Procedure is done before bedtime, the entire course of therapy lasts for 7 days.

2. Recipe warm enema with garlic: to prepare the treatment solution will need a glass of warm water, one head of garlic, 1 teaspoon powdered sage. Teeth cleaned, crushed with a press and bring to the boil on a slow fire, the tool then cooled and filtered through cheesecloth. Insist prepared medicine for 2 hours under a warm blanket. Put the enema after a bowel movement once a day. The course of treatment is 7 days.

3. Healthy recipe from pinworm: medicine prepared from 100 ml of garlic juice, powdered rose hips, birch leaves, walnut, 250 ml of natural honey. The ingredients are thoroughly stirred and insist 14 days. Treated in this way: in the morning you need to eat 1 dessert spoon honey-garlic mixture, long dissolving it in your mouth. In the evening before bed put a cleansing enema of boiled water infused with chopped garlic. The duration of therapy is 1 week.

4. Recipe garlic-milk enema: 5 cloves of garlic is ground, mixed with a warm glass of milk, insist the whole night. In the morning strain off the drug and put an enema after defecation. To get pinworms from the intestine during vomiting. To prevent nausea, it is useful to drink an infusion of milk into 150 ml of fasting. Treatment should be 1 week. In milk you can add juice of garlic, in such cases, the drain tool is not necessary.

If enema of garlic extracts cause irritation of the intestines, they should be alternated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

5. Recipe garlic-onion enema: 5 cloves and half a small onion chopped, squeeze the juice. Then insist it in 250 ml of warm water at least 2 hours. In the evening you should drink a glass of warm milk with ground garlic and in the morning to carry out a cleaning procedure after bowel. Just do 5-7 enemas.

How useful is garlic?

This vegetable crop is known for its specific smell and bitter taste. Surely everyone knows about the use of garlic in combating colds, viral infections. The plant also possesses anthelmintic properties due to the presence in its biochemical composition of a substance allicin. This essential oil is a powerful antioxidant, capable to the human body of helminths and toxins that parasites produce in their life.

Action of garlic for pinworms reminiscent of scalding hot water, worms is not comfortable in the host’s body and they rather tend to leave the intestine along with feces. During treatment, cleansing enemas this process is much faster than after the medication. If you want you can take the useful extracts of this product inside.

Much better to insist the garlic, which did not pass thermal treatment, as thermal effects cause the destruction of nutrients. The teeth need to grind, because the allicin is only produced after the violation of the integrity of the vegetable.

Contraindications to treatment with enemas
  1. 1. You cannot use the therapy of cleansing enemas in garlic for hemorrhoids, it can lead to the degradation and irritation of the rectum.
  2. 2. Pregnant women any folk remedies can be applied only after consultation with your doctor.
  3. 3. Inflammation in the gut can significantly worsen after treatment with garlic, the vegetable will cause tissue irritation.
  4. 4. Contraindications include the presence of tumors of different etiology in the digestive tract.
  5. 5. In violation of delchevalerie should also refuse treatment garlic.
Enema for worms for the baby

For the treatment of pinworms in young children using the same recipes as for adults, but the volume of fluid injected shall not exceed 200 ml. Usually the child is quite difficult to get an enema and to ask for a little patience so that the fluid could have a therapeutic effect in the intestine. In such cases kids give drink garlic infusions on milk in the evening before bed. To the taste of the drug was more enjoyable, add honey or ground cinnamon.

Treatment is not recommended enemas to a child younger than 3 years. You cannot add decoction of tansy and wormwood these plants are toxic enough, they can only be used to remove pinworms in adults. Children some chamomile or fennel seeds. To reduce the irritation of the intestines will help the aloe Vera juice.

The treatment of a child with enemas should be performed 3 days, one procedure a day. If necessary, treatment repeat after 2 weeks. The main thing – to avoid re-infection, this occurs when ingestion of eggs. For this you need to observe the rules of hygiene, to carry out prevention of infection with parasites.

Prevention of infection pinworm

Helminths are most often found in children attending kindergarten or school. Due to the fact that pinworms are transmitted by contact-household to become infected by parasites is not difficult simply by shaking hands or using shared toys, which were eggs of worms.

Therefore, in order to avoid infection, you need to follow the rules of prevention:

  • wash hands with soap after using the toilet, walking on the street, before eating;
  • the child needs short cut nails;
  • before you eat fruits or vegetables, wash under running water;
  • it is important to observe the rules of personal hygiene, regularly change underwear;
  • autocyte toddler nail biting, taking her hands in her mouth
  • you must correctly prepare the fresh meat and fish, these foods may contain eggs of worms, at high temperatures they die.

1. Pets are not carriers of pinworms. This kind of worms can live in the body of the Pets, so they cannot cause infection. But we should not exclude the possibility of infection from cats and dogs Ascaris, to do this, Pets need preventative treatment.

2. In institutions babies regularly take the scraping on enterobiasis. This allows identification of pinworms and carry out therapy anthelmintic means.

3. If there is a high probability of Contracting worms or the typical symptoms (weight loss, itching of the anus), you need to drink medications which effectively acts on round worms.

4. In case of detection of pinworm one member of the family therapy must pass all the relatives who live in the same apartment. Furthermore, it should be wet cleaning with a detergent, carefully ironed bed linen, clothes to wash at high temperature.

Popular recipes cleansing enemas with infused garlic help get rid of worms in children and adults without the use of drugs that have toxic effects. Vegetable crop not only has vermifuge properties, but also enhances immunity, protects against viruses, fungi, nourishes the body with valuable vitamins, trace elements.

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