Malysheva about the worms

Parasites in the body most often penetrate through the oral cavity and are often located in the gastrointestinal tract. But to a greater extent on their reproduction suffers from the immune system.

The worms feed on the nutrients and useful trace elements that enter the body, so in the body there is a deficiency of energy. And since species of parasites are a great many, become their victim easily and discreetly, Elena Malysheva recommends to pay attention to symptoms that indicate the presence of worms and to remember on how to deal with them.

Elena Malysheva – known TV presenter, but the appearance on television is not its only field of activity. She is also a therapist and doctor of medical Sciences, so, as a professional, she knows what he’s talking about.

The buckwheat “Live healthy” about parasites has become a weighty proof that in every human body are bacteria and germs that people don’t know, but they somehow affect the activity. Malysheva called parasites the harmful and illegal residents of the human body because of their penetration into the body for a long time is not known. The impact of pests on health and well-being of a man, always has negative consequences.

Occur as parasites?

Quite often, parasites live in the human body, and he may not know about it. Rare and mild symptoms attributed to disorders of the stomach or failures in the intestine, and only after consulting the specialists and tests, it turns out that it’s the worms. They are located in the villi of the intestinal mucosa, multiply there and may subsequently cause tissue necrosis, bleeding, failure of internal organs.

It is important to pay attention to the signs of their presence:

  • weakness, especially in the evening, lack of energy;
  • nausea, heartburn;
  • flatulence;
  • violations of the chair;
  • allergic reactions to the product;
  • dizziness and headaches;
  • weight loss;
  • the temperature increase in children.

All these symptoms are a General weakening of the body, because the parasites in a person develop their livelihoods, provoking failures and violations. According to Helen malyshevoy main cause of worms are poor personal hygiene, improper diet, and unhealthy lifestyle. Each person is responsible for their health and well-being.

Remedies to get rid of parasites and methods of treatment

When people come with complaints to a specialist, according to set of symptoms the doctor may suspect the presence of parasites inside the body and appointment. The test results will show the full picture, and the confirmation of the diagnosis will give the opportunity to determine further ways of solving the problem. Malyshev advises not to try to deal with the resulting violation of the self and drink the first remedy, although many folk remedies considers effective. But it is better to follow the doctor’s recommendations and perform all assignments.

Among the traditional methods of getting rid of parasites can be called such:

  • welcome antihistamine and antiparasitic drugs, for example, drops Intoxic;
  • diet;
  • strengthening the body and vitamins;
  • removing toxicity and eliminating allergic reactions.

What would be the cure for parasites is not prescribed by a doctor, it is important to strictly adhere to his recommendations and the prescribed dosage. Based on the test results the specialist sees the full picture and prescribes treatment based on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Among folk remedies, which are sold in almost any pharmacy, Malysheva recommends to use Monastic tea from parasites and folk to drink sbiten. Dose and frequency of intake of these drinks established in the instructions, but better to confirm this with the doctor. Getting rid of worms in the body will take some time, and then have to do tests again and to verify the effectiveness of conducted measures. In parallel with the traditional treatment you can apply the methods of traditional medicine.

Folk remedies for getting rid of worms

The people there are many methods to derive parasites of man. The most effective are the following:

  1. 1. to increase the use of garlic is the best cure for hookworms and helminths, which is also worth eating as a prevention of their appearance;
  2. 2. pumpkin seeds, according to Malysheva, well clean the intestines, eliminating human parasites, so a “cure”, too, is to include in your daily diet;
  3. 3. the pineapple contains an enzyme that kills worms, and provokes the active work of the pancreas.

Taking these products will not prevent any one person, you can add them in your diet even as prevention. And in the process of solving the problem of worms in the body they will be a good support for the main treatment.

In addition, it is necessary to observe rules of personal hygiene and safety precautions, to wash and process any products that gets in the body, not to swim in questionable waters, available for personal items in the home. Prevention of worms is no less important than their elimination. This is especially true of children’s health, because at an early age the foundations and habits of self-care.

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