Preparations from worms in the human body

The infection of the organism occurs mainly due to inadequate personal hygiene and improper food choices. The first step that makes the doctor – defines the type of parasites and its effect on the organs.

This helps to choose the best drug with wide spectrum of action. Before therapy is recommended to drink sorbents, as to clear the digestive system and prepare it to shock doses of drugs.

The medication review

After receiving funds from the parasites in the human body prescribers, are able to restore intestinal flora. Because many drugs are intended for the death of the worms, but not remove them, the use of cleansing enemas and laxatives compounds necessary for completion of the course.

Parasites in the human body is a frequent phenomenon. Every patient gets rid of the worms in different ways. The treatment method involves the use of folk remedies and medical drugs. The preliminary consultation of a specialist, as only a doctor can determine the nature of the pathology, type of worms, and especially of the struggle. Other matters the opportunity to take certain pills, the presence of other problems in different organs and systems, allergic reactions and side effects. There are tools designed to prevent.

In the tools list includes the following medications

1. Medamin.

The active ingredient of the tablets – carbendazim, which blocks nerve impulses in the body worms. As a result, the worm becomes paralyzed and loses its ability to attach to intestinal walls and eat what dies. The tool is designed for people infected with Ascaris, Ancylostoma, vlasoglavami, pinworms, Strongyloides. After ingestion is not absorbed from mucous membrane, therefore the toxic effect is exerted only on the worms without affecting your body.

Tablets against parasites is given orally during meal or after it. Chew thoroughly with water to fully cure was in the human body. The dosage depends on the patient’s weight: for every pound of body weight 1 mg funds per day. It is recommended to divide the reception for three times. The course of treatment with tablets is two weeks.

According to the studies and reviews of people, when getting rid of the parasites can occur adverse reactions: weakness of the body, nausea, rashes on the skin. The remedy is contraindicated in lactation, pregnancy and individual intolerance of components. The medicine is available in tablet form, Packed in paper strips of 10 pieces. Terms of release from pharmacies: prescription, shelf life of three years.

2. Intoxic.

Does not affect different systems of the body, completely eliminates nematodes, leaving the larvae. A person can safely take the medicine without experiencing unpleasant taste sensations. Intoxic is almost entirely composed of natural ingredients and safe for the body. It is the extract of the fruit of the poison tree, perennial traniee umbrella plant Perucha, bear bile and more than 20 additional elements, contributing to the restoration of man after the disease.

The tool is able to deduce not only the parasites but also has a detrimental effect on various fungi and pathogenic bacteria. Thanks to synergy, all the ingredients have a beneficial effect on the body, gently clean the intestines, retain the state of the mucosa, rapidly eliminate toxins.

Drops go on sale in the concentrated form, therefore it is recommended to dilute 10 g of water. Man weighing 70 kg is prescribed 15 units means more fat people 20. Take the medicine twice a day, for 30 days without a break. In tablet form the drug is not available.

3. Worm.

Means a broad spectrum of activity with albendazole as the main ingredient. The item is effective in tissue and intestinal groups of parasites. Active against adults, capable of destroying the larvae and eggs. Components suppress the production of tubulin, necessary for the metabolism of helminthes that leads to their death. In the treatment medium reduces the size of the granular cysts in the Echinococcus. After oral ingestion absorbed about 5 % of the total weight of the tablets. Absorbent properties increase with the consumption of fatty foods.

The drug is administered in a dosage of 400 mg three times a day for 3 days. In the case of a confirmed infection, repeat in 21 days for prevention. In systemic infestations, the number determined on the basis of body weight of the patient, his age and comorbidities. The great value has the form of the parasite and the condition of the body. For the effectiveness of the tablets should be chewed with water.

Prohibited during pregnancy, breastfeeding, children up to 2 years. Possible adverse reactions from the different systems: nervous, digestive, eye, blood. The tool comes in pharmacies in two forms – tablets and suspension. Because the composition of the concentrated extract, fruit, has a pleasant taste.

4. Backreport.

There are tools in the form of drops, which is more suitable for the treatment and destruction of parasites. The drug is prescribed for symptoms and the apparent changes in the body: sudden weight loss, weakness, nausea, failure of digestion, poor appetite, paleness of the skin. The medication has a extensive spectrum of activity, effective against most types of worms. Has minimum side-effects, removes not only the adults but also the waste products of helminths from the body. It is also used for bacterial and viral pathologies.

Drops Backreport are a combination of plant extracts, consist of the following components: extract of birch leaves is considered a natural antibiotic, has a diuretic effect. Walnut destroys worms, tansy suppresses inflammation. Also, the tool contains wormwood, mint, meadowsweet, ginger. All natural elements implement recovery processes after recovery, boosts the immune system, returns the normal intestinal microflora.

In tablet form the drug is not available, goes on sale in the form of drops in green or white bottles with a dispenser on top. With herbs, the mixture has a pleasant smell and taste. It can be used as a preventive means.

5. Dekaris.

Highly effective de-worming medications, which is produced in the form of tablets. Quickly removes parasites in adults and children from three years. A single dose leads to disruption of energy balance in the cells of worms, which ensures the immobility of smooth muscles, inability to eat, forced paralysis is having a devastating effect on the worms. Waste products are removed from the intestines through natural peristalsis.

Dekaris is intended for the treatment of ascariasis, hookworm, strongyloidiasis, enterobiasis. Not suitable for the elimination of tapeworms and flukes. The dosage is one tablet for a single admission for adults and half for children. There is no need to maintain a special diet or taking laxatives. When the expulsion of the parasites it is recommended to drink in the evening, at relapse or at the discretion of the physician, the therapy is repeated two weeks later.

Caution is required when interacting with anticoagulants, so as to adjust the prothrombin period. Forbidden simultaneous reception with lipophilic substances, are able to increase toxicity.

Some medicines are made from synthetic components, but you can choose a drop composed entirely of natural substances. The applicability of any medication determined by the physician.

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