How to rid child of worms

Symptoms of infection pinworm allow to distinguish them from signs of other diseases caused by worms. Enterobiasis develops only in the intestine. Pinworms resemble small whitish worms. Females of this type of worms in 2-3 times exceed the sizes of members of the opposite sex. However, the danger to humans such worms are not due to its 1.5 cm length. To these worms can breed at an incredible pace. Near the anus parasites lay eggs in the folds of skin, mostly at night, so one of the main symptoms of pinworms is the presence of small worms in underwear in the morning.

Quickly enough, these nematodes become Mature individuals, which immediately penetrate into the interior of the rectum. Inside they attach themselves to the walls of the mucosa. Live worms until, yet will not lay eggs – life cycle female ends under the continuation of progeny.

Pinworms in children are manifested in different ways: the girls enterobiasis occurs not as easy as boys. The treatment of the disease is mandatory, it must start at the first symptoms. In girls, pinworm also adversely affect the condition of the genital mucosa, causing other infectious diseases. Even if you do not treat pinworms, each parasite dies anyway after 1.5 months in a natural way. However, this does not mean that any treatment carried out is not necessary – outdated adults are replaced by the “army” of larvae and young, which with new forces continues to hit the inside of the child, which undoubtedly affects the well-being of the baby.

Pinworms in children is much more common than in adults. The incidence of the younger contingent has in most cases poor personal hygiene. This kind of helminthiasis is diagnosed in most cases, therefore, in consideration of its symptoms, treatment and prevention need everything the parents.

Toddlers confidently explore the world through taste buds, and therefore absolutely any items to chew on. Weak, not yet fully ripened body is able to resist malicious microscopic creatures and parasites. The last carry considerable threat to the internal organs, so their penetration is fraught with serious consequences for the health of the child.

As children become infected with pinworms?

Naturally, the children Contracting this disease is much easier than an adult. The child is always active, active lifestyle, constantly getting acquainted with the outside world. Games with the kids in the yard, or attention to street Pets – all this carries a huge risk of infection with pinworms.

Among the ways of transmission it is necessary to highlight the main ones:

1. Oral-appliances. If the sick child to touch the anus, scratching it due to the constant itching, pinworm larvae fall to it under the nails. Contact with objects, surfaces, clothing, such children become carriers of the infection, spreading it around, what they touch. If another kid will lick the infected subject, the pinworm eggs gets inside his body.

2. Oral-contact. This files most often involves the communication of children with Pets. Simple stroking a furry pet can lead to infection.

Pinworms in a child – a consequence of the absence of cleanliness and hygiene. Not only the infection, but the progression of the disease contributes to dirty linen, rare, hand washing. Cleanliness – the main enemy worms, so preventing them is important to build on the basis of this principle.

Signs of having a child with pinworms

So for a short time to withdraw pinworms from the child’s body, it is critical to begin to operate after the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease. In adults and children show signs of illness similar in many ways. And if you understand the behavior of an adult that he became infected with worms, it is hard, the immediacy of kids allows parents to identify symptoms of pinworms in the early stages.

The most important characteristic feature of helminth infections in a child is frequent scratching of the anus. Itching in the anus caused by reproduction of worms. As already mentioned, the parasites lay their eggs. Enhanced symptom night because the baby’s body is in a real state, and make it to the worms is much easier than a day with the maximum activity of the child.

With constant brushing of the skin of the anus may occur an additional complication due to secondary infection. Mechanical damage of the epidermis in the anus, upon inspection visible to the naked eye. In addition, they may be erythematous and inflamed, which requires a specific external treatment.

Additional symptoms of enterobiasis

Internal changes helminthiasis and infection of pinworms in particular, are dyspepsia. Have a sick child they can manifest themselves in different ways.

Most often it is:

  • constipation;
  • diarrhea;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • bloating;
  • flatulence.

It should be noted that such a symptom of enterobiasis in a child gives an indication of a fairly high degree of infection and population of the intestine of many species of pinworms. In addition to the above symptoms is to say about the presence of parasites the child will help and other signs of helminthiasis. Pinworms in children are loss of appetite and rapid weight loss. In addition, drawing attention to the character of feces in a child, when you bot it is possible to detect the mucus is also a reliable confirmation of helminth infection. Apart from mucus in the feces patients can get strange white particles. It probably has worms, but their absence in the feces does not indicate that in the intestine there are no pinworms.

Disorders of the Central nervous system – a sign of helminthiasis. Because of the numerous presence of parasites in the body children experience serious neurological disorders. The reason for this, according to doctors, is intoxication. Waste products of helminths are intoxicating the health of the child. At this stage of the disease treatment of pinworms involves the use of strong drugs destructive action which is aimed not only at adults of nematodes, and the worms in the larval stage.

Enterobiasis declares itself to behaviour change and children. As a rule, they become irritable, quick-tempered, it may be unjustified aggression. All of the above symptoms is not a reason to run to the drugstore and buy one after another de-worming drugs. Before treat pinworms, it is important to make sure that the child in the gut “settled” it is pinworms. You can do it only after a comprehensive diagnosis.

Peculiarities of diagnosis of pinworms

To bring the worms out of a child’s body, be sure to contact your pediatrician. The doctor will give direction to various studies, the results of which the doctor will be able to send the baby to a narrow specialists gastroenterologist and Parasitology. Diagnostic events are a fact-finding complex, consisting of the following stages:

  1. 1. Analysis of feces on helminth eggs. Performed in the laboratory, the answers can be obtained at the end of the day.
  2. 2. Scraping from the surface of the anus. Most often this research is carried out in the morning. Before the procedure, the child does not need to bathe. Eggs of parasites in the case of their presence in the folds of the skin will stick to the adhesive film. Under a laboratory microscope specialists will be able to confirm whether they are pinworms.
  3. 3. Clinical analysis of blood. In enterobioze increase in blood eosinophils. Sometimes there is anemia and reduces the number of red blood cells. Such testimony is possible of infection at advanced stages of helminthiasis in children.

If necessary, doctors may prescribe other tests. However, in order to begin to treat pinworms and pinworm affected organs, are quite informative and these tests.

Preventive measures

Self-treatment at home with the defeat of the worms of the child’s body is unjustified negligence on the part of parents. Without qualified help to cope with this problem is almost impossible, but the harm already weakened child without special efforts. Before you read main drugs suitable for the treatment of enterobiasis in children, should pay attention to some points.

Even the most highly effective and costly pills pinworms will not bring results, if you ignore the following rules of treatment and prevention of helminthiasis in people of all age groups, especially in children:

  • After visiting the toilet, before eating and coming home from the street always wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Regularly perform wet cleaning of living rooms.
  • Take a shower every day, morning and evening.
  • Daily change underwear, and in the case of infection – and bed.
  • Necessarily ironed with a hot iron panties of the child after washing.
  • To monitor the cleanliness of the used products.

How to treat enterobiasis in children?

All the anthelmintic drugs can be taken at home. Therapy pinworms in most cases is at home. The doctor will select the most appropriate medication, usually in the form of tablets; pinworms with the right approach it can be removed quickly if the treatment will be supervised by a doctor. To hospitalize the child can only in the event of serious lesions of the body with worms.

Among antiparasitic drugs for the treatment of nematodes of the best are:

  1. 1. Vermoxum, Madamin – are available in pill form, in the case of infection of the child is often assigned to prophylactic and the other members of the family. To take such medication can children over 2 years. Active substance paralyze the worms, Wortley them. The worms leave the body together with feces.
  2. 2. Pyrantel. Can bring parasites in adults and children, refers to means broad-spectrum. To cure worm infestation with the help of these pills at any stage of helminthiasis.
  3. 3. Piperazin. Actively affects the pinworms in the intestine. The dosage is determined by the doctor according to the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient.
  4. 4. Pirviny pamoate. For kids manufactured this medicine in syrup form that allows you to take the drug even children from 6 months of age. Means completely blocks the production required to supply and the existence of worms.
  5. 5. Dekaris. Based tablets levamisole is considered one of the most effective tools in the treatment of hookworms in children older 3 years.

Deciding to withdraw from the body of the child pinworms by using the only effective method of medication will have to be patient and carefully follow all medical advice. At home treatment may last for several weeks. If the recovery after the first course of therapy does not occur, after some time, it is possible to try to eliminate parasites by using tablets. To re-therapeutic complex can be approached not earlier than 2 weeks after the previous one.

Home remedies against worms

In addition to medical treatment can be connected and folk therapy. To get rid of parasites at home using natural products today is pursued by many modern people. It is worth to note that to fully overcome the bot using only alternative people’s recipes, most likely, will not succeed. Together with home treatments can enhance the effects of medication drugs and speed up the healing process. For getting rid of pinworms, you can use the most famous and popular recipes:

1. Garlic solution. To prepare it you’ll need a few cloves of garlic. Squeeze the juice from them, give 1 tsp. to a child. Drink need 1 Cup of milk. The procedure is carried out for 3 days. Before applying you should consult with a gastroenterologist.

2. The onion mass. For its preparation you will need the pulp of onions, seasoned with vegetable oil. Usually it is given to children before bedtime. Enough to 1 tsp, you can drink plenty of water, eat the medicine for 5-7 days.

3. Pumpkin seeds. One of the oldest methods of treatment of worms in children. Sunflower seeds raw, you need to chop and season with olive oil. Children give 1 tbsp on an empty stomach in the morning for a couple of hours before Breakfast.

4. Wormwood infusion. Preparing this remedy is based on 1 tablespoon of dry herb to 2 cups of boiling water. To give the medicine to infuse for about half an hour, then strain and give the child during the day.

Pinworms in children – a problem familiar to many parents. The cure helminthiasis does not guarantee that the child will not be infected by this infectious disease. To prevent recurrence, special attention should be paid to the training of the baby hygiene and cleanliness.

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