To get rid of worms at home

To get rid of worms is easy, but the key to successful treatment will be timely recognition of the symptoms of parasitic infection, compliance with medical recommendations regarding the use of drugs and drastic revision of lifestyle in General.

Basis for the treatment of helminthiasis in adults

It should be noted that in most cases traditional medicines are able to quickly bring the worms out of the human body, have a number of contraindications and even serious side effects. Therefore, one and the same drug, which can be used to treat the disease in adults and children, should be administered only by a specialist taking into account age and individual characteristics of the infected and the extent of the disease. A distinct category of people who need to be careful to receive anthelmintic drug to eliminate worms in the body include pregnant and breastfeeding women.

To cure worms in an adult can be a means of broad and narrow spectra of activity. The most common drugs of the first group believe these pills from parasites like Mebendazole and Praziquantel. They are often used in mixed type of worm infestation and help to get rid of worms in an advanced stage.

A few decades ago to get rid of worms and other parasites in the home was problematic, given that a folk remedy for the treatment of helminthiasis had very little diversity and low efficiency. Today, the complex is pet-friendly methods to achieve a positive result therapy in children and adults is possible only in case of obligatory use of synthetic drugs. To heal the body from worms can in a short time, turning to professionals.

The second group of drugs from worms has a wider range, divided into their own sections, coming from types of worms:

  • protivozastojnye medicine – struggling with the flukes;
  • protivopolozhnye a tablet from worms – round worms destroy;
  • protivorevmaticalkie – effectively remove flat parasites.
What drugs will allow you to get rid of parasites?

Cestodes (or tapeworms) that posed the greatest threat to human health, the body of which penetrate from the external environment larvae of this parasite. These worms can cause numerous pathologies and lead to blockage of the blood vessels and arteries. A particularly effective pills for worms today are Niclosamide (helps to remove worms from the intestine) and Albendazole (to cope with invasions of parasites outside of the intestine).

Helminthiasis, an infection source which most often are Pets, use of other drugs. To get rid of worms in the home will help such medicines as Bithionol and Phloretin. Both vermifuge remedies intended for the treatment of flatworms. Parasites, affecting in most cases children and actively proliferating within the intestine will die from the actions of the second drug. Bithionol cope well with worms living outside of the gastrointestinal tract.

To protivopolojnym medicines include Pyrantel, Neemazal and Mebezol. Roundworms, the most famous representatives of which often lead to anemia, diseases of the intestine, occur in children more often than adults, so to get rid of them is problematic.

Among the medicines of wide spectrum of action, it is worth noting Dekaris and Worm. To use them to bring the worms at home in adults and in children. Both drugs have a strong negative effect on the worms in the body, creating adverse microflora. However, excessive use of such tablets from worms can be dangerous for the person.

Signs of worm infestation in children

Because of helminth infection to protect yourself sufficiently not able to no one, kids especially be the most susceptible to the disease, to get rid of difficult. Hygienic skills and features the image of a child’s life are the main prerequisites for the infection and the infection is acquired. Also, as adults, to suspect the presence of worms should be the case if:

  • a child worried about constant itching in the anal area;
  • the baby does not get considerably in weight;
  • in the umbilical area pains, the cause of which remains unclear;
  • night in a child aktiviziruyutsya salivation;
  • he grits his teeth;
  • the baby is unable to get rid of constipation or diarrhea.

Most likely, the presence of worms the child in a predominant number of cases, evidence of helminthiasis of all family members. So before you appoint any pills, it is necessary to determine the species of worms in the child, in parallel, by assigning prophylactic drugs for the rest of the household.

How to treat the child from parasitic worms?

In the treatment at home, you can apply for folk and traditional means of worms. Those and others require accurate counselling with a specialist. Quite often the therapeutic course for kids starts with less efficient, but harmless and natural home remedies. It happens that in the initial stages to get rid of helminthiasis help traditional methods, although often its use is recommended as an auxiliary method of treatment.

Antihelminthic drug therapy in children starts with eliminating parasites in the body.

To do this, the treating physician assigns a set of drugs from worms, among which the most common are the following tablets:

  • Pyrantel;
  • Mebendazole;
  • Piperazine;
  • Nematol;
  • Levamisole;
  • Albendazole.

Regardless of the type of worms, which will be targeted by the above means, the principle of the elimination of the worms remains the same: drugs cause paralysis of the muscle tissue of the worms. Ceasing to eat, the worms die and leave the child’s body together with feces.

The role of sorbents in de-worming therapy

To get rid of the disease, it’s important to alleviate the condition of the child in the high intoxication of his body caused the separation in the death of the parasites of many harmful substances. Passed treatment worms house follows the reception of antiresonant for several days. And enterosgel, POLYSORB, as well as the usual activated carbon is the best means to speed up the process of excretion of toxins, metabolic products of the worms and the worms with faeces.

Sorbents administered for worms in children at an early age, so their usual form is a suspension, which is easy to prepare at home by mixing the powder or gel with the necessary amount of water (indicated in the instructions for use). To cure the disease in children using tablets is not possible in most cases.

Folk remedies

Among the home methods of combating helminths there are several of the most effective recipes. The following products have not the most pleasant for worms action, so their use in combination with additional right components helps the body to quickly get rid of helminthiasis. Despite the proven effectiveness and acceptance of home remedies, before applying any of them it is extremely important to get expert advice doctor:

1. Onion tincture. To prepare a really killer cure worms and get rid of them permanently, you will need 1 large onion. The product must be crushed on a grater and pour a glass of boiling water. To infuse the tool must at least 12 hours, so prepare it at night and drink the morning on an empty stomach. The average treatment is about 2 weeks.

2. Garlic-milk solution. For its preparation you need 6-7 large cloves of garlic, grind into mush, then pour the Cup of milk and let stand for 12 hours. To take medicine orally 4 times a day before meals. As a composition for enemas is also possible to use, but it can be done only after doctor’s permission.

3. Walnut tincture. Be prepared at the rate of 2 tbsp dry veins of the fruit to 250 ml of boiling water. The Bay water nuts, leave to stand for several hours in a dark place. The user reviews noted that the use of day-to-day throughout the month can even eliminate subcutaneous worms.

4. Ginger. Pickled, or as an additive to hot drinks this product is an excellent preventative measure for preventing tapeworms. However, as a drug that is able to get rid of parasites, ginger is not effective.

5. Sauerkraut. Among the medicinal recipes from worms this remedy is the simplest. Especially effective is the sauerkraut brine. To eat half an hour before meals you will need 2 tablespoons of this beloved people dishes washed down with 100 ml of brine.

6. The herbal drug. To quickly bring the worms, you can use the infusion of Helichrysum, St. John’s wort and chamomile. To make it, house will need all the ingredients in the amount of 1 tbsp. All you need to pour 2 cups boiling water and set aside in a dark place at night. For 10 days drinking on an empty stomach on 100 ml of the drug.

7. The infusion of wormwood. From worms it is necessary to take 1 Cup a day kind of wormwood tea, which cook just 1 tbsp to 250 ml of boiling water. As soon as the drink cools down, you should strain it. Treatment with wormwood is about 2-3 weeks.

The basics of prevention

As you know, worms is a disease of poor sanitation and lack of hygiene. To avoid infection and not to treat the disease for a long time, it is first important to adhere to the banal rules of purity.

Worms never enter the body of an adult or child, if he will:

  • Always wash your hands after using the toilet, on arrival home and after public places.
  • If you cannot wash your hands with soap and use a special antibacterial solutions and wipes.
  • Wash food before cooking, especially ground vegetables, berries and fruit.
  • Subjected to sufficient heat treatment dishes cooked from meat and fish, in any case not to try them raw.
  • Drink water only from sources that do not cause doubts.
  • Do not use water from the tap, not boiled or filtered it.
  • Swim only in allowed areas, in the absence of reservoirs of infection.
  • To undergo periodic screening for the presence of worms in the body.

Because children have bot a lot more often adults, it is important to teach your child the basics of hygiene as early as possible. After all, cleanliness – the guarantee of health. To get rid of the disease and to treat its consequences are much more difficult than prevent its occurrence.

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