Aspen bark to treat worms

Incredible chudozestvennoj aspen bark owes its chemical composition.

The useful properties of the tree bark of aspen

When alternative therapy of pathologies of the bladder, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and a whole list of other serious diseases in the early stages of simple folk remedy is no less effective than the complex antimicrobial or antibacterial drugs.

In the treatment of opisthorchiasis and giardiasis in aspen bark have a strong antihelminthic action. Repeatedly conducted developments of the researchers were able to confirm high effectiveness of drugs based on the components of this plant.

It contains such useful for human organism substances:

  • glucose;
  • carbohydrates;
  • fatty amino acids;
  • nigericin;
  • arisen;
  • other valuable enzymes.

Few people know that modern potent drugs are created synthetically, are basically active substances of the chemical composition of aspen. Against parasites its bark is used in folk medicine. Medicinal properties all parts of this plant are quite well known as a great medicines of natural origin. Indications aspen bark a lot, but special attention is given therapy with its help certain types of helminthiasis.

When you use aspen in the treatment of parasites?

To get rid of parasites, means taking most often in the form of decoctions and infusions. The most common indication for the use of the aspen bark – opisthorchiasis, the causative agent of which is cat Fluke. This helminth belongs to the class of trematodes and transmitted to humans, usually from domestic animals, which are the only intermediate hosts.

In the organisms of Pets Fluke gets along with the infected fish, if the product undergoes heat treatment. Because the animals are often given the fish in its raw form, the probability of infection is high.

If you take into consideration the numerous user reviews, I often to combat the parasites use aspen bark then, when there was already serious liver injury. In combination with other drugs extracts exert a powerful hepatoprotective action. It is important to start treatment with the help of aspen bark as early as possible: only in this way will be guaranteed to bring out the parasites from the body and undergo a thorough cleansing of the liver.

Contraindications to the use of the bark

Despite the positive feedback on this tool, there are contraindications. Against parasites take them almost always, but with the caution to eat are derived from plants drugs is to treat people with individual intolerance. Supporters of traditional treatment recommend not to use aspen bark for periods of pregnancy and lactation. In children up to 4 years desirable to treat opisthorchiasis with decoctions and infusions from this tree. In General, the user feedback is positive, but isolated cases of complications after receiving aspen bark.

In most cases, in the treatment of opisthorchiasis and giardiasis and cleaning of the body there comes a full recovery. Recipes funds from aspen bark is simple to prepare and everyone can. Most importantly – brewing as indicated in the recommendations and drink according to the dosage. To take the medicine based on the bark of plants can not only adults but also children. To drink decoctions of aspen undesirable for more than a month, as in all recipes there is a warning about the high risk of development of dysbacteriosis of the intestine.

The only drawback, which is indicated in the reviews of patients with opisthorchiasis is the prolonged absence of the effect. The result of bark of the plant can be felt immediately, it must be preceded by a long treatment and liver flush.

How to take the bark?

To quickly recover from opisthorchiasis and excrete the cat’s Fluke, you need to know how to brew aspen. For the broth, especially useful when cleaning the liver, you will need about 50 g of crushed bark and 2 cups water. Pour the powder and put it on the fire. Within 10 minutes on slow fire decoction should be writing a rolling boil, the only way will be able to brew. After the time to remove the medicine from the bark of aspen, leaving it to cool. Throughout the day before meals need to take the means 1-4 the throat.

Recipe tincture of aspen bark is usually interested in the patients not less than broth. It is prepared in the same ratio, only 2 cups of water should be replaced with 0.5 liters of vodka. Tincture should stand for at least 2 weeks, and then may be ready to use. During the preparation of medicines from aspen it is important to periodically shake the container. To begin to take the medicine from the bark of the tree, prepared according to this recipe, be sure to press the cake.

Drink the infusion from the bark for 21 days. Then the required 30-day break and repeated the course. Tincture you need to drink before meals for 1 tablespoon it is Important to minimize the intake of water immediately after taking the medicine. In the case of the treatment of children can make an exception and reduce the dose in 2 times.


Traditional healers are advised to collect the bark of aspen in the spring. It was at this time in the tree is about the maximum of useful substances. North side of aspen – the best place to remove the crust.

Along with the treatment of helminthiasis is important to observe measures to prevent re-infection. These include:

  • regular hand washing, especially before eating and after using the toilet;
  • heat treatment of food products, including meat and fish;
  • the use of only fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • do not forget about hygiene during contact with Pets.

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