How are worms in humans after treatment

Tablets differ in the method of exposure to helminths. Some medications cause muscle paralysis of the worms, they are unattached from the walls of the intestines, then with the feces leave the body. However, they remain in the same condition. Some funds block of the food chain and the breeding of worms, leading to their death.

To enter the parasites through the gut at the time of his discharge, or vomit. Pills can also disrupt the protective shell of helminths, which protects it from the effects of peristalsis and the corrosive environment of the human digestive organs. Worm partially or fully digested and comes out in fragments or in the form of slurry.

The remains of the dead round worms are usually enveloped in mucus or liquid stool. Sometimes the worms appear single individuals or can literally sleep in large quantities. Tape worms are found in fragments in and out a few times.

During treatment of tisted and flukes in the stomach of the sick person a feeling of wiggling, feeling a nagging pain in the gut, nausea, deteriorating overall health. How long are parasites, dependent on the digestive system, presence of constipation, the amount of content in the stomach, the intestine. The use of fatty foods reduces the effect of drugs, so during therapy you should eliminate these foods from the diet.

Worms are killed within a day and are excreted during defecation. If the function of the stomach and intestines is disrupted, it is recommended to take saline laxative after taking the deworming tablets or put a cleansing enema. Period of the parasites may increase if you have a slow metabolism.

Treatment of worm infestation drugs shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the recommendations of the physician and according to instructions. You need to properly calculate the dosage of tablets, take the what type of parasites living in the human gut. After the use of medications worms out of the body. How this happens depends on the medications and habitats of worms.

The effect of different drugs

1. Treatment Decaris.

Effective for human infection with Ascaris and other nematodes. Receiving Decaris causes paralysis, violates the metabolic processes in the body worms. For the treatment and prevention of tablets taken as a single dose, the dosage calculated based on body mass, age of the patient. After receiving Decaris worms die and come out in 24 hours naturally through the intestines and the anus. Parasites usually remain unchanged. Constipation worms can appear in fragments, as they occurred lasting effect the motility of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Treatment With Pyrantel.

Tablets Pyrantel is effective in the treatment of ascariasis, enterobiasis, necatoroz, hookworm disease. Once in the body, the drug attacks the nervous system of helminths, cause a persistent muscle spasm and paralysis. Worms can’t hold on to the walls of the mucous membranes and under the influence of intestinal peristalsis are pushed out with the stool. They leave a person unchanged, immobilized. Pyrantel already contains a laxative, so supplementation is not required.

3. Treatment Vermox.

Anthelmintic drug Vermoxum has a wide range of, active against pinworm, whipworm. The drug affects the metabolism and the nutrient circuit in the body of the parasites, causing their death. Pills are not absorbed by the intestine and accumulate in the cells of worms and with them removed from the body. For the treatment of infestation with just one reception Vermoxe. Worms come out of the person through the day intact or in fragments. Diversion is possible with vomit, and in such cases the worms are found alive.

4. Treatment Nemozam.

Pills Nematol have a wide range of actions. The drug is devastating to the adults and their larvae, causes death of worms at the cellular level. The drug is used for infection with one form of helminth, for the treatment of mixed infestations and tissue parasites. Nematol poorly absorbed by the intestinal wall, which reduces its toxic effects on the human body. When infected with Ascaris or pinworms pill once during a meal, to treat the mixed form of the disease you need 3 days. After eating means the worms are leaving the digestive tract during the day, they come out with the stool or during an attack of vomiting. Helminths remain unchanged or be digested fragments.

5. Treatment Biltricid.

Anthelmintic drops and pills Biltricid effective in trematode, systematisch, tsistodozov, fasciolata. The drug increases the permeability of cell membranes of worms, causing muscle contraction, spasm. This causes the worms to death. Treatment of worms is 1-2 days. During this time the worms completely digest and leave the gut in the form of a slurry together with the stool. If necessary, a second course after 2 weeks.

6. Treatment Intoxic.

The effect on adult parasites and their larvae. The drug is active against all types of worms. In addition, this tool helps to normalize digestion, eliminates allergic skin manifestations of worm infestation, increases the iron content in the blood, destroys fungi, favorable effect in gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer. Made of natural, plant-based, so they can treat adults, children and the elderly. After taking the pills, the worms leave the host via the intestine or during vomiting in not changed kind.

Worms always come out after taking anthelmintic drugs?

After application of the drug to see the released parasites can not please everyone. It depends on whether there was picked a medicine that is designed dosage. Worms can partially or completely digested, crushed bowel and be invisible when they leave your home.

Worms are able to navigate in human tissues and together with the flow of blood to reach various organs (brain, muscle, skin). Therefore, during this drug does not impact on these worms, they remain to continue to parasitize in the organism of infected people.

How to identify worm:

  • Pinworms are small, worms pointed white color. For egg laying they come out of the intestine, leaving the maggots in the anus, causing itching.
  • Roundworm is a long, round worms yellow-pink color.
  • The specimen has the form of a tape, is usually very long, therefore fragments.

Worms in adults or small children usually die and leave the body during the day. In severe stages of infestation, infection by several kinds of helminthiasis, the treatment can take up to 3 days. If necessary, a second course repeated after 2 weeks.

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