Parasite horsehair

Parasite horsehair has an unusual appearance, thanks to which it is easy to distinguish from other parasitic worms. Hair – long and thin worm of a dark brown or black in color, sometimes there are bright individuals. Its length reaches 50 cm, and a thickness of not more than 3 mm.

Representatives of the hair are gender differences – the female of the parasite exceeds the size of the male, located on the tail of the wave in the form of a spiral.

Home to a hairball on the bottom of bodies of freshwater with increasing temperature of water increases its activity. Worms can move around singly, in such moments, they are difficult to see. During mating, begin to weave in tangles that constantly squirm and move, wrap around rocks, branches on the bottom.

Where there is horse hair? Most often habitat for parasites is fresh water, the larvae settle in the body of the major land and aquatic arthropods. Marine worms can be seen at the bottom of the salt ponds, as the host they choose small marine arthropods.

Horse hair can’t live in water that contains poisonous and toxic substances. The reservoirs in which it is safe for humans.
Only parasitize the larvae Mature parasites do not have a digestive system, consume the reserves accumulated in the larval stage. Horsehair lives in the adult state no more than 20-22 days. The female hair lays about 1 million larvae, which tend to be faster in the body of small insects. With food horse hair gets in the body larger individuals, which continues to evolve.

In warm time of the year at the bottom of bodies of water clean there are parasites that resemble horsehair is hair. About the worm people put a lot of rumors and legends he prosurvival human skin, begins to move to the heart, on the way, destroys all the tissues and blood vessels. But is it really horse hair is a danger to people?

Before the parasite will turn into an adult, he will reside inside of the host body. The growth of the hair, the insect is increasingly thirsty, moves closer to the water. Mature horse hair breaks through the shell of the body of arthropod representative of an intermediate host dies. If there is no suitable body for the development, the larva is attached to the plants near the water, where it transforms into a chrysalis. In this state, the parasite can be very long.

Is it possible to get?

Hairball – the parasite looks like horse hair, that looks a bit daunting. Therefore, people consider them dangerous, many believe that they can erode people from the inside.

On the Internet talk a lot about the signs of infection of hair – there are itching and burning in the place of penetration of the parasite through the skin, the feeling of presence and movement of a foreign body. The infected person is covered with boils and sores, through which is seen the white worms. The disease is accompanied by severe pain, but modern medicines are unable to eliminate the parasite.

The worm is not a parasite on the human organism only cold-blooded animals suitable for growth and reproduction of hair. Swallow a small amount of larvae during swimming, but the horsehair out together with the feces, while not causing any harm. Feather duster you can see the butchering of fish or of crustaceans, but any heat treatment causes death of the parasite.

Important! In the preparation of sushi often use pre-frozen fish – under the influence of low temperatures killed all harmful to human microorganisms.

If the larvae and adult parasites do not cause much harm, than dangerous to human hair.

Why feather duster is considered dangerous parasite?

Chewbacca has a family very similar to him in appearance, which does pose a serious danger to the health and human life. The filaria – looks a lot like a feather duster, can penetrate into the body of cats and dogs through the skin, in man settles rarely. On the background of infection develops dirofilaria. The larvae spread by the mosquitoes – the penetration into the bloodstream they travel throughout the body, penetrating into muscle tissue and internal organs. When the accumulation of a large number of parasites possible blockage of blood vessels, dysfunction of the heart.

The symptoms are unpleasant – itching, feeling of movement in the body of foreign agents. Sometimes the doctors get filaria from the eye, the skin. The main difference from the hair – filaria lives in water.

Worm Guinea-worm disease – another dangerous member of the family hair, causing the disease Draconis, infection occurs in the use of poorly treated water. While the larvae do not reach maturity, the disease occurs without any symptoms. To lay eggs, the Guinea worm needs to get out – he breaks the skin of the lower limbs of a person which causes severe pain. Unlike the hair – the Guinea worm lives exclusively in the rivers and lakes of tropical climate.

Hair is absolutely not dangerous to human worm. In dirty water and poorly treated fish inhabit the larvae of helminthes of waterfowl, worms-flukes, a tapeworm – these parasites cause people serious disease. To feel relaxed, to swim you need a proven and clean water, not to drink dirty water, after swimming to take a shower.

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