Infection pork tapeworm of man

Infection pork tapeworm is called teniasis. It is tape worms, which is a parasite in the gastrointestinal tract of humans. Especially common of this disease in regions where developed agriculture community.

Intermediate host is the pig worm in her body, the worm is able shestigrannoj larvae, infection occurs during eating animal sewage.

Together with the stool germ tapeworm come out. Rare native Finn can be cats, dogs.

Causes of swine and bovine tapeworm in humans

People get teniasis in the use of poorly heat-treated meat via dirty food, after contact with the soil. Once in the body of an animal, the eggs turn into larvae that have hooks by which they attach to the stomach wall. Then the bubble Finns boring through the shell of the body, penetrate into the blood system and are carried to all tissues. If a person eats undercooked meat, the larvae fall to him in the body and cause taeniasis turn into Mature individuals and are parasitic in the small intestine.

Pork tapeworm is especially dangerous because the Finns can cause cysticercosis. This happens if during an attack of vomiting oncospheres are thrown into the stomach and from there are carried by the bloodstream to other internal organs. The disease leads to disruption of the brain, cardiovascular system, damage to the eyes, lungs, muscular tissues and mucous membranes.

Bovine and pork tapeworm (armed) have some differences in their structure and method of reproduction. In the human body the parasite is ingested by eating roasted meat of cattle and causes the development of beef tapeworm infection.

Symptoms of infection with tapeworm

Worm infestation causes the development following symptoms:

  • irritability;
  • loss of appetite;
  • wandering pain in the abdomen of varying intensity;
  • loss of body weight;
  • allergic rashes on the skin;
  • belching, feeling of heaviness after eating;
  • inflammation of the walls of the intestine;
  • dizziness, migraine, fainting;
  • iron deficiency anemia;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • violations of the chair;
  • insomnia.

Symptoms of teniasis person primarily manifested on the part of the digestive system. Due to the fact that the parasite attaches itself to the intestinal wall with suckers and hooks, inflammation develops, the tissues become irritated. Therefore, the pain occurs in different parts of the abdomen.

In the course of their life pork tapeworm produces toxins, it leads to a withdrawal syndrome. Person concerned about nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea. The parasite feeds on vitamins and beneficial trace elements, entering the body of people with food. This leads to nutritional deficiency, people are rapidly losing weight, there is a weakness, lethargy, irritability.

The symptoms of a pork tapeworm in the human body do not appear immediately, for a long period of time, pathology can occur without visible signs. The initial symptoms are often mistaken for other diseases of internal organs. To identify the specimen must pass the analysis of a feces on eggs a worm.

Diagnosis of teniasis

Pork tapeworm can reach a length of up to 10 meters, his body consists of a large number of segments. In order to stay on the walls of the intestine, the parasite has a special suction cups and hooks. During reproduction in the last division of the helminth Matures to 50 thousand eggs. After that segment detaches from the worm and together with the stool leaves the intestine.

But this happens infrequently, besides the parasite for a long time can remain stationary, therefore, to identify helminth quite difficult. Oncospheres are found in the feces 3 months after infecting the person. By this time the larva is transformed into a Mature adult tapeworm. The staff of the laboratory of microscopic examination of feces for the presence of oncospheres and segments of tapeworm. When detected, the answer is Yes.

In addition to testing, the attending physician conducts patient interviews, initial inspection, finds out what its symptoms are concerned. If there is a suspected infection with cysticercosis, prescribes additional methods of diagnostics: computed tomography, ultrasound or endobiotic. You will also need to consult a cardiologist, therapist, ophthalmologist.

Treatment of pork tapeworm

In identifying the worm infestation you need to treat with medication drugs. To relieve symptoms prescribe antihistamines (Diazolin, Suprastin).

Taeniasis is treated with the following tablets:

1. Nematol violates the nutritional chain of the tapeworm and causes his death. The drug effectively acts on the adult worms and their larvae. Pills drinking during a meal, the dosage and duration of therapy determined by the attending physician.

2. Praziquantel increases the permeability of the cells of the tapeworm that causes contraction of the muscles of the worm, leading to paralysis. Banned this drug to treat patients with cysticercosis of the eye, children under 4 years, pregnant women.

During treatment frequently develop inflammatory processes and may need long-term therapy with additional drugs. In some cases, surgical intervention. Together with the medicines patients are prescribed a special diet. The diet should consist of easily digestible foods that are rich in mineral components. This is dairy products, vegetable soups, mashed potatoes, porridge. Taeniasis rarely leads to serious complications and symptoms of the person is intestinal obstruction, appendicitis, perforation of the intestine, a cholangitis. Such pathology should be treated surgically.

Cysticercosis causes dissemination Finn inside muscle tissue and various organs of the human body. Most often, when it affects the brain, heart, circulatory system, eyes. Pathology can cause disability of the person, blindness, and even lead to death. Therefore, when suspicion of infection with tapeworm larvae should immediately visit the doctor as early as possible to start treating the infestation. Timely therapy provides a favorable prognosis.

2 months after the treatment of teniasis assigned control study of feces for the presence of segments of the tapeworm.

Prevention of teniasis

To exclude the possibility of infection pork tapeworm it is necessary to observe the following rules:

1. Farms should be regularly sanitized areas, prophylactic treatment of livestock inspection of animals veterinary doctor.

2. People should eat only properly cooked meat. The larvae of the pork tapeworm are killed at 80° C and during freezing. To buy the products you need in stores, which can provide a certificate of inspection of sanitary-epidemiological service. Avoid the spontaneous markets.

3. Before eating should wash their hands with soap and water, not to eat dirty foods that could have contact with the soil.

4. Swimming in ponds, or access to farm animals may also be a source of infection.

Compliance with the rules of prevention to avoid infection with dangerous disease, which can cause severe complications and even death.

Infected swine or bovine tapeworm most often occurs by eating rare meat. Finns susceptible to the effects of high and low temperatures, so the products should be subjected to heat treatment. Preventive measures significantly reduce the risk of teniasis and severe complications of cysticercosis. To treat the infestation must be supervised by a doctor.

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