Scraping on enterobiasis

Tested people with suspected to be infected with helminths. A survey administered to the child before entering kindergarten, school, summer camp or pool. Adults who work in food service or with children are checked on yaytseglist and enterobiasis during registration of sanitary books.

Pregnant women perform the examination to avoid the negative impact of helminth infection on the development of a fetus. Before undergoing inpatient treatment also need research on enterobiasis. Schools and kindergartens annual inspection is recommended, as according to the statistics of children infected with helminths more frequently than adults.

Enterobiasis is the infection of human pinworms. This helminth parasites in the intestines of humans, which cause indigestion, irregular bowel movement, itching in the anal area and sudden weight loss. Female worms lay eggs in perianal folds around the anus, leaving the bowel at night. One laying worms may leave about 10 thousand eggs round shape, white color. Analysis of Enterobius allows us to identify human infection with pinworms.

How to do analysis?

To identify the parasite take a scraping from perianal region – here the pinworms lay their eggs. Spend the morning after a dream before defecation and procedures of personal hygiene. Make the material with a cotton swab treated with glycerine or saline, administered at the folds around the anus, then put in a sealed container. Pass the tissue in a laboratory is necessary within 2 hours. If this is not possible, a jar kept in the refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 8° C, store samples allowed no more than 8 hours.

At your local pharmacy, you can purchase a special swab with a long stick inside, its end wrapped with sterile cotton soaked in saline or distilled water. Such a container is sealed, it is convenient to transport.

Before you take analysis, you need to wear medical gloves. After the procedure, they will be disposed of.

Another way is to use regular stationery tape and small slides. The tape is adhered to the anus in the morning immediately after waking and before performing hygiene procedures. The sample is then fixed on a dry glass and put in a special plastic container or a clean disposable package with a lock and driven to the laboratory. Make sure that the instruments used were not foreign objects.

Young children take analysis on enterobiosis is carried out in the clinic. Before visiting the laboratory it is impossible to wash the baby’s outer anus. Fence biomaterial medical worker puts a piece of adhesive tape to the perianal folds, then paste the strip on a sterile glass.

To detect pinworms in humans is possible only with the help of scrapings by direct microscopic examination. In the stool of a human, the larvae of these parasites can not be seen. To detect worms other types of needed examination of the stool thus identificeret nematodes.

How many days do the scraping on enterobiosis?

To detect pinworms, you need to take a scraping from 3 to 7 days with an interval of 2 days, this is due to the nature of reproduction of the parasite. The answer will be ready within a day. If during this time samples did not reveal larvae, the result is negative, but this fact does not exclude the possibility of infection with other species. So it’s generally recommended to do anal scraping and analysis of a feces on eggs a worm.

Laboratory samples allow in 90% of cases to identify an infection of pinworms. A positive diagnosis means that the samples contained the larvae of the parasite, and should consult the doctor for the appointment of broad-spectrum Anthelmintics. Not always the first time able to detect helminth eggs. If the analysis raises doubts among medical personnel, it is necessary to hand over repeated scraping on enterobiasis, clearly observing all the rules of sampling biological material.

If there is human infection, worm infestation treated by medication. Medications prescribed by a doctor-infectious disease. Control examination performed one week after the end of therapy. In the diagnosis of infection in one of the family members need to be treated all the relatives living together. For tests in private clinics, and conventional laboratory. While the cost depends on the speed of results and rates of a certain medical institution.

How many valid tests for pinworms?

The biological material collected in a special container valid for a maximum of 2-8 hours, kept at a low temperature. If during this time failed to deliver the samples to the laboratory, it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

Clinical result of scraping is valid for 10 days. It is necessary to consider this period to receive a certificate for the pool or camp. The clinic issued a document that is filed at the place required. If you need further diagnosis or after 10 days anal scraping on enterobiosis be done again.

Laboratory tests help identify the presence of parasites in the human body and to treat infestations. The timely detection of pinworm prevents the spread of infection from an infected person to a healthy, to avoid the development of complications. The result of the study is valid 10 days from the date of delivery of laboratory samples.

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