How worms are transmitted between people

Many believe that infection with worms occurs only from unwashed foods or animals is a misconception, these parasites can enter the body and a variety of other ways. Every year people are increasing, and no one wants to be infected, so it is important to know whether the worms are transmitted between people?

Some worms can be transmitted from person?

1. Roundworms – these worms can for 10 months to live in the bodies of people and cause harm. The larvae of the parasite are developed in the walls of the small intestine, and after leaving their eggs in the bloodstream migrate throughout the body. Infection occurs when a person has neglected the simplest rules of hygiene and ate not washed and infected with larvae of worms vegetables, berries.

2. Whipworm – this parasite is able to live up to five years in the human body (the intestine) feeding on his blood. It is similar to the hair due to the corresponding shape of the body. A person can be infected with this parasite through using contaminated products or poor-quality water.

3. Trichinella – these parasites live in the walls of the small intestine, but its larvae gradually penetrate into the muscle tissue, causing harm. Basically infection occurs from poorly treated meat, this parasite can stay there for up to 2 months and even smoked or pickles did not destroy it. The only option for elimination of this helminth is heat treatment of meat, just small pieces.

4. Pinworms – these parasites live in humans not more than a month, but in the process life is a constant infection of human eggs, which eventually turn into adults. These worms emerge from the anus, Deposit their eggs and secrete a fluid that irritates the skin in the buttocks. With continuous itching people scratching their crotches, thereby holding up under the nails helminth eggs, which hands fall into his mouth. This is the only parasites that a person can infect another person not only family members, but all the others.

Ways of infection with worms

Most people believe that if you follow the rules of hygiene, infection with helminths would be impossible, but to avoid infection, you need to know how worms are transmitted from person to person.

1. From child to child.

Infection by worms the child can happen anywhere: while playing in the street, garden, school. The kids shared items, toys, books, after that, you can wash your hands, as a result of infection. To determine the carrier of worms in children’s collective it is necessary to pass the required tests, then the doctor will diagnose the disease and prescribe treatment.

2. From mother to child.

Doctors proved that infecting the baby through breast milk is impossible, but infection can occur in other ways.

  • Through the placenta. If the future mother is infected with worms, that is, there are forms of worms that can be transmitted through the placenta, along with blood flow, the baby will be infected inside the womb, even before birth.
  • At birth. A child can be infected when passing through the birth canal, as the birth is near the anus, and is the place of aggregation of larvae of the worms.

3. Through a kiss?

Some have the opinion that you can catch worms by kissing through saliva, but this is an erroneous conclusion, as the saliva there are enzymes that serve as a protective barrier to prevent infection through saliva. The only variant of the infection through the saliva would be that if the partner just before the kiss consumed foods, which were larvae of the worms, and during the kiss were in the oral cavity. It was during a kiss through saliva and can be transmitted helminth eggs.

4. By sexual contact.

If one of the partners is infected with worms, the infection of the second partner is inevitable. Through sexual contact from person to person, some worms are passed (amoeba, lamblia), and no contraception can’t help.

5. From products.

Many, buying vegetables, fruit or berries in the markets, can, without washing, to eat them, but you cannot do it! Know that when growing fruit and vegetables, many gardeners and farmers to fertilize plants chicken or cow manure, which contain eggs and larvae of worms. Before eating such foods in their food must be washed thoroughly under running water. Also, the probability of human infection from meat or fish, if these products have not undergone heat treatment. In most cases, infection with worms occurs at sushi lovers or meat with blood.

Prevention of infection

The worm or its eggs can be transmitted in different ways. To prevent infection, it is possible to conduct a series of preventive measures, then people will be able to avoid getting infected and not to infect relatives. The main thing to remember is that if a person doesn’t want to get worms, it needs to follow certain rules, such as:

1. Never be lazy to wash hands with soap after visited the toilet, contact with animals, worked the land, and be required to do this before each meal.

2. It is necessary to briefly cut off marigolds not only on hands but also on legs, they should be neat and well groomed.

3. When consuming vegetables, fruits, berries, fresh should wash them under running water to remove all impurities, these products can also get the eggs of the worms.

4. Never eat meat and fish products fresh, they must first be subjected to heat treatment.

5. You can drink water from ponds, streams, rivers and other unsafe sources. It is impossible to swim in the waters near the pastures, as there is a high probability of contact of helminth eggs with the feces of animals.

6. When getting into the room of flies and other insects they must be destroyed, as they may carry eggs of parasites on their paws.

It is important to know that the worms in an adult is not uncommon, and if infection occurs with helminths, it is necessary to spend obligatory preventive treatment (deworming) at the same time all members of the family, should not become an exception and Pets, as they in most cases are the source of the disease.

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