Pasta can be frozen

Boil the pasta in advance and then send in the microwave and dinner’s ready in a couple of minutes!

The pasta cooked quickly, but sometimes not ten minutes. In this case, it will save a serving of frozen pasta.

To obtain a tasty hot dish of her faster than boil water. This Council shared the culinary blog The Kitchn.

Leave the pasta undercooked

Do not bring the pasta until cooked, or when heating, they will become too soft. Let them be a bit buggy, then in the microwave will reach the ideal state. Especially if you add the sauce.

Freeze in separate containers, and then fold in one

Refrigerate cooked pasta in a small zip bags or containers. Or put them on covered with baking paper baking sheet, lightly sprinkle with olive oil. Small pasta place in a single layer. Spaghetti roll in sockets (so they take up less space). Then place them in a large package.

Freeze the homemade sauce to the pasta in the ice cubes. They will quickly melt and won’t you microwave it.

Heat in the microwave or on the stove

If you reheat in the microwave, spread the pasta in a container so that they lay in a single layer. Then they will warm up evenly.

If warm on the stove, just place them in the pan or a pan with hot sauce. They will quickly thaw and warm up.

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