How to choose a ripe pineapple

A ripe pineapple has an oval shape, dry stalk and thick escape (the Sultan) with a length of 10-12 cm Eyes – yellow-brown color with a slightly dried tips. Between them should be dark green or brownish striations.

Step 1. Inspect the pineapple

Green peel speaks about the immaturity of the fetus, and brown or Burgundy on his damage.

Do not take pineapple with brown spots and whitish grooves. These are signs of rot and mold.

Step 2. Press and tap

By choosing eyes, mouth-watering fruit, take it in hand. Peel a ripe pineapple is firm and elastic. When pressed, the eyes should prominately and then recover. If pressed, and the indentation remains, the fruit began to deteriorate. If the pineapple is harder than coconut, it is not yet ripe.

The pineapple weighs 1 to 2 kg.

Took the fruit in his hands and felt the weight? You got stale fruit that has already started to dry and thus lose weight. Put it on and look for another instance.

Finding a heavy pineapple, tap on it. As with watermelon, dull sound indicates ripeness and juiciness of the fruit. And ringing, by contrast, is about immaturity.

Step 3. Roll the Sultan

In stores often plucked pineapple. Supposedly the ripeness of pineapple can be determined by the internal leaf of the escape. This is not so. For example, the rotten fruits of the inner sheet is separated is also effortless.

A much better view of the Sultan. From the Mature fruit is dark green escape with a slightly dried tips. Bright green Sultan speaks about the immaturity of the fruit – the flesh is hard, dry and tasteless. Brown leaves are a sign of damage.

Take the Sultan at the base and try to turn a little. Give in? You are in the hands of a Mature fruit. No? Pineapple cut too early. Just don’t overdo it: escape ripe pineapple can easily be torn by hand and to you it probably already tried to make other buyers.

Step 4. Smell

Hold the pineapple at arm’s length. Feel a pleasant sweet aroma? You picked a great fruit!

A green pineapple doesn’t smell, gives spoiled rotten.

Can the pineapple to ripen at home

Pineapples are grown in Central and South America and South-East Asia. The harvest on the plantations takes place three times a year. And, unlike bananas, pineapples do not reach after cutting.

Unripe pineapple burns the lips, knits the mouth and can cause stomach upset.

Pointless hanging fruit upside down, to keep him warm or cold. If the pineapple is cut green, sweetness and juiciness to it not to give.

How to store a pineapple

Ripe fruit should be stored in the refrigerator. Pack the pineapple into a paper bag and put it in a box of fruit.

Keep the pineapple in the refrigerator for no more than a week.

To extend the shelf life, peel, slice and freeze the pulp. In the freezer the pineapple will sit quietly two or three months.

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