Heat stroke: what to do if the heat from the dark eyes and sick

Heat stroke is overheating. It happens when the body for any reason is unable to cool down and then return to a healthy temperature. It is considered of value to 37.7 °C.

Signs that the approaching heat stroke

Reasons for overheating can be different: heat, high physical activity, lack of moisture in the body… In General it doesn’t matter. Heat stroke is equally dangerous regardless of what caused it.

Fortunately, heat stroke does not occur simultaneously. He is the forerunner of heat exhaustion. This is a growing condition, which is signaled: the body can not cope with thermoregulation, he urgently needs help to cool down.

Sunstroke – a special case of heat. It is a local head overheating caused by direct sunlight.

Heat exhaustion can be recognized by the following features in various combinations:

  1. Pale, cold, clammy skin.
  2. Dizziness.
  3. Weakness and confusion.
  4. Feeling like dark eyes.
  5. Sweating.
  6. Headache.
  7. Nausea, mild vomiting.
  8. Heart palpitations.
  9. Muscle spasms and cramps.
  10. Dark urine (the color indicates dehydration).

The symptoms of heat stroke

If you missed the stage of heat exhaustion and it came to heat stroke, the symptoms become even more unpleasant:

  1. Body temperature above 40 °C.
  2. Shortness of breath.
  3. Copious vomiting.
  4. Faint.
  5. Serious heart rhythm disorders.
  6. Possible internal injuries due to heat shock.
  7. Malfunctions of the brain.

All this is very dangerous, threatened not only your health, but also life. It is therefore urgent to take action. Preferably at the stage of heat exhaustion.

First aid for heat exhaustion

If it is only about the initial symptoms of overheating, the algorithm first aid looks like.

  1. To stop physical activity.
  2. Get out of the sun (to get out of the hot room) in shadow, for a light draft in the room cooled with air conditioning.
  3. For the opportunity to take my clothes off.
  4. Put on the forehead gauze or towel soaked in cool water.
  5. Drink at least 1-2 glasses of water. This is necessary to eliminate the possible dehydration and give your body the moisture for the production of adequate quantity of sweat.
  6. Drink rehydron or sports drink-isotonic. This fluid contains important for the metabolism and functioning of the nervous system electrolytes. You could have lost with intense sweating.
First aid for heat stroke

If you or someone from others already caught heat stroke, on-site assistance may be ineffective. Observed vomiting, cardiac abnormalities, pre-existing condition – call an ambulance immediately.

Heat stroke refers to an emergency medical condition, and experiencing its people in need of emergency assistance.

While the ambulance is coming, follow the same procedure as when heat exhaustion. To enhance the effect you can add to them the “heavy artillery”:

  1. Let’s pack the victim with ice packs (frozen vegetables, berries) wrapped in a thin sheet.
  2. Place the person in a tub of cold water to quickly reduce the critical temperature. Attention: this Board can be used only in the case if you (the victim) help other people. Alone to dive into the water dangerous.

The arrived doctors will assess the condition of the patient. If pre-medical first aid for heat stroke has had on time and it was effective, hospitalization is not required. However, doctors can put in an IV to compensate for the lost moisture electrolytes, and tell you to donate blood and urine tests and do an ultrasound to determine the condition of internal organs. With the test results go to the physician. He will tell you what to do next.


If you have suffered a heat stroke, then the next week will be particularly sensitive to high temperatures. Therefore one should carefully follow these precautions.

1. Drink more water

Optimally 2-4 cups liquid (water, fruit and vegetable juice) every hour that you spend in direct sunlight at high temperature. Especially if you’re still in the heat doing physical labor. In order to effectively sweat, your body requires more moisture than usual. Don’t let its deficit.

2. The hottest hours try to spend indoors

Summer is the period between 11:00 and 15:00. During this period, avoid physical activity under direct sunlight.

3. Wear bright, light clothing

Clothing should be as loose to facilitate air circulation around the body.

4. Do not forget about the headdress

Hat, or Panama hat will help prevent sunstroke. Hat and bandana on a hot day is not very suitable headgear is better to choose light and wide brim.

5. Take cool showers or baths

This will reduce the body temperature.

6. Do not drink alcohol or drinks with caffeine

They promote dehydration and spazmiruet vessels. Because of this, the body produces less sweat than necessary to cool.

7. Monitor the color of urine

Dark – a sign of dangerous dehydration. Some more obvious signs of a search for in this article.

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