Of the disease, manifested pulsating headache

The appearance of any pain is a signal that the adjusted system of the human body had some kind of failure – a malfunction of one organ can significantly “bring down” the entire body.

Therefore, it should be remembered that pain is a serious reason to listen to yourself, think about your health and maybe even change their way of life. Most often headaches happen.

Pulsating pain in the head should cause referral to a specialist for examination, as may be the first symptoms of serious diseases.

Of the disease, manifested pulsating headache

Throbbing headache can be caused by various reasons, including the different illnesses that require urgent treatment.

But not always this pulsation in the head due to so many terrible reasons – sometimes it can be a reaction to quite a sharp change in the weather, sedentary lifestyle, weak immune system, or insufficient or improper sleep.

Headaches in such cases can be overcome by taking vitamins, balanced diet, sound sleep and relief from stress.

However, when a negative pulsating sensations in the head must be examined, to exclude the following diseases:

  1. Migraine. The disease usually accompanied by throbbing pain on one side only of the head, with possible other symptoms – nausea, vomiting, dizziness and photosensitivity. Migraine is the most common cause throbbing pain in the right or left of the head;
  2.  Atherosclerosis. Many vascular diseases can also provoke the appearance of pulsation in the head. Vascular spasm patients may be marked by throbbing pain in the temples or the nape of the neck;
  3. Dystonia. In this disease the patients feel a throbbing in the right temple or in the opposite part of the head;
  4. Sinusitis or sinusitis. Some of the inflammatory processes associated with infectious diseases can also provoke a throbbing pain in the head;
  5. Glaucoma and other eye problems. In some types of eye diseases the first symptom may be palpable pulsation in the occiput or temples. In addition, even the mismatched optics can cause such discomfort;
  6. The tumor and hematoma. Strong pulsating pain in the neck or other parts of the head may report the location of the tumors. Most often they are associated with tumors, particularly severe during the morning time, they may be joined vomiting, nausea and early fatigue;
  7. Neuralgia. It is important that in this disease throbbing pain in the head can appear in any part of the head, including the face. So often in neuralgia patients in the first place going to the dentist;
  8. Stress. Exhaustion and stress can cause the appearance of negative pulsating sensations in the head or temples.
Other causes of throbbing headache

In addition to the above causes is of such a nature painful sensations in the head, there are those with a single repeat can occur due to:

  • Sudden withdrawal from caffeine. For vessels is very challenging dramatic restructuring from a busy state to normal;
  • Smoking;
  • Incorrect postures during sleep;
  • Sleeping on too hard beds;
  • Pain “stress” associated with uncomfortable posture during work, low light when you read, etc.

If you experience throbbing pain in the head that is associated with such reasons, you should only change what caused it. Think, perhaps, a necessary sound sleep, a new chair in the workplace or to give up cigarettes.

When you need to see a specialist

If you noticed throbbing headache recurs repeatedly, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

But there are occasions when a visit to the doctor should not be delayed in any case, as this is the only way to detect the disease at an early stage, allowing it to cure in the shortest possible time.

To the doctor urgently need to contact if:

  • As the load increases painful throbbing sensations in the head harder;
  • A throbbing headache persists for several hours;
  • Pulsating pain symptoms in the neck appear immediately upon waking before getting out of bed;
  • Pain regardless of its intensity continues to be disturbed for several days;
  • In addition to the pulsation in the head, feel the noise and the laying of the ears, nausea, and even inability to move my limbs.

Important! If throbbing pain in the head accompanied by a sharp rise in blood pressure up, you need to urgently call the ambulance to prevent or prevent a hypertensive crisis.

In any case, it is necessary to remember that throbbing pain may not appear for no reason. So if these painful feelings recur repeatedly, going to the doctor to postpone you should not.

How to reduce headache?

If you experience a light (mild) pulsating pain in the head before you can get on consultation to the doctor, you have the ability to reduce the pain without using painkillers.

To pain receded, try the following steps:

  1. To provide maximum rest to the patient – comfortable to lie down, to ensure the supply of fresh air, to eliminate any noise in the room and turn off the bright light;
  2. To make hot or cold (depending on the condition of the patient) compress, which needs to be put on the back of the head;
  3. Hot foot bath using a soothing collection will help to relax the patient;
  4. Stop Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages;
  5. Drink soothing herbal tea.
How does the test work?

With the appearance of painful pulsation in the head should go to a local doctor-the therapist in the polyclinic at the place of residence or stay.

As the patient’s complaints are often vague and imprecise, for more information, the doctor will be forced to appoint a number of additional surveys. Including you may need counseling and other doctors, neurologist, surgeon, physician, preventive physical therapy, and chiropractor.

Studies, which can be assigned with pulsation in the head:

  • General blood and urine tests;
  • Monitoring changes in blood pressure;
  • Conducting x-rays on neck area;
  • Rheoencephalography required for examination of blood vessels and the brain;
  • CT is required to remove or confirm the assumption of the existence of the tumor.

With the appearance of a pulsating pain in addition to drug therapy is assigned a treatment to relieve acute pain as quickly as possible to normalize the condition of the body.

Methods of treatment in this case are:

  1. Common massage and manual therapy. This treatment is indicated mainly in the detection of violations of functioning and any abnormalities in the cervical spine.
  2. Drug-free way of normalizing blood pressure due to the change of habitual poor lifestyle.
  3. Physiotherapy. In various diseases can be shown in different kinds of this therapy – magnetotherapy, ultrasound, electrophoresis, and others.
  4. LFK. Used in all diseases showing occipital pain. The first classes held under the supervision of a physician, and then a set of exercises you can repeat at home.
  5. Surgical intervention, if necessary, removal of tumors or cysts.
Preventive measures

To prevent (or reduce risk) the appearance of a pulsating pain in the head, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce harmful or even harmful effects on the body.

So, to avoid such painful symptoms, you should follow these rules:

  • It is necessary to normalize sleep – it needs to last at least 7 hours a day (continuously);
  • Sleeping on orthopedic pillow and mattress;
  • Reduction in the consumption of coffee, sweets, and fatty and fried foods;
  • To reduce the number of drunk alcohol and smoked cigarettes, and ideally to abandon them altogether;
  • To organize a complete rest.

The appearance of pulsation and pain in the head is not necessary to postpone visit to the doctor – it will help to identify developing disease (if any) to cure until it is at an early stage.

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