Click in my head when walking causes treatment

In case of unusual sounds in the area of the skull is talking about the development of various diseases. If you click in my head when walking, the patient should consult the doctor for diagnosis. Based on these results, the specialist will prescribe effective treatment to the patient.


The man in the head to click can when exposed to various provoking factors or during the course of disease. Sound symptom observed in internal processes in the skull. A pathological condition is diagnosed by disorders of blood circulation in the brain. If the patient is diagnosed neuritis or atherosclerosis, it becomes the cause of the disease. With the defeat of the vestibular apparatus from the patient in the head clicking.

The appearance of the symptom is observed when the vertebral artery syndrome. This disease is the formation of osteophytes on the vertebrae. In this case there is a violation of hematopoiesis in the spine. During rotation of the head tumors mechanically irritate the tissue. The appearance in the mind of clicks accompanied by the crunch. Patients complain of pain of varying intensity. In patients with the disease may experience headache and dizziness. Patients complain of a hum in the ears and mood swings. Patients get tired quickly, even when performing familiar tasks.

The symptom is accompanied by cervical osteochondrosis. If the patient is adversely affected by external and internal tissue, this leads to the fraying of the fibrous parts in the intervertebral discs. Cartilage can not fully perform the shock absorbing function. Where the lesions are diagnosed, the deposition of salts. The occurrence of a sound observed while the friction of fabrics. It hears only the patient. Low back pain in patients is accompanied by dizziness and by numbness of the skin on the neck and head. Patients complain of reduced sensitivity in the upper extremities.

If the patient affected temporomandibular joint, it leads to the appearance in my head clicks. Patients weakened ligaments and tendons in the disease. In places of joints of the elements the joint becomes unstable. Clicking leads not only walking, but also movement, chewing, yawning the conversation.

Click in the head is a symptom of various pathological conditions that are recommended to determine for the purpose of effective treatment.

Diagnostic measures

If a person has a headache or there is a clunk, then it is recommended to go to the doctor – the neurologist, the therapist, or orthopedist. The specialist examines the patient and evaluates the clinical picture. This allows him to put the preliminary diagnosis. To confirm, the person is recommended to undergo laboratory and instrumental diagnostics.

To identify atherosclerosis – recommended the appointment of General analysis of urine and blood. These methods of examination provide the ability to rule out infectious or inflammatory processes in the body. To determine functional changes in the brain need carrying out computer and magnetic resonance tomography. Osteochondrosis is determined using radiography of the cervical spine. A highly informative diagnostic procedure is ultrasound of vessels of head and neck.

The patient must undergo inspection by an ophthalmologist, who with the use of special equipment explores the fundus. In some cases, recommended the holding of reoentsefalografii.

Diagnosis of the pathological process is the use of complex methods. This will allow you to determine the cause of a symptom and prescribe an effective treatment.

Treatment of the disease

If you start clicking in the head during movement, it requires treatment of the underlying disease. It is assigned in accordance with the characteristics of the flow of pathological conditions.

To combat the pathology of the the recommended usage:

  • Drug therapy. In accordance with the diagnosed patients make the appointment not steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, antispasmodics, analgesics, chondro, muscle relaxants, and drugs that reduce blood viscosity.
  • Diet. This is a mandatory event required for complex diagnosis of degenerative disc disease, atherosclerosis and obesity.
  • Physiotherapy. In accordance with the underlying disease it is recommended to use mud therapy, magnetic therapy, compresses, electric currents, heating, lotions.
  • Massage. Is the impact on areas such as the head, neck and collar region.
  • Therapeutic physical training. Through exercises strengthen the muscles and restores functionality to the affected area of the spine.
  • Traditional medicine. Used decoctions, infusions, ointments, based on natural ingredients that guarantees safety and effectiveness of treatment.
  • Surgery. The operation is directed to the removal of osteophytes, tumors, herniated discs and other pathological lesions.

The clicking in the head during a walk is an unpleasant symptom that accompanies a variety of pathological processes. When the symptom of the patient was recommended to visit a medical center to undergo diagnosis and appointment of complex therapy.

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