Osteoarthritis of the big toe, treatment

When wearing narrow shoes, the big toe suffers from strong pressure, because of which it begins to move inward and cling to the remaining toes. With excessive deviation of the finger, the leg is often rubbed in this place and injured. The finger locks and becomes motionless.

The main causes of arthrosis on the toes are as follows:

  1. Getting a foot injury. For example, if a person has very badly bruised a leg or tucked a foot;
  2. Foot deformity;
  3. Flat feet;
  4. Long wearing narrow shoes;
  5. The structure of the foot is very wide.
Symptoms of arthrosis

Due to inflammatory processes, the foot becomes less elastic, due to which it begins to crack gradually due to the friction of the shoe and collapse.

Symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  1. When walking and performing physical exertion, a person feels severe pain in the finger area;
  2. The joint gets tired very quickly and becomes constrained;
  3. Meteorological dependence, which manifests itself in the form of pain and whining of a finger or the entire foot to change the weather;
  4. When a person moves a leg, a crunch is heard in the joints;
  5. A growth or callus appears on the finger. Then the joint of the thumb is deformed and a bump is formed.

If you have these symptoms, you need to visit a doctor to undergo the necessary examination and treatment.

Stages of the development of the disease

Given the severity of the inflammatory process in the foot, experts distinguish the following stages of the disease:

  1. At the first stage, fatigue of the legs is observed;
  2. In the second stage, corns appear on the foot. Symptoms such as swelling of the toes, the occurrence of soft growths on small joints are also diagnosed. The patient suffers from physical pain;
  3. With the third degree, the thumb begins to deform. Pain is felt constantly. The patient begins to limp. As a result of this, arthrosis of the metatarsal joint can develop, the joint gap narrows, osteophytes and cysts form in the region of periarticular tissues.

Given the severity of the disease and their main symptoms, the doctor prescribes individual treatment. It is aimed at removing pain, as well as maximizing the restoration of the patient’s normal motor activity.

Treat a disease

Treatment must begin with weight loss. Since it is the extra pounds that heavily load the feet, especially the big toes. Therefore, a special diet is attributed to the patient, which is recommended to strictly observe.

Such a diet will help eliminate the causes and factors that provoke inflammation in the joints and the destruction of cartilage. With a disease such as arthrosis of the toes, cakes, pastries, sweets and other products containing fast carbohydrates should be strictly prohibited. Also, the diet is recommended to forget about alcoholic beverages, as they have a lot of carbohydrates.

Specialists with arthrosis recommend eating vegetables, fruits, dairy products rich in B vitamins and calcium. It is useful to cook meals from low-fat fish.

Consult a doctor who will tell you which diet is best for you to optimize your diet.

Treatment of arthrosis of the big toe is carried out using such methods:

  1. Orthopedic tips. Buy shoes that fit your foot. Do not buy too narrow shoes. For sports, pick up wide sneakers or sneakers. On the recommendation of a doctor, wear special pads between your thumb and forefinger every day. Thanks to this layer, they will not be in contact with each other. You can buy such devices in a pharmacy;
  2. Physiotherapy treatment. The foot is treated with magnetic and laser radiation. Mud and radon baths will help you recover. It is useful to make compresses with medical bile on the thumb area;
  3. In the treatment of the disease will help balms and ointments, which are rubbed into the fingers every day;
  4. If the finger has shifted, the chiropractor will help correct the defect. To remove the blockage, which was caused by the displacement of the joint, a special foot massage is recommended;
  5. To eliminate strong pain and relieve cramps, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. Arthrosis can be treated with chondroprotectors, for example, alflutop and arteparone;
  6. After eliminating the pain, daily therapeutic exercises are recommended. You can stretch your big toe. Wrap it in large rubber band, move it to the other fingers, and lock it for ten seconds. It is useful to raise pebbles with your toes. This exercise develops joints and eliminates stiffness;
  7. If conservative treatment methods do not eliminate the symptoms of the disease, the doctor is forced to resort to surgical treatment. Before the operation, the patient is given an x-ray. Based on the image, the intervention method is selected – arthroscopy, osteotomy, arthrodesis, or joint resection.

Even during surgery, treatment with chondroprotectors and anti-inflammatory drugs should be continued. If timely and proper therapy. You can very quickly help a person cope with arthrosis of the big toe.

Traditional medicine for arthrosis

Before starting treatment of the disease with alternative methods, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Recipes of traditional medicine:

  1. Grease the green outside of burdock leaves with a pharmacy turpentine. Putting the leaves on the foot, fix them with a bag and a woolen scarf. Compress is recommended to do all night. The course of treatment with burdock is three months. If during this procedure there is a strong burning sensation, the compress should be done the next time without adding turpentine;
  2. Chop and place the washed beef or pork bones in the pot. Dig the container into the ground and overlay it with firewood on top. Set them on fire. Burn the bones well. The resulting bone tar is used to lubricate the big toe. Such a folk treatment helps with arthrosis, arthritis and even rheumatism;
  3. Wash and finely chop aloe leaves. Dilute 50 grams of juice with honey (100 grams) and vodka (150 grams). Allow to brew in the dark for at least one week. The obtained product is applied in the form of a compress.

Now you know the main factors in the appearance of such a disease as arthrosis of the toes, as well as how to treat it with the help of traditional and traditional medicine to eliminate pain and discomfort.

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