Coxarthrosis of the knee, treatment

If the patient is more than forty years old, and pain arises not the first time, the doctor may suspect the development of coxarthrosis.

Coxarthrosis is exclusively arthrosis of the hip joint, and it doesn’t hit the knees very much, causing pain in the joints. Very often, because of this phenomenon, the doctor diagnoses arthrosis of the knee joint and treats it at all where it is not needed.

The main symptoms of coxarthrosis of the knee:

  1. Painful sensations in the knees occur in the form of attacks after a long walk, when climbing stairs, as well as during a change in body position, when a person wants to sit down or lie down;
  2. The pain is viscous. The patient complains of pain in the thigh, which is given to the knee;
  3. The joint hurts in the area from the hip to the knee. The disease does not fall below the knee;
  4. The patient can move as before, but with the removal of the leg to the side, pain and discomfort in the knee appear.

In order to accurately diagnose coxarthrosis, it is important to undergo examination on modern equipment. Using an X-ray of the knee and hip, an experienced specialist will see the exact location of the damage.

Thanks to the knee joint, a person can walk while maintaining his weight and balance. Because of this, it is subject to constant loads. Symptoms of coxarthrosis make themselves felt gradually, and the patient simply gets used to living with them.

Why does the disease develop?

The most important cause of coxarthrosis is mechanical damage. Due to a small injury to the articular cartilage, under the influence of loads on the knee, the coating of the cartilage begins to collapse. After some time, the cartilage can not withstand even the simplest minimum load, which is why coxarthrosis of the joint begins to develop.

Coxarthrosis of the hip joint provokes severe pain in the knees. After a while, the patient can hardly move. When coxarthrosis begins to progress, when walking the patient hears a clear crunch. In some situations, the knee can swell severely and even turn red.

How to relieve pain in the knee joint

If the doctor diagnosed coxarthrosis, then it is necessary to carry out treatment to get rid of painful sensations.

But, in order to somehow alleviate pain in the knees, you can resort to the following methods of alternative medicine:

  • Cabbage leaves need to be smeared with honey and put them on the knees, fixed with a woolen cloth;
  • Three lemons, along with the skin, need to pour boiling water. Add honey and drink the resulting product three times a day, 150 milliliters for 30 days;
  • Boil a kilogram of horseradish for 10 minutes. Mix it with half a kilogram of honey. Put the finished mixture in a cool place for 24 hours to insist. To drink every day;
  • Dilute crushed celandine with olive oil. Allow the ointment to infuse for 14 days. After a while, warm compresses should be made from the finished product.

In order not to mess with the preparation of various infusions and ointments, you can buy in the pharmacy special preparations to soothe pain in the knee joint. What is a pharmacy, that a folk remedy will only muffle pain for a short time. Therefore, if you have symptoms of coxarthrosis, and you want to get rid of the disease forever, it is important to visit a doctor who will prescribe the correct and effective treatment as soon as possible.

How is coxarthrosis of the knee treated

Treatment is aimed at ensuring that the diseased joint begins to function without pain. If coxarthrosis is just beginning, enough to change your diet and lifestyle. It is also useful to do physiotherapy exercises and take analgesic drugs. It is very useful to do acupuncture or physiotherapy.

If the patient fulfills all the recommendations of the doctor, but no results are visible during treatment, then coxarthrosis is already running and the doctor will be forced to perform endoprosthetics of the affected joint.

Alternative recipes for the treatment of coxarthrosis

Treatment with alternative methods can be carried out in parallel with the recommendations and prescribed treatment of a doctor.

Alternative methods of treatment are as follows:

  • Grind one black radish fruit with a meat grinder. Dilute it with honey (300 grams). Mix everything thoroughly and let stand for seven days. Ready ointment should be rubbed into sore spots twice a day;
  • 150 grams of Hercules pour cold water and put on fire. After 10 minutes, remove the porridge from the stove and cool slightly. In a warm form, apply to the affected knee, wrapping it on top with cellophane and a woolen cloth. Do compresses until the pain in the knee joint completely disappears;
  • Fill 50 grams of lilac leaves with vodka (500 milliliters). Let it brew for 10 days in a dark place. Drink 50 drops three times a day before meals;
  • Mix linden flowers with birch leaves, willow bark, parsley root and burdock. For 15 grams of mixed potion you need to take one glass of liquid. Tincture boils for 5 minutes. Let it brew for 20 minutes and you can start drinking it. The course of treatment is three times a day, 100 grams before meals.
Preventive measures of coxarthrosis

If the disease is not treated, or if the therapy is not carried out correctly, the quality of life worsens, the patient cannot fully service himself, and also move around on his own.

For these reasons, each patient should know how to treat the disease, as well as what is forbidden, to do with coxarthrosis.

During exacerbation of coxarthrosis of the knee joint is strictly prohibited:

  1. Carry heavy objects and things;
  2. Too long sitting or standing;
  3. Move sharply and do therapeutic exercises during severe pain.

Disease Prevention:

  1. Eat foods that contain healthy substances that restore the cartilage structure. A list of useful products in this situation should be written by a doctor, taking into account the characteristics of the disease in your particular case;
  2. It is also recommended to do procedures every day that restore the blood supply to the joint;
  3. Perform special exercises that will improve the formation of specific lubrication in the joint bag;
  4. Train the muscles of the lower extremities;
  5. Try to change your diet and lifestyle;
  6. Watch your weight. It is important that the weight matches your height;
  7. During sports, be careful not to allow injuries to the knee joint.

If you follow the rules of prevention and treatment described, coxarthrosis of the first and second degree can be defeated. The sooner treatment measures are started, the faster you can achieve positive results. It is also important to know that with the advanced form of the second degree of the disease, coxarthrosis can only be cured by surgery. All medications and treatment procedures will only help reduce the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, it is important to be treated according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Now you know what coxarthrosis of the knee joint is, what its main symptoms are and how treatment is carried out. Disease prevention should also be performed to avoid undesirable effects. At the first symptoms of coxarthrosis urgently seek the advice of a doctor.

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