Manifestations and treatment of bursitis suprapatellar

Suprapatellar bursitis – an inflammatory disease of the joint capsule that contains synovial fluid. Considered one of the most common and its second name was “nun’s knee”. Usually found in those who are constantly under strain on the knees.

Often suprapatellar bursitis of the knee is diagnosed in goalies that constantly make falling on the ice. The second reason – long stay in one position on his knees, which the disease received its second name.

Just this big joint of the human body is 3 Bursa. In this pathology the inflammatory process developing in the one that is below the knee. Its main purpose – providing protection when walking and running.

How does

The main symptom is mild swelling near the joint. It can be found in the survey even at home. It doesn’t hurt but is quite uncomfortable. If the disease is not treated when the first symptoms, it may affect the General condition of the joint.

Often associated infection, and the germs fall into the knee directly over wounds, scrapes and scratches, and occasionally this occurs by hematogenous or via the lymph.

All the symptoms can be divided into several large groups. First and foremost is the presence of a soft tumor, which is movable on palpation and not painful.

The second important symptom – intoxication. Can increase the body temperature, weakness, General malaise, aches throughout the body. But these signs appear, not all and everything depends on what germs are the cause of the inflammatory process.

Suprapatellar signs of bursitis of the knee include limitation of mobility in the joint. Pain syndrome increases slowly, but with a large size of the tumor, and it can be up to 10 cm, moving leg becomes problematic.

This is what leads most patients to the doctor. The diagnosis of this disease just exhibited, but to confirm the absence of bone damage may require x-rays. To verify the absence of damage to the cartilage that is assigned to the MRI.

When you try to bend or straighten the leg pain significantly increases, therefore, the patient tries not to load the leg and is walking by using crutches or even a wheelchair.

If in this case the treatment is initiated, the joints begin to accumulate calcium salts, and it becomes the reason of transition of acute to chronic. And to cure it will not happen. From time to time there will be escalation that will lead to rejection of the usual lifestyle.


Bursitis suprapatellar bags knee joint is diagnosed is relatively simple. It is necessary to know the life history of the patient and also to know the kind of activity and to ascertain the presence of injuries and other damages this area of the body.

Most often used to diagnose the MRI, but you can also use ultrasound, which will show how badly damaged Bursa. Necessarily assigned to blood and urine, which is a factor of inflammation.

Usually, patients are assigned a puncture of the knee joint. It is conducted in order to understand how the fluid accumulated in the joint, and to determine the sensitivity to antibiotics, as their reception is the primary therapy in the presence of microbial inflammatory process.

All this allows us to identify the cause of the disease and the causative agent of the inflammatory process, but also stage.

How to get rid of

Suprapatellar bursitis of the knee joint, the symptoms of which were described above, is treated in a hospital.

When inflammation of the knee is necessary to remove the accumulated liquid in it. Be sure to set the drainage, which changes every day and washed in antiseptic solution.

Antibiotics are that can be used both systemically, and in the form of a solution for administration into the joint. If this therapy will be useless, then surgical intervention is performed. While it removed the inflamed tissue of the Bursa and also the seat of suppuration.

Suprapatellar treatment of bursitis of the knee joint further includes wearing a cast, as well as rehab classes – massage, therapeutic physical training and physiotherapy. Further prognosis will depend on many factors, but primarily on the age and General condition of the body.

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