Baby crying for reasons

All causes of infant disorder are difficult to perceive in the first weeks and months. Over time, the child will more clearly show emotions, and his mother better understand him, eliminating anxiety.


Often the child screams loudly and can not calm down even in his arms. He tries to take his fist in his mouth, during a tantrum he does not immediately take the breast or bottle.

The true reason is hunger. Having calmed down a little, he will begin to accept food with pleasure.

Contact with mother and breast is required to calm

In this case, the child needs close contact with the mother. It is necessary for the child to create conditions as close as possible to life in the stomach. Close space, warmth and chest. Saves in such a situation tight swaddling. The child quickly calms down and falls asleep.

Wet diaper or nappy

Rather, you will hear annoying plaintive cries. Just check the diaper or change the diaper.

Sore stomach – flatulence

These cries are sharp, piercing, with great alarm. They make impressionable parents empathize with a baby. The main thing is not to panic and solve the problem.

Up to three months, such crying can make parents worried. All because of the immature digestive system. It is believed that boys suffer colic more often than girls.

Hot or cold

Keep an eye on temperature and humidity. If you are cold or hot – this does not mean that the child feels the same. Determine the temperature comfortable for him and choose the right clothes both at home and on a walk.

The need to empty the intestines

Crying baby you will be caught with tucked legs. Most likely, he needs to release the tummy. You can help with a massage or easily pat on the ass. The receptors transmit a signal to the brain and the baby will soon be easily emptied.


Crying intermittent. You can soothe a newborn by shaking on your arms, lying on a bed, in a sling, in a stroller – in any familiar way mom.

Any crying baby is disturbing mommies. Gradually, mother feels that she cares for the baby and tries to help him. While the child and mother begin to recognize each other, it is necessary to find out the reasons for crying.

10 ways to calm the baby

First of all, take it easy. A “sober” mind will only benefit. The child feels the state of the mother, so you need to be confident in their abilities.

Attach to the chest

Intimacy with maternal heat calms, so attach the baby to the chest. If the baby is hungry, he will eat. If the child is anxious – he will calm down. Carry a baby on its side. It is more convenient for dads to do this, since they have a bigger hand. Find a position in which the baby calms down and becomes calm at home.

Tight swaddle

This allows the child to take the form in which he lived in the womb. He is not afraid of trembling hands and legs, he is warm in a diaper. Put the baby in the fetal position – on the flank. Do not strive to lay the child on his back, the back of the head gets discomfort. In the fetal position, the child feels calm.

Lying on the left and right side allows the baby to quickly adapt to new conditions. And the vestibular apparatus from the first days set in motion, albeit slightly.

Create bathing comfort

If a child cries while swimming, do not try to wash him by force. Create a comfortable water temperature. Inside his mother he was in the water at 36-37 ° C. The water in the bath is not worth doing hot. If it is not water, postpone the procedure until the next time.

Consultants for the care of newborns are advised to apply bathing in the sink. It is necessary to draw water into the sink, and wrap the baby in a diaper in a terry towel. Let dad gradually submerges the child in the water. The towel slowly gets wet, and the baby gradually feels the warmth of the water. You will notice that the child is calm. After immersion in water, you can unfold a towel, and then a diaper. Next, according to the standard scheme, wash the baby and wrap it in a dry towel, attach it to the chest.

Give dill water

With colic, you can give some dill or Espumizan. Many heat the diaper and put it on the tummy, soothing it. Massage the tummy in a clockwise direction, mainly from the left side. There are a lot of detailed massage techniques, choose your own one or consult your pediatrician. Squeeze the legs to exit the jeep.

Put the baby on the stomach, it helps eliminate the causes of crying. Nursing mothers should follow the diet, perhaps, the products have a negative impact on the immature intestines of the baby.

Create white noise

Being in the mother’s belly, the child is used to listening to different sounds: the sound of the heart, the rumbling, the sounds surrounding the mother outside. Do not strive to create perfect silence with the crumbs of tears. Turn on the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer – the child will calm down, and you will not scare him.

Rock out

Pediatrician Harvey Karp advises shaking the baby. It is necessary to put the baby head on your palm. Slowly start shaking. Harvey Karp claims that the baby has experienced such a condition in the womb, and it is impossible to harm it.

Check the back of the head

If it is hot, measure the temperature and remove some clothing. If it is cold, put on an additional vest on the baby. In the same way you can check the legs. Cold feet are not an indication that the child is cold. Check baby calves: if not too cool, then you should not warm. Otherwise, put on extra booties.

Use rattles

Use diversion maneuvers. Read the verses, sing the song in different intonations, take a rattle. Turn on classical music.

Consult an osteopath

If crying happens during feeding, mostly on one side – it is possible the case in the cervical spine. Since the bones are fragile, a displacement may occur, which is imperceptibly but acutely perceived by the child. For these symptoms, consult an osteopath.

Ride in a stroller

Riding in a stroller, wearing a sling, which resembles a mother’s womb, can calm a baby in a matter of minutes.

What not to do

A long cry can make a mother mad. Try not to lose composure. If there is someone other than you at home, switch roles. You need to rest.

You can not abruptly throw the child, even on a soft bed, the immature spine can be easily damaged. Do not shout, do not be angry – the child feels your mood. If you are not sure what the reason for crying is – do not rush to give him medications – the situation may worsen. Do not leave the baby alone, to his problem will add a state of loneliness. In this case, he will not calm down.

Strive to understand the child, give love and warmth. If it is difficult for you in the first days, soon you will learn to understand the child and quickly eliminate the causes of crying.

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