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For every woman, childbirth, especially the first, is one of the most important events in life. In just a few hours of hard work, the new mother will have her baby, who has been kicking from the inside for so long. And it doesn’t matter if there was a natural birth or a cesarean section, the main thing is that here he is – a small and so dear lump, with a loud cry that he is hungry.

If there is no indication for cesarean, then any pregnant woman tunes in to the birth of her baby through natural birth.

The very beginning
Mucus plug

In the normal course of labor, the following happens in a woman’s body. First comes the mucous plug formed in the cervix at the beginning of pregnancy. It looks like a lump of dense mucus, the dimensions of which can be different, yellowish, sometimes with streaks of blood. You should not be scared when you see: this means that the process of childbirth is already beginning, although it is still far from the appearance of the baby.

Aching in the lower back. Should I go to the hospital?

Expectant mother may feel a pulling pain in the lumbar region. This is similar to the sensation before menstruation, but not passing. If there are any complications, for example, the fetus is in the pelvic or gluteal presentation, then it is better to go to the hospital.

In general, this is not always a contraindication to natural childbirth, but it is better to play it safe. The birth of a baby who is in the pelvic or gluteal presentation is a complicated process. It is possible that it will take a cesarean: giving birth in such a presentation is quite difficult, and many used to die, not being able to give birth to a baby walking forward with their legs. Now doctors are successfully helping women whose children are in the pelvic presentation will be able to resolve the burden without consequences for their own health or for the condition of the newborn.

If mother knows that she is expected to give birth to twins, she, too, should take advantage of medical help as soon as possible. Two babies in one womb is not a pathology, but also a complicated process of childbirth, and it is necessary to control it right away. For the female body, the birth of even one child is a lot of stress and labor, which takes all the effort, and the birth of twins strengthens it. And although, as a rule, such babies weigh significantly less and are small, their mother still has to work hard to bring them into the world. In addition, the pregnant woman must know the size of her pelvis so that doctors can decide how the future mother will resolve the burden.

So, the pain intensifies, encircles the back and stomach, the pelvic area. Sometimes they are permanent, not stopping and gradually becoming more tangible. Sometimes periodic, but not equal in time periods. Also, a woman in labor can be thrown into a fever, which, suddenly appearing, just as suddenly passes after a few seconds or minutes.

This is not a fight, but a condition close to them is a harbinger of labor. Every woman should understand that this is only preparation for the main stage. And if, with true contractions, the cervix opens, then with the forerunners it still softens and prepares for disclosure.

Contractions. How to understand what they are?

Often, pregnant women are ready to take any tension of the uterus for a fight, but this is not so. It does not matter what will be the result: natural birth or cesarean section, it is important to understand what is happening now. Contractions are only those painful contractions of the uterus that are repeated at the same frequency. Everything else is just harbingers. They can begin long before the true birth.

I would like to add a few words about the outpouring of waters. Forget everything that is shown in the films: in the normal course of the onset of labor, even if the result is cesarean, the fetal membranes retain their integrity almost to the point of trying. If the water has poured out, but there are no contractions as such, this is wrong. Urgently to the hospital. Even with emergency cesarean, the bubble often remains intact. And they open it directly during the operation. Neither the size of the pelvis nor the indications for a natural birth are important, the main thing is that the baby does not suffocate: a long stay of the fetus in anhydrous space is fraught with infection and suffocation. Quite often, an early outpouring of water is one of the signs of an uncoordinated labor, and often in such cases, doctors do a cesarean.

If during the gestation the gynecologist paid attention to the size of the mother’s pelvis, then it is best to contact the hospital at the stage of mild contractions. It is important to understand that the health of both the mother and the newborn depends on this.

Pain during contractions is periodic, they do not subside, but, on the contrary, intensify, become more frequent. This marks the entry of the woman in childbirth in the first period of true childbirth. And even if in the end she will have a cesarean, while everything is going fine, as nature intended. Nulliparous women enter the second period of the process of childbirth a long time after the onset of labor. Therefore, it is advisable to go to the hospital when no more than 10 minutes pass between them. At this time, the psychological mood of the mother is very important. No need to be afraid, to panic, to fall into hysteria. Natural birth is a common process for the female body, in most cases it ends in the happy appearance of a new life. Even if in the end it was cesarean, you still should not worry and reproach yourself. The main thing is a healthy peanut and a calm, confident mother.

Childbirth in the process

Fights become stronger and more frequent, the first attempts begin to be added to them. What it is? This feeling is similar to what people experience when they want to use the toilet “for the most part”. Those women who decided on a natural birth after a cesarean section, attempts are unfamiliar. They become uncontrollable at some point, but doctors are not allowed to push right away. Why?

The baby’s head only lowers into the birth canal and can be harmed. With pelvic presentation, the sensations are the same. In any case, the woman in labor should hear the doctor and follow his instructions.

Many are interested in the question: are natural births possible after cesarean? Of course, possible. The first emergency cesarean is not a mandatory indication for reoperation, if there are no additional complications. However, they differ from the usual ones, firstly, in that doctors do not carry out any stimulation.

Secondly, a CTG sensor is constantly connected to the mother’s stomach in order to monitor the condition of the baby during the entire period of childbirth. When giving birth naturally after a cesarean, a woman should feel everything, therefore only natural anesthesia is used for such births. No epidural anesthesia.

Although, already at the end of the first period, when the pain in the contractions becomes very strong, the natural birth after cesarean section can still anesthetize with the help of an “epidural”. But anesthesia passes to attempts. All this can be seen on thematic videos.

Now on the Internet there are a lot of materials telling about the features of childbirth after a cesarean, twins or permission from the burden, in the pelvic (buttock, leg) presentation. A pregnant woman has the opportunity to get all the information, including how the size of the internal and external pelvis affects the second stage of labor.

Attempts intensify, the baby’s head crashes into the birth canal. Now the task of the future mother: to push in the fight, helping the baby to come into the light. If the child is in a pelvic presentation, then the legs first appear, and this is the complexity of such childbirth. Even if the size of the pelvis of a woman allows, often in this case, everything can end with an operation. Although many manage to resolve the burden naturally.

If the baby is not in the pelvic presentation, then the head first appears. In order for a small person to successfully enter the birth canal, the dimensions of the inner pelvis are important. They differ from what the dimensions of the external pelvis are and are determined through the measurement of the wrist of the future mother, which is carried out during examination in the hospital. Often, this indicator can cause a cesarean.

Baby’s appearance

In attempts, the baby’s head rises in the birth canal. With each fight, the woman, pushing, helps the uterus push the fetus out. If twins are expected, the same thing happens, only twice.

As a rule, the child goes face down. With pelvic presentation – legs. When the head comes out first, giving birth to the rest is easier, and usually a woman copes with this task in two or four attempts.

When the baby has a pelvic presentation, then first the legs appear. It turns the child’s course through the birth canal in the reverse order. Such childbirth is dangerous for both the baby and the mother, and often end with a caesarean operation. Unfortunately, even the size of the pelvis does not play a special role here.

The last, third, period of childbirth, even if it is the birth of twins or fetuses in the pelvic presentation, is the appearance of the afterbirth. If the baby was born through a cesarean, the placenta will be removed directly during surgery.

Of course, giving birth through natural routes is the best option for both the mother and the baby. They allow you to go through the whole process from beginning to end, as intended by nature. But in the case of a caesarean section, in no case should you be upset. After all, a new person, son or daughter, was born, what could be more beautiful than this event?

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