Assistant pregnant woman in childbirth

Of course, the birth of a baby is a joyful event for every family. However, any woman, even already experienced in these matters, experiences a panic fear of the reproductive process. In this connection, it is necessary to prepare for the upcoming birth even at the stage of pregnancy planning. Someone is preparing for this by attending various special courses, but for someone, prayer is a good tool.

If a woman who is about to give birth to her child of God is a Christian, then she should visit the church, go through the communion rite and forgive her sins before the priest. This will help her gain spiritual strength. And since not in all cases the pregnancy process runs smoothly, it will not hinder the appeal to the saints in a request to protect themselves and their baby.

Spiritual preparation for childbirth

In addition, the entire period of pregnancy and the birth itself very heavily load the body of a woman. Therefore, in addition to physical preparation, it is important to undergo spiritual training through various means and measures. And here it is important to exclude the appearance of any kind of negative thoughts, because all negative accumulated in the soul in most cases has a bad effect both on the course of pregnancy itself and on the process of the baby’s appearance. For this reason, various kinds of complications may begin to develop during or after childbirth.

Qualities such as pride and rebellion are a good motive for serious problems. In addition, childbirth is also a good test for any woman for the ability to withstand, in addition to physical, psychological stresses, to distinguish body signals and take appropriate necessary actions, as well as find harmony with other people, being in a special position.

From the old times, there were special rules for pregnant women according to which it was impossible to quarrel, get angry at anyone and lose heart. At that time, people clearly understood that the future mother was crushing her baby with all the negative emotions and emotions. Especially “scared” are hidden grievances that pose a serious threat to the health of a pregnant woman and her baby.

Therefore, in order for the birth to take place without complications, it is extremely important to remove all negative thoughts or change them to good ones. If any insult has crept in your soul, you should not close yourself from it, you should accept all the bad that is, and then just release it all from yourself so that there is nothing left, forgive all your past offenders. The best remedy for misunderstanding the people around you is to accept them for who they are.

Who to contact?

Due to the fact that every woman in her heart experiences fears during the forthcoming birth, it will not hurt to appeal to various holy people. They will never refuse help, the main thing is to clearly state their request and that it be sincere. With the upcoming birth, prayer – an assistant will come in handy.

Holy virgin

An appeal to the Virgin is considered a good prayer. It is to her, first of all, that she should devote her words in a request for help for herself and her child. And she will certainly hear about the request and will not refuse it. The holy virgin herself gave birth to a child of God, not suffering from pain, but she knows very well how difficult it is for any woman to give birth.
The Mother of God prayer exists in several versions, each of which is endowed with a special semantic load. This allows you to find the one that is most suitable in accordance with your fears and hidden desires. For example, you can turn to the saint with these words:

“Blessed Virgin, the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, even weigh your birth and nature to your mother and child, have mercy on Your servant (name), and help me in this hour, may her burden be settled safely. About the All-Merciful Lady of the Virgin, I did not even require help in the birth of the Son of God, please help this Thy servant, who requires help, most of all from You. Grant her blessings in this hour, and have a baby like that and bring it into the light of this world, so that in good times and smart light in holy baptism with water and the spirit. We give you, Mother of God the Almighty, praying: Be merciful to this mother, you should also come to be a mother, and begged for Christ our God, who has embodied from you, to strengthen her with His strength from above. Like His power is blessed and glorified, with His Fatherless Father, and the Most Holy and Good and His Life-giving Spirit, now and ever and ever. Amen”.

This prayer can be read in front of its image. If you can’t learn the exact text of the prayer “Maternal Assistant”, you can turn to the saint in your own words. The main thing is that they be sincere, and come from the very heart. And then the Holy Virgin will hear them and will not refuse the request. Read more about prayers pronounced before the image of the Virgin →

Matrona Moscow

For help in childbirth, you can ask the Blessed Matrona of Moscow. It can be addressed with these words:

“Oh, blessed mother of Matron, we resort to your intercession and we pray to you tearfully. As having the daring boldness in the Lord, pour a warm prayer for your servants who are in the grief of those who are present and who ask for help from you. Truly the word of the Lord: ask and it is given unto you also: as you two deliberate from you, to the earth about all things, even as you ask, there will be an im from my Father, even to heaven.

Hear our well-being and bring it to the throne to the Lord, and even before you stand before all, there can be much prayer of the righteous before God. Yes, the Lord will not completely forget us, but he will watch from heaven above on the grief of His servants and the fruit of the womb will bestow upon the useful. Verily, God enforces God, so do the Lord to Abraham and Sarah, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Joachim and Anna, pray to him. So God bless us and unto us by his grace and indescribable love of mankind. Be the name of the Lord blessed from now to forever. Amen”.

Jesus Christ

During childbirth, one should not forget our savior Jesus Christ. To appeal to him, a prayer – an assistant will be as follows:

“Lord Jesus Christ, our God, from the Eternal Father the Son was born before the age, and in the last days, by the grace and assistance of the Holy Spirit, deigning to be born of the Blessed Virgin like a baby, and lay in a manger. Lord Himself, in the beginning having created man and his wife, conjugate him, giving the commandment to them: Grow, and multiply, and fill the earth; have mercy upon Your great servant Thy servant (name), who is preparing to give birth according to Your commandment. Forgive her free and involuntary sins, Your grace give her strength to safely resolve her burden, save this and the baby in health and helplessness, protect Your Angels and save from the hostile actions of evil spirits, and from every evil thing. As God is Good and a Man-lover, God bless you, Father and Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen”.

It is worth remembering that easy birth will be only if you turn to the saints from a pure heart. It is also necessary to devote oneself to oneself, maintain peace and enjoy the support of one’s relatives.

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