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The birth of a child is the most long-awaited and pleasant moment in the life of each parent. However, now it remains to choose a clinic in which you can safely give birth. And because paid childbirth requires high costs, you should carefully consider this moment and find out what is included in the cost of such services.

Often resorting to such a service, each woman counts on the satisfaction of all her desires and a favorable outcome of the birth itself. And if in everyday life a woman is not constrained by means, then in a special medical center she needs to fulfill all the requirements of doctors, even if significant funds were spent.

Unfortunately, the current standard of living negatively affects the bearing of the child and, in most cases, for paid birth to be successful, the support of medical personnel is necessary to create the most favorable environment. Fortunately, there are commercial departments in most maternity hospitals.

In addition, not so long ago, obstetrics and gynecology clinics that specialize in paid birth began to appear, although there are few of them.

Contract services

By and large, paid departments of maternity hospitals are trying to meet all the requirements and recommendations of WHO. In addition, at the present time, many types of services can be counted on only for paid deliveries. And here the range of services provided depends on the technical equipment of a specialized center.

As a rule, the following services can be provided under a contract:

  • the presence of a personal doctor;
  • provision of a separate box;
  • the possibility of the presence of relatives;
  • participation in childbirth of the necessary specialists;
  • anesthesia;
  • provision of a separate chamber;
  • joint stay of mother and her baby;
  • in some cases, the presence of a personal midwife.

If a woman has decided to give birth to a baby on a paid basis, it is necessary to conclude a contract with the chosen perinatal center in order to avoid any possible and undesirable consequences. However, one must rely on existing financial opportunities. In addition to the above list, the range of services provided can be large, it all depends on each specific institution and its technical equipment.

It is worth remembering that in some cases a pregnant woman may be refused a contract.

As a rule, this is due to the presence of certain diseases:

  • the presence of hypertension at 1 or 2 stages;
  • with heart defects;
  • the presence of a Rhesus conflict with the fetus;
  • with diabetes;
  • with kidney disease;
  • with abnormal development of the fetus;
  • in the presence of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • as well as in some other diseases requiring special medical care.

But in addition to the refusal of the contract in the presence of at least one of the listed diseases, a woman may be offered to draw up another with special conditions.

What can not guarantee a contract?

It may seem sad, but the conclusion of the contract does not allow to avoid some nuances, although the perinatal center is trying to create the most favorable conditions for the birth of a child. First of all, this relates to the doctor’s attitude to the patient: whether there is a contract or not, he will treat any pregnant woman in her conscience.

In addition, the presence of a contract cannot guarantee that various complications will not occur. In addition, the contract cannot guarantee that the doctor who observed the woman throughout the pregnancy will be directly present at the birth. Even if the paid birth coincides with his duty, if necessary, he may leave for another patient with a more severe case.

Usually a pregnant woman, even if it is a paid birth, is left to herself during labor, the midwife visits her about once an hour, exceptions are the most expensive services. In this connection, the woman in labor must herself be properly prepared for childbirth, including how to behave in order to exclude any manifestations of panic.

Conclude a contract

Before concluding a contract with any perinatal center, it is necessary to carefully study all of its points. Some clinics may offer medical supervision of the child.

In order to avoid trouble you should pay attention to the following features:

  1. It is necessary to conclude a contract with the clinic that specializes in these types of services. It will not hurt to show interest in the availability of a license or certificate in a perinatal center. And if they have got acquainted with them, or with one of these documents. Documents are considered valid if the term for their issuance is no more than 5 years. If the management refuses the request to show the certificate for any “objective” reasons, then an agreement should not be concluded with this institution.
  2. It is worth carefully studying each clause of the contract. It is advisable that in addition to those items that provide for a comfortable stay of the pregnant woman herself, it would be possible for her to appoint the specialists who will be present at the birth. In this case, the woman in labor may indicate the full name of her doctor. In addition, the contract should contain a full list of services that are provided in the selected perinatal center.
  3. It is also worth paying attention to what compensation is provided if paid childbirth will be carried out without observing the terms of the contract. Any agreement must necessarily contain clauses that mention the rights and obligations of both parties.
  4. 4. The existence of a contract gives more rights and legal force than with a simple “form of payment” directly to medical personnel. In the latter case, to prove something under unforeseen circumstances is almost impossible.

It is necessary to determine in advance the place where the paid birth will take place. In other cases, they are still searching for such a place at the stage of pregnancy planning. And this is not some whim, a necessary event. It is good, of course, when one doctor will observe the entire period of pregnancy and take part in childbirth. Another point in favor of such an event is that if you turn to the maternity hospital in the late stages, then it simply may not be available. Therefore, it is better to organize a familiarization tour of the maternity hospitals in advance and find out the list of services provided, what conditions and what kind of medical personnel are available.

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