Hip Arthrosis, treatment

With arthrosis, degenerative-dystrophic changes develop, due to which deformation and destruction of articular tissues occurs.

Joint arthrosis develops due to such situations:

  1. When joints are injured;
  2. The person is overweight;
  3. The hip joint is under stress due to the nature of the work;
  4. Congenital malformations of the joints;
  5. When the joints become inflamed;
  6. When hormonal changes occur in the body;
  7. When bone tissue is destroyed.

Symptoms of arthrosis of the hip joint at each degree of the disease are different:

  1. With the first degree of arthrosis, periodic pain in the hip joint after physical exertion appears. After rest, they quickly disappear;
  2. In the second degree of arthrosis, the pain intensifies and becomes systematic. While walking, a person is lame. The muscles responsible for the motor function of the thigh become weak. Sometimes x-rays can detect the appearance of cysts in the joint;
  3. In the third degree of arthrosis, the patient feels severe pain in the joints, even when lying down. He cannot walk without a cane. The joint is not competent. The gait changes a lot.

To understand the extent to which the disease is located, the doctor must conduct a thorough examination of the patient and schedule a radiography. You also need to do an ultrasound of the affected joint and arthroscopy.

What is deforming arthrosis of the hip joint

In addition to common arthrosis, deforming arthrosis of the hip joint, which in other words is also called coxarthrosis, is often found. The articular cartilage is thinning due to excessive load and loses its function.

Coxarthrosis of the hip joint develops as well as arthrosis due to injuries, microcracks, joint overload, excess weight, prolonged stress, hormonal failures, joint inflammation, and a congenital anomaly of the femoral head.

Hip Disease Treatment

Having carefully examined the patient and the obtained research results, an experienced specialist understands how to treat arthrosis of the hip joint.

With conservative therapy, it is important to eliminate pain, increase joint mobility, improve cartilage nutrition, reduce pressure on the joint, activate blood circulation in it, and strengthen surrounding tissues and muscles.

Treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint with the help of drug therapy is based on the use of vasodilators, muscle relaxants, chondoprotectors, as well as the use of ointments, gels or creams.

Additionally, the first two degrees of arthrosis are treated with the help of manual therapy, herbal medicine, physiotherapy, reflexology and gymnastics.

If a patient has a third degree of arthrosis, surgery is performed, in which the joint is replaced by an endoprosthesis. With this operation, the prosthesis is implanted in the femur and pelvic bone. After surgery, the patient will need a long rehabilitation period.

It is necessary to treat complex arthrosis of the hip joint in the first and second degree. Any one method of treatment will not bring the expected results.

It is useful to massage the diseased joints. Massage is recommended after the complete elimination of acute pain. After the operation, massage therapy can be carried out only after removal of the sutures. In this case, massage should be done only by a specialist, independent actions are strictly contraindicated.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint

In the early stages of arthrosis, it is important to restore the motor function of the joint, as well as try to load it as little as possible. It is necessary to treat arthrosis with folk remedies under the supervision of a doctor, be sure to consider the characteristics of the disease.

Treatment of arthrosis with folk remedies:

  • Pour boiled hogweed leaves with boiling water and wrap them in gauze. The cooled plant is applied to the diseased joint;
  • From white and blue clay, alternately make compresses. To do this, clay needs to be slightly diluted with water and a homogeneous consistency is achieved, which lubricates diseased joints. Wrap the top with a film and a warm cloth. Hold all night. Sutras are washed away;
  • 200 grams of crushed rosemary roots pour boiling water (10 liters). Take a bath for 10 minutes;
  • To improve the production of intraarticular fluid and activate recovery processes, it is useful to do therapeutic massage with honey. For such treatment with folk remedies, honey is heated and melted in a water bath. The joint itself is heated with a heating pad. Honey is rubbed in a circular motion. The duration of the massage is no more than 15 minutes. After the procedure, the joint is wrapped in gauze in four layers and insulated with a cloth for three hours. After a while, honey should be washed off with warm water. The course of treatment is 10 times. The first three massages are carried out daily, and the next every other day;
  • Folk remedies approved the following recipe for the treatment of arthrosis. Mash the leaves of cabbage a little and grease with buckwheat honey. Apply to a sore joint and insulate with film and cloth. Compress should be done all night;
  • Olive oil (1 liter) pour celandine leaves (8 tablespoons). Cover with a tight lid, let it brew for 14 days in the warmth. Then strain and use to rub the joints and massage;
  • Grind the washed burdock root. Mix it with honey and drink before meals three times a day in a tablespoon;
  • Celery (250 grams) must be mixed with lemons (150 grams) and garlic (125 grams). Put the resulting mixture in a jar, and pour boiling water (3 liters). Leave the product warm until morning. Drink 70 grams 30 minutes before eating. For one course you need to drink no more than three three-liter cans of tincture. Before taking such a remedy, consult a doctor;
  • Mix pork fat (300 grams) with white brionia (200 grams). Boil the mixture on fire for five minutes. Cool. Rub the ointment into the sore joints. Be sure to wrap a warm cloth on top. The procedure is carried out at night. The ointment should be stored in a cold place;
  • Mix one part of juniper and goldenrod with two parts of nettle, sage, horsetail, burdock root and elderberry flowers. Also add a little clover, dandelion, mint, fennel, violet flowers, birch leaves and willow bark. 30 grams of the resulting mixture is poured with boiling water (500 milliliters) and put in a warm place for at least 12 hours. Strain and drink 100 grams after a meal. Oilcake is used as a compress for sore joints. If you decide to drink such an infusion as tea, you can drink no more than two liters per day.

It is important to remember that it is impossible to treat arthrosis of the hip joints with folk remedies alone. It is important to follow the advice of doctors and adhere to treatment and medication.

Arthrosis and diet

To alleviate the condition of the joints, it is important to monitor weight. If there are extra pounds, it is recommended to review the food. It must be balanced. The body must receive alkaline food.

Nutrition for arthrosis should be as follows:

  1. Drink milk and dairy products;
  2. Satisfy your hunger with bone broths, berries, celery, white cabbage, birch sap;
  3. Eat honey, pollen, bee bread;
  4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables;
  5. Eat cereal cereals, as they contain a lot of fiber;
  6. It is helpful to quench your thirst with grapefruit, pineapple or orange juice.

Under the strict ban flour products, smoked meats, spicy dishes and animal fats. Do not eat tomatoes, beans, peas, oily fish and meat.

Eating best is often, but in small portions.

Try to drink at least two liters of fluid per day.

Diet for arthrosis of the hip joint is aimed at restoring cartilage tissue. Only a balanced diet will help the body get all the necessary building materials for muscle mass.

It is important to eat enough healthy food, while not overeating, but clearly monitor what and how much you eat during the day.

Hip Arthrosis Prevention

Any disease is best prevented than treated.

Therefore, it is recommended to take preventive measures that will help prevent the development of arthrosis:

  1. Newborn babies should be carefully examined by an orthopedist or surgeon. Since the sooner you identify a congenital dislocation of the hip, the faster and more efficiently you can cure it;
  2. At the first calls of the disease, it is important to immediately visit a doctor and go through all the research in order to diagnose arthrosis as soon as possible and begin treatment;
  3. Engage in an active lifestyle;
  4. In addition to a balanced diet, it is important to take biologically active additives, which include collagen. It is this component that acts on the articular cartilage and restores the articular-ligamentous apparatus.

Now you know what arthrosis of the hip joints is, what degree it happens and what its main symptoms are. At the first suspicion of arthrosis, it is important to consult a doctor in order to start the correct and effective treatment in a timely manner.

By agreement with the doctor, it is possible to conduct therapy with folk remedies. Most importantly, do not self-medicate and take care of your health.

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