Arthritis treatment of maxillofacial joint

They are determined on the basis of the results of diagnostic tests. Arthritis treatment is aimed at restoring the functionality of damaged joint tissue and eliminate the consequences provoked by the disease.

Arthritis maxillofacial joint is quite rare. To detect this inflammatory disease and to appoint treatment, will need the help of several specialists. The nature of interventions depends on the causes of pathological changes and complications that they can cause.

Arthritis of the specified type are often referred to as TMJ, in the area of his defeat temporomandibular joint. It connects the mandible and temporal part of the skull.

Through this articulation the person receives the necessary motor activity of the lower jaw. Deformation of any part of the specified joint leads to stiffness, pain syndrome, swelling of the mucous membranes that envelop the mouth.

The clinical picture of the disease often present a pathological thickening and rashes on the skin, located in the affected area, and thanks to them, find out the stage and type of disease.

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Arthritis may occur due to the following reasons:

  • infection – in this case, the provoking factor is the disease caused by pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungus;
  • mechanical injury – a sharp opening of the mouth, fractures, blows received in a fight, can significantly reduce the functionality of the jaw;
  • rheumatic processes – they rank as failures in metabolic processes, systemic autoimmune diseases (lupus erythematosus, gout, rheumatoid arthritis).

Arthritis can be acute and chronic forms

Arthritis klassificeret into several categories. The pathology is acute or chronic, the latter form develops as a result of ignoring the first symptoms. Launched arthritis cure is much more difficult than the acute variety.

In the occurrence of clinical signs of the disease the patient should immediately visit the doctor. After the diagnosis the doctor will select the therapeutic scheme. This step cannot be skipped, at home to identify the cause of illness is impossible.

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Symptoms of jaw arthritis is quite similar to the symptoms of dental diseases and facial palsy. Despite this, the treatment of each disease, its absence of competent diagnosis when the disease is fraught with its further destruction.

During the research it is necessary to pay attention to some points:

  1. The disease begins with intense pain. They are localized in the neck, tongue, temple, or ear.
  2. Pain characterized by a pulsating character and loyalty.
  3. There is a sharp reduction in the functionality of the lower jaw. Difficulty opening the mouth accompanied by swelling of the soft tissues, touching the face in the affected area responds to pain appear inflammation.

To confirm a preliminary diagnosis is carried out x-ray. If necessary, the patient visits with other specialists. The cardiologist will help to identify the cardiovascular disease, they provoke the appearance of rheumatoid arthritis.

Methods of treatment

In most cases, require consultation of several specialists. The emergence of a strong headache and hyperthermia shows the development of the inflammatory process. In the first stage will help the therapist, in the absence of obvious causes of sickness, he will issue a direction to the dentist, otolaryngologist, infectious disease specialist and the neurologist. If external damages are still present, the patient will have to visit the traumatologist. The first stage ends with the identification of the form and stage of the disease. Based on the results of a complete diagnostic examination, the doctor prescribes treatment.

Regardless of the kind of arthritis the patient provide calm and fix the affected joint. For this purpose, a set consisting of plusiinae bandage and the interdental plates. It is necessary to divide the bite. The diet of the patient during this period consists of liquid foods. The products, characterized by a more thick consistency, the patient is to eat can not.

In the future, the nature of interventions depends on the etiology of the disease and the individual patient. If arthritis triggered by trauma, the goal of therapy becomes the removal of pain and swelling. To do this, use the analgesic drugs, electrophoresis, UHF, diadynamic currents Bernard. Medicines and physiotherapy from arthritis in any case chooses a doctor, do not self medicate.

You must understand that an exercise (at least initially) will deliver discomfort to the person. To stop pain and other discomfort, use specific ointments or gels. Many replace them with camphor oil.Good effect is given exercises to restore motor activity. They are often used in the final stages of treatment. The essence of the exercise is quite simple: all the motion in the affected jaw gently fixed with a fist. After without harshness open and close your mouth, acting only on the upper part. Duration of one session should not exceed 2 minutes, frequency – 2-3 times per day.

A doctor prescribes a course of treatment, based on diagnosis. If the patient will follow the recommendations of the attending physician, the condition will improve after a few days.

The medication

To cure arthritis, the doctor prescribe a complex of drugs. The use of antibiotics is usually preceded by laboratory study, which aims the definition of the reactant of inflammation. With these data, you can easily find a suitable antibiotic. The use of the therapeutic drug characterized by a narrow spectrum of activity, allows to avoid unnecessary negative impacts.

The basis of the warming compounds may lie organic ingredients (bee products, snake venom) or drugs of synthetic origin. In any case, the application of the compresses will help to relieve pain triggered by arthritis and improve overall health.

If the pathological changes cause unbearable pain, and the drugs that were used previously do not help, the doctor prescribes medication blockade. Such treatment should not last longer than three days.

The composition of the anaesthetic injection can log NSAIDs and stronger medicines, for example, Procaine. Pain, resulting from inflammatory process, it is possible to remove by means of corticosteroids. To ease the state of patient with the disease by using the oral cavity sanation, to do it regularly.


Surgery performed for arthritis in that case, if the patient has dental problems and began a purulent inflammation. The latter may lead to serious complications. The sooner action will be taken, the less the risk of negative consequences.

The procedure takes place in three stages:

  • first – open the site of inflammation;
  • the second – carry out the drainage (excretion of pus and blood from the wound cavity);
  • the third – sanitation carried out.

Great importance is the recovery period. During this time the patient is undergoing physiotherapy. Generally include UHF, compresses and dry heat. Arthritis in the absence of timely action could trigger ankylosis.

Physical therapy

The doctor can include a therapeutic regimen, the following physiotherapy:

  • hypothermia;
  • massage;
  • electrophoresis;
  • magnetotherapy treatment;
  • the sessions UHF;
  • paraffin;
  • the myogymnastics;
  • the compresses.

With their help relieve pain, restore mobility, improve microcirculation and prevent inflammation. Physiotherapy can help to compensate for the lack of minerals and vitamins, to improve blood flow and restore the acid-alkaline balance.

Through massage fix the damaged part of the jaw joint. The duration of treatment depends on the stage of arthritis. The earlier the patient seeks in a medical facility, the better the chances for quick recovery of the functionality of the joint.

Home treatment

Therapy at home should be agreed with your doctor. Otherwise high probability of developing adverse effects. Despite the natural composition of popular recipes, these drugs also have side effects and contraindications. The latter will include individual intolerance.

Form of application varies, there are many recipes using which you can prepare decoctions, infusions, compresses, ointments. Diseases cured by the medicinal compositions, which are based on organic components.

For the preparation of herbal decoction will need the following ingredients:

  • galangal;
  • inula;
  • the cinquefoil.

The last component required in the amount of one tablespoon, the rest take tea (plants pre-shredded). The finished mixture is put in an enamel pan, pour boiling water (500 ml). The composition about 30 minutes on simmer. At the last stage of composition, and insist filter.

There are many recipes based on herbs

Medication from arthritis take daily after meals, the daily dose should not exceed 100 ml In the curative mixture is allowed to add honey or sugar.

Based on these components, you can make an infusion (the proportions remain the same). Medicine insist on for a few hours, it can be taken for several days. Folk remedy loses its beneficial properties, so every 2-3 days to make it again.

The broth can also be done from buckthorn (2 tbsp), fennel, mint and dandelion (each component taking 2 teaspoons). Botanicals combine with boiling water (500 ml), ready boiled for a quarter of an hour. The single norm equal to 2 tablespoons, should be taken immediately after waking up.

People suffering from arthritis maxillofacial joint, home often use the rubbing, consisting of one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar, the yolk of a chicken egg, one teaspoon of turpentine. Stir the mixture thoroughly, it should be a uniform color. Ready composition is applied to the arthritic joint. To the list of useful components identify the oil of fir, it is used along with sea salt (its pre-heated).

To maintain immunity, the patient required fresh fruit and vegetables, the powerful restorative properties of honey. If the patient is not allergic, you can add it to drinks, and consume several teaspoons a day.

To strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation in arthritis will help fresh juice, berry fruit drinks. They consist of many beneficial vitamins and minerals. Great importance is drinking regime, dehydration is fraught with additional problems.

Prevention of the disease

To prevent the onset of arthritis, you must follow several important conditions.

The patient must:

  1. Get rid of pernicious habits (Smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction).
  2. To adjust your diet, eliminating from it an excessive amount of fatty food, pickles, smoked meat. They are recommended to be replace fresh vegetables and fruits, fish (source of phosphorus), nuts, dried fruit.
  3. Regularly consume vitamin complexes, herbs that strengthen the body.
  4. To avoid adverse effects of external factors and mechanical trauma.
  5. To undergo annual medical examinations. The earlier you recognize pathological changes, the more the chances of recovery. Every six months you need to visit a dentist, neurologist and other experts.

To self-medicate is strictly prohibited. Ignoring this recommendation is fraught with the transfer of disease from acute to chronic. This greatly complicates the passage of the therapeutic scheme.

The lack of drug therapy can result in the following complications:

  • ankylosis (complete immobility of the lower jaw) appears due to rheumatoid arthritis;
  • sepsis (blood poisoning) – is caused by infectious arthritis, may cause death.

Schema therapy for arthritis is selected for each patient individually. The physician should consider the personality features, existing chronic diseases and the diagnosis identified in the survey. All the methods listed above are used as auxiliary or main reducing agent.

Therefore it is possible to achieve a sustained remission. The main thing – to observe a doctor, and not to neglect preventive measures. The positive effect of the therapy depends on physical activity, diet and pernicious habits. A person suffering from arthritis maxillofacial joint, should reconsider their way of life.

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