Osteoarthritis of the knee, treatment

Before starting treatment, it is important to understand what are the degrees of arthrosis of the knee joint.

Arthrosis most often affects one knee, but given the intensity of pathological processes, medicine distinguishes three degrees of gonarthrosis:

  • At the first degree of arthrosis, the articular bones do not deform. The initial stage of the disease is characterized by dull periodic pain after exertion. A small swelling of the knee appears, which can disappear on its own;
  • With the second degree of arthrosis, the symptomatology increases. Painful sensations appear during light physical exertion, while walking, lifting weights. The pains are intense and prolonged. The knee begins to crunch. For this degree of the disease, the first symptoms of joint deformity are characteristic, as well as moderate restrictions on movement;
  • With the third degree of gonarthrosis, the patient’s gait changes. He starts to limp. Constant pain is felt in the joint, it is noticeably deformed, its mobility is limited. Due to severe pain, the patient cannot sit comfortably on the couch and cannot move his leg.
What medications are used to treat the disease

Drug treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint is the main treatment method for the treatment of the disease. Such treatment, physiotherapy exercises, manual therapy and physiotherapeutic procedures can stop the destruction of articular cartilage, help better regenerate cartilage tissue, restore leg functionality.

Medicines for arthrosis of the knee joints:

  1. Eliminate the pain;
  2. Normalize blood circulation in the knees;
  3. Improve cartilage nutrition and activate recovery processes;
  4. Increase joint mobility.
Varieties of drugs for the treatment of gonarthrosis

Various types of drugs are used to treat arthrosis. It is important to remember that only a doctor should prescribe treatment with drugs after examining the patient and making the correct diagnosis.

Preparations for arthrosis of the knee joint:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. For example, a doctor may prescribe the use of indomethacin, diclofenac, ketoprofen, piroxicam, nimulide and other drugs. But do not get carried away with them, since with prolonged use of non-steroidal drugs, treatment does not occur properly, because of this, the bone begins to collapse, the cartilage tissue is dehydrated and destroyed.

With severe pain during the third degree of the disease, non-steroid drugs can be replaced with selective anti-inflammatory drugs with fewer side effects that do not affect the metabolism in cartilage;

  • Chondroprotectors are used to restore cartilage nutrition, improve synovial fluid “quality”, increase proteoglycan synthesis, and regenerate cartilage plates. But, such a cure for arthrosis of the knee joint cannot help cure a disease of the third degree. The action of chondroprotectors will be noticeable only after a year of their use;
  • Gonarthrosis is important to treat comprehensively. Therefore, along with chondroprotectors, other drugs and methods should be used. For example, it is recommended to use ointments, take pills, make special compresses. The listed methods of treatment help relieve swelling, relieve pain, improve the mobility of diseased joints.
We treat the disease with ointments

If the joint is not very inflamed, it can be treated with warming agents. It is useful to rub the joint with ointments Menvazin, Espol or Gevkamen. Such ointments envelop the joint with warmth, relax muscles and ligaments, give comfort.

With synovitis, it is recommended to use Dolgit ointment, Voltaren-gel, Fastum-gel.

All ointments should be applied to a previously cleaned and wiped dry leg. In addition to them, you can make compresses with dimexide, which relieves inflammation and pain. Medical bile in the form of a compress will improve blood circulation in the joint, accelerate the metabolic processes in cartilage.

We treat the disease with traditional medicine

Before proceeding with the treatment of the disease with folk remedies, you need to consult a doctor about this. Perhaps he will tell you more effective methods of alternative medicine, which will help in your particular case to defeat arthrosis much faster. Folk remedies are recommended to be used in parallel with drug treatment.

Recipes of traditional medicine:

  • Horseradish will help relieve pain. Chop the roots of horseradish and steam in warm water. Wrap chopped horseradish in a piece of canvas soaked in broth. Apply a compress to a sore joint;
  • In equal proportions, mix medical iodine with ammonia, floral May honey, medical bile and glycerin. Allow the resulting product to infuse for 10 days in a dark place. Shake the tincture before use. Pour a little money into a jar and heat in a water bath. Apply tissue moistened in warm broth to the affected joint all night. Top need to wrap with cellophane and a warm woolen blanket. Duration of treatment – daily until complete recovery;
  • Pain in the joints with arthrosis will help remove the cabbage leaf. The average head of cabbage needs to be chopped and squeezed juice. Moisten a piece of tissue in the resulting juice and attach to the damaged joint. Cabbage compresses are recommended every evening. Ready squeezed juice can be stored for no more than three days in a dark place;
  • Wash fresh meaty cabbage. Top them with floral honey. Apply the resulting compress to the affected joints, wrap the film and woolen cloth on top. The procedure must be performed at night. In the morning, rinse the remnants of honey and cabbage with warm water. Compresses from cabbage need to be done for about a month to get a good therapeutic result;
  • To rub the joints affected by arthrosis, you can prepare the following ointment. Mix 50 grams of dried elecampane with vodka (125 milliliters). Infuse the mixture for 12 days in a dark place. Ready grinding rubbed the joints. Duration of treatment until complete recovery;
  • Pour boiling water over 75 grams of oatmeal and cook for at least 7 minutes. You should have viscous porridge. Put the cooled porridge on the fabric and attach it to the sore joint. To prevent the compress from slipping, wrap the foot with cellophane and a bandage. The procedure must be carried out all night. For each new compress you need to cook fresh oatmeal;
  • Grind the shell of eggs into powder. Dilute it with kefir to a thick consistency. Form an envelope from linen fabric, putting the resulting mixture inside. Attach it to the joint, fix on top with a bag and a warm cloth. After three hours, the lotion must be removed. The procedure is done daily. Thanks to the calcium that is contained in the egg shell, the joints are much quicker to strengthen and will be able to defeat arthrosis;
  • Wash fresh dandelion inflorescences collected in May in boiled water. Grind them and attach to sore joints. Fix the compress on top with a film and cloth. After a couple of hours, remove the dandelions. The procedure is recommended to be done every day;
  • Boil two onion heads with husk until soft. You need to drink the resulting broth three times a day before eating. The husk can be thrown out, and from a onion to cook some kind of dish. The duration of treatment is 7 days. After a year, repeat the treatment at 14 days. After this treatment, arthrosis will never bother your joints;
  • So that the accumulated salts in the joints resolve as quickly as possible, you can wipe your feet with lemon plates. You can also apply a special ointment. Such procedures should be done within one month to get a good effect.
Therapeutic bath with arthrosis of the knee

Baths with pine needles relax, soothe and eliminate pain with arthrosis in the joints. To prepare a therapeutic bath, pour pine branches with needles and Jerusalem artichoke with hot water. Add a teaspoon of turpentine to the bath. If desired, you can add sea salt and a few tablespoons of honey.

In the prepared bath you need to lie down for 20 minutes. Then pat your skin with a towel. A diseased joint can be treated with iodine mesh and floral honey. You can apply a special painkiller ointment to a sore joint to achieve a good result. Procedures with coniferous baths should be carried out every day for 12 days. To defeat arthrosis of the knee joint will help massage in sea water. Pour 45 grams of sea salt and the same amount of baking soda into a bowl. Pour in hot water. In this solution, you need to soar your legs for 20 minutes. During the procedure, the feet should be massaged by performing a light massage. Wet legs should be removed at the end of the procedure and put on warm socks. Go to bed. To cope with arthrosis in the knee, in the resulting solution, you need to moisten a piece of tissue and attach it to the knee joint. Wrap a warm cloth on top.

After some time, remove this compress. The described sea salt treatment methods need to be done for at least one month. To obtain a more effective action, you can be treated within two months. Now you know what constitutes arthrosis of the knee joint, what are the degrees of the disease, and what methods and drugs are treated. The most important rule is not to self-medicate!

It is best to consult a doctor who will prescribe the correct and effective treatment, prescribe a more suitable ointment, and also advise the best way of traditional medicine.

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