Joint pain what painkillers used

The most common complaint made by patients is pain in the joints. As a rule, they annoy the elderly and old age period, however, at the present stage due to geodinamicheskogo lifestyle frequent cases of pain in young people.

The causal factors of the discomfort may become most diverse illnesses, from minor to quite serious.

A Deposit of adequate therapy is concluded in determining the exact causal factor in the development of pain in the articular joints. But whatever it was, until the elimination of all manifestations of the pathological process, it is imperative to stop pain.

Ointment, tablets, gel preparations can relieve the patient from pain only slight or medium severity. Only painkillers for pain in the joints to provide relief of discomfort.

These drugs are divided into systemic and local.


The most effective and potent means are narcotic painkillers. These drugs are appointed only when other means used do not bring positive effect.

The main drawback is addictive, because courses specified drugs short-lived, and they were appointed only in extreme situations.

The most effective means these groups are “Tramadol” and “Trimeperidine“. Injections are already having the desired effect already after a quarter of an hour, even with the most severe pain. In the free market, these funds are not available, they can be purchased only by prescription.

Much less side effects are injection drug “Nalbuphine”. It is not a narcotic and is much better tolerated by the patients body. Additionally it has a calming effect, however, does not cause drowsiness. At the present stage, this drug is not fully understood, because the therapy is not recommended to exceed 3 days. We should not forget about the analgesic drugs in pill form.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds

The subtleties of the action of preparations of group NPVS are that they not only prevent pain but also reduce swelling and inflammation activity.

In the practice of medicine there are two kinds of drugs-inhibitors that can be used in the presence of the articular syndrome algicheskom:

  • Non selective.
  • Selective.

The first kind of injections include “Analgin”, “caution”, “Ketorolac”, “Indometacin”, “Diclofenac” and other. They characteristic analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory effects, the latter mainly and is the cause of discomfort.

Such Leksredstva is designed primarily for a short course of therapy, with prolonged use they started to have a negative impact on the mucous layer of the stomach, liver and other digestive tract. If intramuscular administration is required for a longer time additionally attributed to drugs that protect the gastric mucosa – “Almagel”, “Omeprazol”, “Ranitidine” and other Leksredstva.

The second option NSAIDs can lower the negative effect on the digestive tract. These include “Artrozan”, “Movalis” and “Amelotex”. But in the case of gastritis and ulcerative lesions they are prohibited to use. The only drug from the group of NSAIDs, the use of which is not prohibited in the case of the formation of ulcers in the mucosa – “Dynastat”. But, anyway, in of VASO-cardiac postprocessed in the body to take such injections should be used with caution, the elderly they are totally forbidden.


Medications these groups have a positive impact on articular handely layer. Two basic operating components of the described injection of funds from joint pain – glucosamine and chondroitin. Drugs contribute to the regeneration chondrules tissue and production of a special liquid that performs the function of lubrication. They are used in the initial stages of osteoarthritis and other articular pathologies.

To achieve the maximum result of these drugs is recommended to follow some important rules:

  • the combination of the cartilage protectors with anti-inflammatory medications.
  • the treatment course shall not be less than six months, definitely no gaps.
  • in some cases, the repetition specified therapeutic course.
  • strict adherence to the dosing instructions.

Representatives of this group are the drugs with the name “hondrolon, “the don” and others.

Miorelaksirutee funds

This group also ensures reduction of pain syndrome. They lower stress the muscle groups, thus reducing pain both in the muscles and ultraclean. Drugs and the groups of this category (muscle relaxants) – “Baclofen”, “Mydocalm”, “Sirdalud”, etc. the treatment Course is 5-7 days. Contraindications the minimum, except for pregnancy, breastfeeding and hypersensitivity.

Vitamin complexes

Despite the fact that vitamins is a fortifying medicines, some of this group are quite effective in the case of joint pain. The basis of these medications are the b vitamins: “Used”, “Trigamy”, “Combilipen” and so permitted the simultaneous use or distribution of the days in one day, B1 and B12, other B6 and B12. They improve the conductivity of neuroeconomic cropped and pain in the articular joint.

Medications that improve blood circulation

For comprehensive treatment and maximum recovery from algicheskom syndrome in the joints used stimulants gameovermenu. The injection means is permitted to perform intramuscular or intravenous method. They improve the security of the affected joint blood. Representatives are “Trental”, “ksantinola nicotinate” and “Cinnarizine”.

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