Non-surgical, skin rejuvenation techniques

The common feature of all these methods is that they do not damage the skin and allow you to achieve results without a rehabilitation period, looking back at solar radiation.

The risk of complications is almost close to zero.

These methods are especially relevant now, but they can be carried out all year round. All hardware methods have indications and contraindications, which the specialist should talk about at the reception.

We study non-surgical methods of rejuvenation

In the spring I want to be transformed, to be beautiful and healthy. Therefore, it was at this time that many women decided on all kinds of cosmetic manipulations

4D rejuvenation Fotona. A new method of non-surgical tightening of soft tissues and facial skin, which gives an effect after the first procedure. Two types of lasers are used: neodymium and erbium. First, the effect is on the inside of the lips, cheeks and eyes, then the skin is processed from above. It turns out a two-sided effect. The method shows excellent results on the eyelids and around the eyes: puffiness disappears, the look becomes more open, dark circles are corrected.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting. Another technique for instant skin tightening, the effect of which is noticeable immediately. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) passes freely through all layers of the skin without damaging them. The purpose of the procedure is the level of SMAS – a layer that connects the skin, muscles and skeleton of the face.

The face literally “flies up.” Wrinkles and wrinkles are smoothed out, eyebrows rise and eyes open, corners of the mouth rise. The “jaws” rise along the contour of the lower jaw and the “floated” oval of the face is corrected. The wrinkles on the neck are smoothed out and her muscles are tightened. In addition, this procedure effectively breaks down fat and eliminates the second chin.

Home care. Every woman should have the right creams and care products. At home, you can use peels that stimulate cells and help exfoliate dead. And do a mask once or twice a week. They can be moisturizing or nourishing.

Natalia Tolstikhina, dermatologist, dermoncologist:

– Most often, they turn to us to eliminate facial wrinkles, to work with the quality of the skin. But before dealing with these issues, it is necessary to check the condition of the skin and diagnose neoplasms. It must be remembered that no anti-aging injections and even suspenders can make the appearance attractive if the skin is covered with age spots, dilated vessels, papillomas and keratomas.

Healthy skin is clean skin. And the formations on it speak of problems with local skin immunity, a decrease in the body’s overall resistance, the presence of viruses, photodamage and the most dangerous – skin neoplasm can be malignant.

Therefore, without preliminary diagnosis, such patients are forbidden to carry out any anti-aging procedures: laser, hardware, injection, physiotherapy. Moreover, even home scrubs, peels and masks (especially warming and cooling) for people whose skin is covered with neoplasms are contraindicated.

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