Jumping rope for health and beautiful figure

Many people who are passionate about fitness or sport, are often not taken seriously jumping rope. But exercise with this exercise equipment can be good for workouts or parts of workouts.

With the right approach, the rope can become a universal (and that is important – very inexpensive) machine for the whole complex of exercises aimed at maintaining the tone of the body, developing endurance and burning extra pounds.

Often things that seem basic, on closer analysis prove to be much more difficult. This statement fully applies to the exercise with a rope. It would seem, take her in his arms and jump, but in this case there are rules that we recommend from the point of view of safety and protection from injuries, but also for greater effectiveness of exercise.

The benefits and possible contraindications of jumping rope

The benefits of such activities is not only to burn calories, although while jumping rope takes a lot even 10-15 minutes of intense training is enough to keep the body spent 250-350 kcal! In this respect, the effectiveness of the exercises even comparable to swimming, Cycling and Jogging properly organized.

Jumping rope good train legs, not allowed to stagnate blood, and therefore are an excellent prevention of varicose veins. Beneficial such exercise and on the cardiovascular and respiratory system, that is, you can always be a trainer for aerobic exercise and cardio training! And to maintain the overall tone enough to use a rope only 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a week. It does not need to go somewhere, to do you can even at home.

Described is the use of exercises with a rope for various systems of the body, like any other physical activity, has a reverse side with which to be reckoned. Contraindications such jumps can be attributed to problems with the intervertebral disks, joints, cartilage, knee cap. In the list of contraindications also includes hypertension, cardiovascular disease and some diseases of the respiratory system.

How to choose the right jump rope

If you do not belong to a risk group and decided to do jumping rope, it’s time to choose a suitable sports equipment and clothing for lessons. First of all you should understand the length of the rope, and the materials from which it is made. It is easy to guess that a suitable length prygalok will depend on your height. Typically, growth from 152 to 167 cm suitable sports equipment with a length of two feet, from 168 to 182 cm to 2.8 m above 182 cm – 3.1 m But to measure the rope when you buy in the store is optional, is a much more convenient way to determine whether it suits you. It’s enough to take the handles of the rope in different hands and pull them in front of you at chest level. Ideal for you along the length of the rope will be in contact with the floor at the bend.

To a rather important nuances can be attributed to the material from which made the rope and the handle. Jump rope should not be too easy, otherwise when you scroll it will lack speed. Currently, cord is typically used rubber, nylon or polyvinyl. There are instances of rope from natural materials such as linen or leather, but they have no special advantages over conventional prichalkam.

Handle jump ropes can be made of wood, plastic, polymer and other materials. It is important that they lay comfortably in the hand and the surface was processed so that the handle does not pop out even from sweaty palms. Meet rope and weighted with metal handles that allow you during a workout, the stronger loading of the arms and shoulders.

By the way, modern technology has reached the usual colorful characters. For example, there are rope, crossed with a gadget on the count made speed and calories burned!

Also even invented a rope without the cord! It’s stuffed with electronics short arm with weighted ropes, which allow to count the number of spins and jumps, and also translate these figures into indicators of calories burned and the discarded weight. Such complicated models can of course entertain stronger than regular rope, but their only real advantage is the ability to use in confined spaces. In other cases, classic Android is not inferior to e for the final effect.

Clothes for jumping rope

By its nature, exercises with a rope are quite different from those of walking, running, gymnastics. For this reason, there are some features of the clothing to deal with this kind of fitness. Clothing should not interfere with the movement of the rope, so it is best fit tight shorts and t-shirt (tube top). The ladies t-shirt is better to wear a sports bra that will provide good support.

Since the greatest load during jumping have legs, you have to care about proper shoes for training rope. Better suited to a lightweight sports running shoes with good fixation of the foot on a soft cushioned sole. This will protect the shocks and ligaments from damage.

Pre workout and workout with jump rope

Before starting the basic exercises make sure to do a little General warm-up. Special attention should be paid to warm up muscles and joints of the feet and hands. Are done for the rotational motion for all major joints (warm up shoulders, elbows, hands, hip and knee joints of the lower extremities, the feet), as well as exercises which stretch the muscles.

Starting to jumping rope, start to exercise with a small rate, gradually increasing it. Mid-tempo with skillful approach, it is recommended to perform about one hundred jumps per minute.

The handle of the rope must be firmly fixed in the hands, arms bent at the elbows, push the elbows to the body. This situation can be considered the starting point for our exercises. The rotation of the rope cord should be performed by the movement of the brushes. To jump up and land you need for the front part of the foot, heels should be off the floor.

It is also important to properly hold the housing while jumping. The body should be straight, tilts forward or back can be a traumatic situation. At the beginning of class jump up and land on both feet, you can further explore jumping on one foot or with change of foot, crossing hands, etc.

To complete the exercise you need as smoothly, and start it. You can’t just abruptly stop it would be wrong for breathing and pulse. A few minutes before the end of classes recommended to reduce the rate, and then to postpone the rope, but keep moving – just strode in place for 1-2 minutes.

Jumping rope is quite ideal keep your body in good shape. These classes do not require simulators and specially equipped places, these exercises do not take much time and the effect of them will affect the muscles of the calves, thighs and buttocks, the press, and will also be in burning excess calories.

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