Arthritis of the foot, treatment

Arthritis of the joints of the foot appears in people of different ages – both in young and old. The reasons described below indicate that foot arthritis may develop due to various factors.

At the first symptoms of this disease, it is important to urgently visit a specialist. The disease can develop due to various factors.

Foot arthritis is characterized by inflammation of the joints, synovial membranes. A person feels pain and discomfort while walking and even during rest. He cannot wear his favorite shoes, except for special orthopedic shoes, because of which he begins to suffer both morally and spiritually.

The main causes of the appearance of foot disease:

  1. Infectious viral diseases;
  2. Inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the feet may appear due to a fall, accident, shock, constant load of the same joint;
  3. Streptococcal infection can trigger the development of rheumatoid disease;
  4. The development in the body of gout or psoriasis;
  5. Reactive arthritis, which most often affects men from twenty to forty years old.


Arthritis of the joints of the foot of any origin has the same symptoms – pain, swelling, redness, fever, impaired motor activity of the feet. Sometimes the gait changes.

Symptoms of the disease according to the reasons for its development:

  1. With rheumatoid disease of the legs in the morning, the patient feels stiff in the joints, quickly gets tired during walking. The skin swells and reddens, health is worsening. This type of arthritis is diagnosed only by a doctor based on the detection of a specific protein in the blood;
  2. A gouty kind of disease appears in seizures. During this disease, pain in the area of ​​the feet intensifies, a lump appears on the finger due to severe swelling and redness, damaged areas become hot;
  3. The reactive type of the disease is diagnosed after recent diseases of the genitourinary or intestinal system. In addition to the joints of the feet, periarticular tissues are damaged;
  4. With non-specific inflammation of the legs , all the common symptoms of this disease are observed.
We treat correctly

Each individual case of the development of the disease is treated according to an individually selected scheme.

Arthritis of the foot treatment is as follows:

  1. Drug therapy. Anabolic steroids, ointments, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to the patient;
  2. Massage and manual therapy;
  3. Compliance with a special diet;
  4. Physical exercise.

Stop arthritis should not only be treated, but also try to change your lifestyle. It is important to quit smoking, drink less alcohol, spend more time on your health and take care of your well-being.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of the disease

How to treat foot arthritis should be decided by the doctor. Most often, treatment of foot disease is carried out using painkillers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, chondoprotectors. In addition to the main treatment, stop arthritis is treated with mud therapy, special physical education, massage, physiotherapy, a diet enriched with vitamin E. In addition, patients who have leg diseases are advised to undergo rehabilitation in a sanatorium or resort, and also wear special shoes or orthopedic inserts.

To relieve autoimmune inflammation of the legs, the doctor may prescribe hormonal medications along with drugs that relieve inflammation in the joints. Very often, a medicine is injected into the body through injections.

To alleviate the patient’s condition during gout, drugs are used that remove excess uric acid from the body.

Arthritis of the foot caused by infection is treated with antibiotics.

The most important rule in the treatment of any arthritis is that you must strictly follow all the doctor’s recommendations.

Nutrition during foot disease

In order to successfully and quickly cure stop arthritis, it is important to follow a diet in addition to treatment. Diet during this disease recommends restricting the use of meat offal, legumes, salted fish, lard, smoked meats, cheeses and alcohol.

Add greens, vegetables, fruits and cereals from whole grains to your diet. Wheat porridge, which removes excess salt from the body, is considered the most useful. Drink plenty of fluids, green tea.

Diet for arthritis of the legs recommends eating foods rich in calcium, minerals and vitamins. Foods with simple carbohydrates and fats are best eliminated from your menu.

During an exacerbation, it is important to eat food three times a day. It is allowed to enjoy only raw vegetables and fruits for one week. Repeatedly follow such a diet is possible only after two months.

Traditional medicine and arthritis

Having discovered the symptoms of arthritis, it is important to visit a doctor who will determine the causes of the disease and prescribe the correct and effective treatment. You can immediately ask your doctor about the treatment of arthritis with alternative methods. If a specialist approves this decision, you can safely act.

Alternative methods of treating arthritis of the feet:

  1. Warming compresses with lemon slices can be applied to the sore spot. If the pain sensations intensified – you need to remove them;
  2. Potatoes need to be grated and heated to 38 degrees. Wrap the foot with oilcloth, and attach the potatoes in a cloth bag to the sore spot. Fix the warm compress with a bandage and go to bed. Legs should be slightly above the pillow level during sleep;
  3. To relieve pain and inflammation, mustard plasters purchased in a pharmacy are applied to damaged joints of the feet;
  4. To normalize the composition of the blood, maintain the vital functions of all cells, as well as cleanse the blood of toxins, it is recommended to take nettle broth inside twice a week;
  5. The chronic form of arthritis of the feet can be treated using linden, chamomile and St. John’s wort. 15 grams of grass is poured with boiling water, insist and drink throughout the day;
  6. In the same ratio, you need to mix carrot and cabbage juices. Drink 250 grams per day;
  7. Painful symptoms can be satisfied by taking a decoction of blackcurrant. The berries are boiled and consumed at 45 grams per day;
  8. Beat the yolk with a tablespoon of turpentine. Add apple cider vinegar (15 grams) to the resulting foam. Stir and apply on the affected area of ​​the foot. Ointment will help get rid of lameness;
  9. 20 grams of green beans should be chopped and boiled in a liter of water for forty minutes. Cooled and filtered broth take 100 grams four times a day;
  10. Mix black radish juice with honey. Add 15 grams of salt and half a glass of vodka. Rub well mixed product into sore spots. Wear warm socks on the legs. After 21 days, you need to prepare a new tincture of radish, honey and vodka.

It is important to know that during acute arthritis of the feet and the purulent origin of the disease, it is forbidden to carry out warming procedures. Now you know what foot arthritis is, what are its symptoms and causes. During treatment, it is important to follow all the doctor’s recommendations.

Do not self-medicate. Alternative methods of treating arthritis can only be resorted to after consulting a doctor.

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