A set of exercises for the back and spine at home

Very often men and women want to pump up the chic press, glutes, legs and arms, but completely forget about your back. And absolutely nothing – in fact the back helps us to withstand heavy loads and is involved in almost all movements of the person.

Back problems can occur at any age, but a developed muscular corset will help you to shift some of the load from the spine and cope with pain.

That is why the back needs to be trained not less and sometimes even more than other muscle groups. Below are effective exercises for the back at home.

Yoga for back

Yoga will help you to avoid osteoporosis and to strengthen the lumbar.

The following exercises for the back and lumbar in the home does not require any additional inventory, so take a little time and make you more flexible.

  1. 1cat Pose. Get on all fours and tighten the muscles of the pelvis. On the exhale, round your back and lower your head, raise your blade as high as possible up. On the inhale maximally bend at the waist, while guiding the eye upwards. Ensure that movements are performed smoothly, and there was no sharp pain.
  2. 2pose of a grasshopper. Lie on your stomach, with vitanica arms along the body. On the exhale, simultaneously raise your legs, chest and head up, hands should not touch the floor. Survive as long as possible and get down on the Mat, repeating 10-15 times. Please note, your only pillar of support during exercise should be belly, also don’t charge an exorbitant neck, it should be a smooth line with the rest of the body.
  3. 3Pose of the tiger. Get on all fours and bend your left leg. Take her back up, and the drag foot up. Then lower the bent leg down and pull it as close as possible to the head, round the lower back.
  4. 4Lateral traction. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulders. Expand the top part of the torso, feet left trying to weave into the lock fingers behind my back. Gradually lean down, bringing the chest towards the front of the standing leg, while raising his woven fingers up and opening the chest without bending the knees. Return to the starting position.
  5. 5bow Pose. Lie on your stomach, bend behind his back arms and legs, clasp your hands ankles. The body weight is on the belly, the ribs do not touch the floor. Bend at the waist as much as possible, stay in an asana for 20 or more seconds, and then get down on the Mat. Important: the bow pose is recommended to perform the displacement of the vertebrae, but it is contraindicated for people with hernias!
  6. 6Cobra Pose. Lie on your stomach, clasp your feet and pull socks. Lean your hands on the Mat, putting his hands under his shoulders. On the inhale lift the body at a slow pace, giving at the same time and sending a glance up. Hold the position longer, and then descend. Ensure that the chest was wide open and buttocks clenched, and the neck all the time seems stretched forward and upward.
  7. 7the rabbit Pose (sasangasana). Get on your knees, firmly connecting the legs and feet together, and then sit on your heels. Breathing in, raise your head over the straight arms and bend down, rounding your lower back and trying not to tear the buttocks from the floor. On the exhale return to the starting position.
  8. 8Rolls on the back. This exercise will help you stretch back muscles. To run sit on the Mat and pull your knees up to your chest, clutching them. Grab your knees, put your head down and, without changing position, slowly roll over it’s necessary for the back, and then sit down again. Do 10-15 slow rapids.
  9. 9Pawanmuktasana. Lie on your back, bend your left leg at the knee and pull it as close as possible to the chest. Grasp the bent leg with your hands while bend his forehead to the knee. Similarly repeat on the other leg.
  10. 10bending back. Stand straight with joining your feet together and stretching his arms up. Gently arch your spine backward, starting with the deflection part of the neck, longer at the deepest point.

This set of exercises not only help to pump the muscles of the back and make it more flexible, but also give a good mood and a sense of inner harmony.

What is a fitball?

Fitball – an indispensable tool for creating beautiful and healthy body because it helps to pump the abdominals, back and legs, work out body balance and improve stretching. Also it is a good assistant exercise for your spine at home.

  1. 1hyperextension. Lie with your stomach on the ball, put your head down and cross your arms behind your head. On the exhale, slowly raise your upper torso, bend at the waist, the look is directed straight. On the inhale down. If you find it difficult to perform this exercise, rest your feet in a wall or other support.
  2. 2Lie with your feet on an exercise ball and put your hands on the Mat or on the floor under the shoulders. Straight legs smoothly pull the ball to himself, while lifting the hips up. Hands should remain straight. Return to the starting position.
  3. 3Lie with your back on an exercise ball, put your hands down and try to stretch the spinal Department. The legs can bend at the knees or straighten as you wish.
  4. 4Sit on the ball and place the knees bent legs apart. Raise your arms up and jump down to the left leg, this pull to her right hand. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Exercising with a barbell

The rod allows you to pump the muscles of the whole body from the comfort of home. It can be replaced and bodyboom.

  1. 1deadlift. One of the best basic exercises, which involve almost all the muscles of the body. A nice bonus to a healthy back in it will tighten the buttocks. Take the rod in hand and slowly bend down, as if sliding a rod in the legs. Knees should be slightly bent, the body weight shifted on the heels, back straight and eyes pointing forward. Return to straight position and repeat traction 12-18 times.
  2. 2Pull bodybare to the belt. Take inventory in your hands, place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, bend forward about 45 degrees and bend your knees. Sharp movement pull bodybar or barbell to your chest and then lower her outstretched arms. Do 12-20 times.
  3. 3″Good Morning”. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and place the barbell on the shoulders, holding her hands. Slowly bend forward, keeping the deflection in the spine and not bending your knees. Then return to the starting position.
The use of dumbbells
  1. 1Thrust dumbbells in the slope of 1 hand. Go to the bench or chair, lean against it with your right hand and put on his bent leg. Left leg fully extended. In the left hand take the dumbbell and pull it to his belt, working the broadest muscle of the back. Repeat on the other arm 15-20 times.
  2. 2Pull dumbbells. This exercise is analogous to the thrust rod in the slope. Stand and place your feet wide and slightly bend them. Lean forward, keeping the deflection in the lower back. Take the dumbbells in hand, bend them and pull up to chest, then straighten. You have to feel like work your muscles. Do the exercise 15-20 times.
  3. 3of Srage. Exercise for developing trapezoidal back muscles. Stand up, put your feet together and take in hands a dumbbell. Lift shoulders up and then down.

Do not forget that exercises to strengthen back at home need to perform at least 2-3 times a week. Always follow the correct execution and don’t forget about stretching, which should become the rule. Be beautiful and healthy!

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